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Anything disc golf related in the Greater Rochester NY area
By Mudd Budd
Hey Yall,

I aced 9 at Basil today with a Champ Shark.

Looks like i need to pull out 2 new discs

Shark and Teebird
By Sythie
I aced hole 15 at Basil tonight with a Tee Rex-X. No trees perfect skip right in front of the basket and pure chains. That's one hole off my bucket list!!
By bob
Aced #2 at MCC today with a Champion Destroyer! :D
By Sythie
That's right Honchie!!! You didn't even know you hit it over the sound of the highway. Sick shot!
By Brownguy
Got hole 4 at basil again with a soft magnet with AA. Anhyzer shot this time.
By ronbo
aced the hardest hole on the east coast, #6 at Ellison during league, used a challenger.
By Brownguy
ZOG nailed 10 last night also. Pete hit the basket on 16 1st shot of the night.
By PL08
Still looking for that 1st NY ace... I need to play Basil more
By Brownguy
I tried calling it in!!!!!! Silly innova just doesnt listen!
By Cfrank
Throw back ace. Not sure if it made the list. 2012 summer league basil hole 15. Best moment of my disc golf career. Had Derrick, bobby, and tony on my card. Not bad for a lefty. The disc took so long to make it to the chains we all turned around thinking it must of landed then we heard the crash of the chains. Flx surge ss.
By cubeofsoup
Rick Watkins hit Hole #6 at MCC during Singles last night. Beautiful spike Hyzer with a Star Excalibur. Flight looked good then we heard it crash, had to wait to see if it stuck and it did! Nice shot buddy.
By absolut watkins
Thanks Tom,

Suprised the hell out of us and was nice that it was the last hole of the day. Kind of like a walk off.
By bspence627
forehand anhyzer that flattened out, really thought it was gunna go way left or smack the front of the basket
User avatar
By Foot Long
No No NO, Not in my house!

I swear Dikembe Mutombo must have put some of his JuJu on that basket... Ive must have hit every part of the darn thing and it never goes in.

Congrats On the First Ace Bud !!!
By Sythie
I aced 16 at elli for the second time tonight. Both aces were with a team stamp first run stalker. The first one has been on my wall since. This was with its indentical backup I had for it. Thank god I have a third backup to throw still!!!
By jarason
Got hole #7 @ Parma tonight. All basket, walked up the hill to a group of 6 standing there jaws dropped. Backhand with champ destroyer. :D
By Andy
heard about that from Ryan

hole 7.... never would have even thought it possible.

good work! :clap:
By absolut watkins
Seriously how does that happen?!?!?! Great throw...... i wouldn't know what to say if i saw that either.
By Neighborhood
Alright, now do it again while I film it. lol

I've never seen a back hand throw get with in 50 feet of 7's basket. Sean can get close to aceing it with a tomahawk, but a back hand up the hill and over those trees to the basket is nuts. Legendary status right there. That one day when you missed hole 11's basket at basil by inches, if that had went in and then now this! What comes after legendary? lol.
By awesomesauce
What kind of robotic super arm are you using? I need to get me one. Unreal, way to go!
By ElvishTrampStamp
Got 12 @ basil again on 6/2. Skipped up caught a gust of wind & swallowed up by basket. If not for the 20mph gusts that wkend it'd missed 1' left. Shit was crazy. 2nd Ace this basket, this year...both shots were MVP putters. 1st soft ion, 2nd soft anode. :wtf:
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