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Historical archive of the GRDGC forum
By Disc Golf Live
Thanks to the PDGA, Dynamic Discs, and Innova for their support as we work to grow the game of disc golf, one community at a time.

That's the station in Rochester. You folks can have DG on TV and grow the game in your neck of the woods if a local resident gets involved and submits DGL for broadcast. Is there someone in the area who is interested in raising the profile of our favorite sport?

Disc Golf Live # 51 is en route our broadcast partners and stations across the country. Below are youtube links for online viewing. This episode continues our coverage of the 2012 PDGA World Disc Golf Championship from Charlotte, NC, and there's also a story from the 2012 Tali Open in Finland by the Scandinavian Video Mafia. Pt. 1 features play in the men's senior grandmaster division at Sugaw Creek. Pt. 2 features the grandmaster division doing battle at the Scrapyard at idelwild. Final nine footage rounds out early round footage for both divisions. The Tali Open footage is in the middle, split between the two portions of the show.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Rochester is of course not the only broadcast resource in the area. If you have community or public access TV in your town, look into what it takes to get involved and provide a show for broadcast. Our program DVDs are free, as are downloads from If you'd like to see your video creation featured on a future episode, we're happy to help you share your story with an ever expanding disc golf community.

By Disc Golf Live
Thanks for the note, Gene.

This page on their website has useful info on how to proceed.

The FAQ page is also helpful.

It indicates shows produced elsewhere are acceptable at the station. They take DVDs, which we provide at no cost.

Were there particular hang-ups when contacting them earlier?

Happy to mail out DVDs, and DGL shows can also be downloaded from this site, a somewhat less expensive option: ... 119/detail


By Tmart
If "Dr smoove" and "life without shame" were able to get on there for several years at a time we should be able to get something going. :thumbup:
By Sythie
Haha... life without shame... When I was a kid that was way better than looking at the squiggly lines on cable tv and occasionally seeing a boob! What a piece of crap it was!!! Yeah I'd say DG tourneys have a fighting chance
By Mudd Budd
The guy from life without shame still has a show and he also has all his own horrible commercials

Hahaha! Reminds me of waiting til midnight to see a boob
By Disc Golf Live
Here's the online version of the latest episode of Disc Golf Live:

This episode is all women, end to end. Featured events are the Open Women at Worlds and Disc Girls Gone Wild from Michigan.

Happy to supply a copy of the broadcast version to anyone willing to take it down to your local station (anywhere!) for broadcast. Don't wait for someone else to do it. They won't.

Enjoy the coming spring, NY.

By Disc Golf Live
No takers, eh?

Too bad about that.

Shows are still available when and if anyone gets going on this in town.

Best regards,

User avatar
By BeauRoch
I became a member of our local community TV - RCTV-15 so now, hopefully, we can get this process started.

Send me an email at and we can get this moving forward with what you are looking to get broadcast that I can approach RCTV-15 with.

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