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Course conditions, opinions and observations
By up_a_tree
I still like; Bakers Farm Disc Golf Course, at Widener Park, in Chili. It may not be the majorities feeling, but I like it, lol.

No matter what anyone calls it, it is a great course. Except the pond behind #7's basket that ate my Panther!
By Nived
There is a large bee's nest in a tree on hole #18. There is a group of 4 pine trees about halfway to the basket, the nest is on the back side (toward the basket) hanging on one of the trees.

Be careful there. Someone should probably get rid of it. If you need a better description of where it is, let me know.
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By walker
Played Chili yesterday. The lack of snow and the sunny weather are making for stellar spring conditions. It is usually very soggy/muddy this time of year, but it really wasn't bad at all.

Hole 2's fairway was squishy, and basket three was a mud pit. Other then that it was pretty much dry. 911 on the right side the town uses to store various materials, the 'soup du jour' seems to be mulch. The deep mud and run off water isn't a problem now.
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By BeauRoch
Played Chili this morning and the course is pretty good shape though it looks like somebody took the tee sign on #11 (it is not on the post and couldn't find it anywhere nearby) and did some damage to #15 tee sign (nearly pulled off post, it is hanging upside-down due to the top screw has been pulled out).

Perhaps the screws on the signs can be replaced with much longer ones or even bolts.

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By Jerami
15 sign has been a problem a few times now, I have replace with longer screws and washers before, but the wind tunnel through there rips it off. 17 has been replaced a few times as well. 11 missing is a problem though, I have never noticed that sign loose before... Some better hardware should be used, much like on the signs @ Basil.
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By reksav
Use carriage bolts all the way through the 4x4, throw a nut on it and then use a hack saw or pliers to mess up the threads. It'd take quite a bit of work to get those off.
By july4
Chili looked really nice . Someone has been working on some on the inverted bunkers.trees alittle taller and there was wind....dry mostly.
By Nived
There is a bee nest in the first tree to the left of #11's tee. Be careful passing by. They seem pretty aggressive.

I threw one of my discs right into that tree today and it stuck about a foot from the nest. Special thanks to Sean Young for knocking my disc down and retrieving it. :clap:
By Stairyo
I played on Sunday and I figured that comment was referring to the water. The creek was as swollen as I have ever seen it. Paths were gone on 1, 4/5, 6. Full on lake between 2 and 3.

It is drying with the sun on Sunday afternoon and Monday.

As for mowing...the fairways are all nicely mowed. The rough is rough...waist deep in places like left of the fairway on hole 1, but I feel like that's normal.
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