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Historical archive of the GRDGC forum
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By reksav
Foot Long wrote:
Tony Inzana wrote:Tony beat Steve Benz 9-3. John frank beat Derek 4-2. Great playing out there today guys.

Correction: John Frank beat Derek 6-2.

Not sure if it matters as far as scoring.

Correction: John Frank destroyed Derek 6-2.

Not sure if it matters as far as suckery.
By PL08
Tight battle with Tom but Peter pulls it out in the end 6-3...

On a side note enjoyed some alcoholic beverages and grub at Bill Grays and threw plastic from their outdoor patio to hole 1. Definitely recommend trying it sometime.
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By krohn29
Krohn got the win vs Walsh 6-3.

It was a fun round, lost 2 disc in the pond and I pulled off something amazing today. I went to use my golden retriever on hole 9 and when i threw it out to get the disc i "FORGOT" to hold on to the other end of the string and my retriever went right into the pond with my disc. :crazy:

Good news is i MANED up and went into the pond got my retriever back Bad news is the disc that was next to the retriever was not even mine so i threw my retriever and had to get wet for somebody else disc. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Ended up finding 3 other disc ill post in lost and found in a bit.
By PL08
Well one match left to play but I am quite excited for the matches for round 4 so wanted to get them up for all to see! MCC is at 7-2 for the non-mulli men for back to back dominating weeks. But now it is time to open things up as round 4 is at... CHILI!!!

Course should be in top condition with the sure to be sold-out Cookout this weekend. OB's and matches are on the first page link.

As always, post when your matches are for other to join!
Ryan Hand wins 6-3...Put my disc o.b on hole 8 in the water to the left. tired to walk on 80 feet of broken trees in the water and almost made it, but both feet went it lol. Played half the round barefoot and a few holes with soaking wet shoes (fun!).... Put my gator in the water on 10 and Ryan got it out with a 30 foot stick! Thank you Ryan for saving my Gator!
By PL08
Alright so the Cookout is over and back to Match Play battles. Brian will try and Kil-more with his 8 mulli's as he looks to triumph over Peter "the Peter" Lunstead at Chili where Brian beat him by 1 stroke at the cook-out...

Battle will commence at 5:30/6pm... dun dun dun!!!!!
If you land in a different fairway (ex land on hole 7s fairway from hole 6 drive) it is OB.
Peter, so if you land on any other fairway then your hole you are OB?

1. landing on 2 off 1
2. landing on 9 off 2
3. landing on 4 off 3
4. landing on 2 or 5 off 4
5. landing on 4 off 5

I can keep going, but don't want too.

How are you delinating the fairways (the lowest mowed grass)?

This just has to be more clear if we are doing this.


By PL08
Well after 3 birdies in 40 holes this weekend I shoot 6 in match play. Had a 6-2 lead going to 13, miss a 10 ft bird putt then go ob on 14 then take a 4 on 17 and its 6-5 but wash on 18 gives Peter "the Peter" Lunstead the win over Brian Kil-more.

He used his mullis well. Very strategic player all, watch out. Great match sir!
Watkins beats Drees 5-2

winning five holes in a row, he holds onto that lead all the way to the end- good putting Sir Watkins.

oh yeah- torrential downpour on hole 8 really put a damper on things..

see what I did there?
By mjoe25
neuf beats falconio 7 to 5. it was a battle out there in the wind today, blood was spilled. neuf took the first2 , then iwon 4-7. neuf took n9 and 11 to tie. i took 12 he took 13. after that he hit 2 birdie putts outside the cirle on 14 and 16 for the win
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