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Historical archive of the GRDGC forum
Soooooo..... rick watkins up 4-2 on hole 16. I make which turns out to be a huge mistake and say my wife can be a horrible person....

I miss a THREE foot because a gust of wind pushed it up to the top band. Sean wins the whole

Sean goes to 17 and nearly aces the hole.... my shot flys too early to the right and sean twos it and wins the hole.

Hole 18 seans upshot is parked and mine is in the prickers on the right.... sean wins it....5-4

Moral of the story.... karma is real and be nice to your spouse..... i went home and gave her a hug.

Now i am going to allow you guys to come up with the best choke artists in sports and call me them till i wind a match.
It was a great match against Brian Killmore today and a lot of fun. Here's some highlight's: Hole 2 I parked and he made a 50-60 footer birdie putt to push the hole! I also made a 60 foot birdie putt to win the hole on 6. hole 9 Brian had a 30 foot tunnel shot birdie and I missed my 40 foot birdie. We were tied after hole 11 at 4 points each.
I ended up taking the win 7 to 4 and we ended on hole 17. If it was a normal round I was at +1 after 17 holes.
Its Pamra to me cause after i drink to many cold ones i PAM RA DISC into the ground.
Stupid computer never types what i really mean, oh well...... :crazy:

I knew exactly what you meant................
I just thout the effexts of last weekend's hyperthermia went to your hands! :thumbup:
By ronbo
Derek and I still haven't played. We were planning on Thursday, sorry just tough with schedules. Can you just set up the next round before we play? I don't want to hold this up on anyone, but not much we can do
John Frank>Steven Benz in sudden death

Just my opinion, but I think tying after playing 18 holes shouldn't be determined by sudden death. Then it comes down to whether your favorite holes are the first few holes at the course. I think it should be a pre-defined amount of holes that is played.
Just my 2 cents.
Tom Kent takes down Krohn in a 2 hole overtime. Final score 6-5.

I had a 2 hole lead on 15, missed a 10 footer to let Krohn back into it. He capitalized with a great hole 18 to tie, I won with a 20 ft putt on hole 2. Solid match, very close.
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By krohn29
Man this is just crazy, why waste 3 or 4 pm messages and days of trying to get at each other.

There should just be a list with everyone that is doing match play with there contact info.

This is my # 607-769-0016... John the Dragon txt me when you see this thanks.
And anybody else that's doing match play just put my # in your phone and lets throw the disc in the chains.
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