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Historical archive of the GRDGC forum
By PL08
YUP! Ellison is too straight forward... time to get the hearts pumping as you step up to 3's tee and look down that center line. Palms are sweaty and you keep wiping them on your pants on the 70 degree day to dry them off. You do not want to let the disc slip out early. What if there is no dirt on the ground? Should you bring a birdie bag or maybe even baby powder? You miss and it's an easy lay up for your opponent to win the hole. Do you feel lucky?

And then there is 6. Everyone hates to miss a birdie on this hole. Now good luck paring it with the opposite hand.

Leaves are growing in on 9. That upshot for a 3 will be daunting if you are directly under the tree line. Hit a branch and open up the door for your opponent.

I was going to say tall grass is OB but I hear that not a lot of people like that...
By PL08
Fixed... that son of a B Rick must have used his Jedi mind tricks to switch them.

And Krohn I was actually feeling an ace out of you on 6 with your opposite hand. You may see a world of difference.
Best match play round that I have ever played. Derek tore it up on the back nine, won holes 16 and 17 to tie at 4 and didn't let up until I birdied hole 3 for the win. Great playing out there my friend !!! :D
By PL08
Tight battle at Ellison this morning. 1-1 through 11 holes but Peter "The Peter" Lunstead grabs 3 of the next 4 to take the win 4-1 over John "Walsh This Way" Walsh.

Great round John!
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By krohn29
Krohn "Drone" takes down Rick "Not So Slick" Watkins. 7-4 after 17 holes of play.

Had a great time with a great match, although Rick had an amazing drive on 6 with his opposite hand. Every time Rick would win a hole I somehow decided to park the next hole on the drive and take the point right back.

Good time man hope your wife will let you home after your loss. :lol:
On your typical swirling windy day at Elison, Neuf prevails against Drees, 6-2 thru 15. Great fun even though the mighty MuddBudd was suffering from a brutal case of MuddButt. A back and forth first 5 until Neuf steadily pulled away. Sorry, no video of flacid opposite hand molestation of 6. Our color coordinated cranberry and graphite chili cookout uniforms were awkward enough, though quite dapper...
Cheers Homie!
By PL08
One match left to play but Non-mulli's keep the streak going at Ellison with the lead 6-2. Halfway through match play and only one undefeated left. Round 6 is at the Apple Farm! We are playing from long tees to long baskets. Obs are listed below and note holes 7,11, and 18. Thanks!
Peter, regarding Apple Farm OBs, is tree line defined by the line of tree trunks or the canopy?

Example: hole 1, you can be in the trees, but not past the tree trunks farthest to the left (like they are OB stakes)
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