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Anything disc golf related in the Greater Rochester NY area
Recently, the club has been approached by a former member, Patrick Harris, to ask if we were willing to help him run the 16th National Deaf Disc Golf Championship in 2016.

The tournament would have approx. 100+ players

His main need is for TDs. Patrick will handle the rest of the details.

He has provided the following schedule that he would like to see but is certainly not set but it does provide more insight as to commitment as it is a 3-day tourney starting on a Thursday.

Wednesday - Team Doubles (BYOP) - (TDs not needed)
Round 1 at Chili
Round 2 at Chili
Player's Meetings at RIT(?) or at Rochester Deaf Club (?)

Thursday - Singles (Two TDs Needed)
Round 1 - Group (A) at Parma, Group (B) at Basil
Round 2 - Group (A) at Basil, Group (B) at Parma

Friday - Singles (Two TDs Needed)
Round 3 - Group (A) at Ellison, Group (B) at MCC
Round 4 - Group (A) at MCC, Group (B) at Ellison

Saturday - Singles (One or Two TDs Needed)
Round 5 - Group (A) at Chili, Group (B) at Chili (Tee Assignment Time)
Final 9 at Chili or at RIT (?)
Long Distance/Putting/Mini Contests at RIT (??)

Everyone goes home

I don't expect there to be too much to do until just prior to this event but Patrick needs to see if people are willing to help since he needs to submit a bid for this event in June.

Let me know...thanks,

Thanks Mike and Peter

I will be helping as well and I am sure others will get involved too. I will include you guys in my reply to Patrick and see how he would like to proceed.


p.s. Mike - can you PM me your email address? Tks
I regret to inform you all that we have lost the bid to Indiana for 2016 by tiebreaker!!

Damn it but it was good bidding wars between three different states!!

Many of them wanted us to try again for 2017 and so we shall!!

Thank you all for your support on this!!

FYI, it was decided that we would only use Chili for Doubles and Parma/Basil for Singles.

That should make things easier for all of us.

The only thing left is dealing with RIT about having Final 9 on campus...

43rd Annual Rochester Flying Disc Open

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