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Historical archive of the GRDGC forum
ElvishTrampStamp wrote:'twas a tough, back & forth battle today at apple farm. Finally after a scorching 17 holes, Sped Bower concedes to the 'Stamp. Day wins 6-4. Thanks for the game Ed. It was & was not fun at the same time. :lol: 8) 8)

"Day wins 6-4" please fix when u have a chance. thanks :twisted: :wink:
By Mee
Sean defeats Tony 6-1 at the apple farm. Two awesome birdies on hole 7 "the putter throw down," Tony canning a huge downhill 2nd shot and Sean with an ace run 2 feet past the basket. Sean shot a personal best at the farm a 52.
By PL08
Hey Guys just wanted to check in on the non-played matches as of yet. Do we have any scheduled? I know Derek's schedule is crazy busy, Ron's at Am Nats, and Ryan has a power-washed foot. I want to get the next matches up but need to get a few more played before I do so.

Neuf beats Krohn. 4-3 at the farm.

Great matchup, Krohn took hole 17 to tie it at 3 then Neuf took the win on the 18th hole with a great drive.

Hole 13 was my worst enemy I had a 30ft putt up hill. And took 6 putts and still lost the hole.
First hit top second over top 3rd chain out 4th hit top 5th over top and 6th chain out. Crazy crazy nonsense. And Neuf took the hole.

Neuf lost 2 disc & Krohn twisted ankle after 7 holes in. Dam holes
Other then that fun first time at the apple farm.

Also Peter some of baskets where hard to putt on due to over grown grass half way up the baskets. Try n post pict later
Where's the next round going to be? At least let me get some practice in while the rest of you slackers take an extra 2 weeks for the apple farm round.... :wtf: :wtf: what is the deal??!? :crazy: :lol: I know everyone has shit going on this time of year but seriously pl08, lets get this wrapped up, hey?
^^^^ 2 points for the new guy that joined the match play.

I agree ppl are super busy and issue come up all the time and exceptions like power washing your own foot. But i think main issue is you post who plays who at what course then bout 4 or 5 days go by till either of them contact each other then next thing you know there is only a week left and you just said HELLO. Then that next week they are both so busy or its raining all week and they want to wait for good weather or many other reason.

I think if you do not play your matchplay in a certain time of period you should be penalized like maybe both parties get a LOSS or some kind of negative points on the side. So if we have a bunch of ties and you have a negative point then you go down in the system ranks. In less you contact or post that you have a legit reason for holding up the rest of us.

Just my 2 cents . I would like you to post next matchup's cause personally myself i am leaving for the state of MAINE for like 8 days straight and then when i get back I am doing disc golf events on the next few days so i am also busy and would like to try and set my match up to.

And if your just insane busy no time for the world then i don't know why you would even do match play.

Love Krohn Drone.
By PL08
Good Evening Gentlemen,

I agree on all accounts. Ryan and I have talked about our match and we are working to get it in this week. The original rules were to get it in the two week period but if the two opponents have spoken to me and have reasonable need for extension, I have extended it an additional week. This round had an unfortunate overload of push overs and I am giving it until this weekend to post the next match-ups.

However, if you want to get your practice on we are back at MCC this round. I am giving the remaining matches until June 21st to finish their match or both opponents will be taking a loss unless one opponent is not making any effort to get the match in which will result in a forfeit for that player (or injury circumstances but we are both optimistic about our match)!

I am glad you are enjoying Match Play so much you are eager to get the next round started! Friendly's are always welcomed and encouraged.

Thank you Peter, that's all I was looking for. I do enjoy this match play and am very eager to get to the next round! :thumbup: understandable. Like I said everyone has lots of responsibilities, I have a 2 year old, full time job, a wife that has after work activities also, and we are in the midst of building a house, so more empathetic I could not be. And I will be patient while the rest of the field works their schedules out :clap: :clap: just don't want any wasted dg trips to 'the wrong course' :lol: see you all Tuesday, some of you tmrw
By PL08
Ryan and I are looking at Wednesday or Friday this week to finish ours. What about the other two matches?

For everyone else eagerly awaiting the next round to begin, matches have been updated as we head back to MCC! I'd prefer players to finish Round 6 matches first but if you can get them in, please do so.
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