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Anything disc golf related in the Greater Rochester NY area
By ronbo
2nd ace last night. Doubles night, Chili #8, pured a challenger right in. Bobby Jones hit the pole on the next shot for honorable mention of almost the back to back ace list.
By Sythie
Ace #6 today on 14 at ellison. Ran a teebird down the right side hyzer lane and skipped it in perfectly.
By FishyMack
I sure would like to get an Ace someday. :thumbup: Almost got one last night at #8, Churchville. :D I have only seen one in my life. :shock: Guess I don't get to play enough. :(
By Brugizzle
Hole 13 Town if Sweden
Thumber ace 169 Discraft Flick
By bob
Mark McGarity from Ithaca aced #5 at Ellison on Sunday. Congrats brother!
By Dissced
The first ace at a Growler Tour event occurred Black Friday 11/23 at 3pm. Ron "Bring the ace the Arena" went live on hole #11 at Chili. How live was it? Everyone who played in the event witnessed his pure turnover center chain center pole slam dunk. As he ran down the fairway and I ran for the high five he still wasn't fully confident of how pure it was :shock: I assured him I don't run down fairways on chain outs :wink: Way to go Ron that was one to remember. PURE! :thumbup:
By Brownguy
I THINK YOU MEAN 12. I DONT KNOW OF ANYONE WHO CAN THROW A 911' ACE UNLESS IT IS OFF A MOUNTAIN!!!!!!!! :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:
By ronbo
Thanks buddy, it was a pured anhyzer challenger.
By FishyMack
Yes, it was on hole #12, Bobby. :thumbup: The SECOND ace I have ever witnessed! :thumbup: :D :thumbup: I owe Ron a bottle of my hard cider for that one!
By Dissced
Just got my 4th ace of the year on the 4th course. This ace was my biggest,baddest, purest of them all. I got #18 at Oxbow :D The witnesses are Mike Morano and Glenn Zinser my partner Kevin Page had gone to look for a disc that was in has bag. LOL We were playing worst drive doubles the only thing that trumped a worst drive was an Ace. Mike and Glenn were leading by 1 and had thrown into trouble on 18 :thumbdown: I stepped up with a solid headwind coming up the hill and purrred a Leapord right down the middle. Mike called it out of my hand and 370 ft. later it was pure joy and a victory for Kevin and me. I still have a shit eating grin :D
By Baker
Congrats Doug! :clap:
By FishyMack
Very nice, Bro'-in-law! I only wish that someday I can make an Ace.
By ronbo
wow, Dougie boom way to hit that one!!!! sick ace for that hole
By sjc1434
Got my first ever at league today. #9 @ basil. Lat 64 pain. #whatarelief
By MDiRoma
Proud to have witnessed Nate Burleigh snag his 6th ace today at Parma on 9...laser beamed this year's ace race disc through the gap and in...sweet redemption after hitting the top plate during our first round this morning...nice shot buddy :clap:
Got my first ACE on hole one at chili today! today is not Armageddon it is Acemangeddon! So pumped after all the pop outs this summer!
By FishyMack
Congratulations, Justin! I hope to someday follow in your footsteps. I especially liked, " today is not Armageddon it is Acemangeddon!" :thumbup: :clap:
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By krohn29
Just got my Second ACE, @ Hickory Hill Campground in bath, NY , on Christams eve. Temp hole to basket #6 basket. about 230 ft. up hill, Pink "Z" Predator.
By ElvishTrampStamp
My 1st skip ace, but my 4th overall. Got #4 Basil 12/14. Sweet shot with my 1st-ever dyed 174 Hornet, smashed dead center chains...and I mean SMASHED
By Sythie
Aced #7 this morning at league for my second time with a first run elite z discraft reaper. 1st time I aced this hole it was during glow golf with a skip. This time hit pure chains...
By Doug Corea
Nice ace Matt :clap: , I was wondering who chopped up the Ace pool with by AMazing partner Nick Day who knew the Banks were open when he went off tree (left) and into 12's basket!! :clap: :thumbup: -304
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By TCampbell
There have been more aces durring the saturday league than durring the ace race!
By Mudd Budd
324' anhyzer ace with a teebird today at the buffalo ice bowl

my 4th and sweetest ace
By ElvishTrampStamp
Hot my #5 Ace at league on 2/3!! Banked in off the last tree on Basil 12!!!! 1st ever bank-ace. Tim Campbell (was in my foursome) aced it the week before, also during league! Some good shootin' on Saturdays, fellas :clap: :clap:
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