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Course conditions, opinions and observations
By joey22boo
Just wondering if the new Apple Farm course has any signs up on the tees yet indicating hole direction and distance. Read a lot of great comments on the potential of the course and want to check it out.
By PL08
No signs as of yet but distances are posted on the Disc Golf Course Tab under Victor Apple Farm Spartan Course Updates.

There are still modifications to holes as we continue to break the course in so sign installation is a bit of a ways off. I'm quite busy myself but I'm sure if you post when you are playing on here someone will join along for a guide.
By Emn3
Just played apple. What a great addition to the area courses. Thanks to all involved. Finally a course for big arms.
By FishyMack
I played Apple Farm for the first time last Friday. A very interesting course with nice views from quite a few places. But why are there multiple baskets for many of the holes? Very confusing. I did pick up quite a bit of litter. Before they start charging fees, they better have good tee boxes! It was fun playing a new course, but it is far away for me, and I will NOT pay to play. I would rather go play Shore Winds, because they have 36 holes and you can get in for free if you get there early enough, and it is about the same distance for me. We are so fortunate to have so many nice courses around here. :thumbup:
By cubeofsoup
Having multiple baskets is a way to increase variety at the course. You end up with multiple configurations to play the course as if you have multiple tees as well. If I am not mistaken, they are aiming for a two basket, two tee setup...if so you end up with: short tee to short basket, short tee to long basket, long tee to short basket, long tee to long basket.
By FishyMack
Thanks for the explanation, Tom. Personally, I would prefer separate tee boxes, baskets and fairways for every hole. Especially if I have to pay for it.
By Sythie
So what your saying is a course with more options and multiple layouts isn't worth the money? You would rather pay to play a course like Ellison? That philosophy doesn't really make any sense at all.... Just sayin. :wtf:
By Doug Corea
Eventually there will be tee boxes with hopefully long pads (14 or 15 feet), signage, benches,and waste cans. There will be two 18 hole courses (the current Spartan and the yet to be designed Empire that should be at least 50% wooded with water in play on numerous holes), a 9 hole short course, driving range and around 9 putting greens. What will separate this venue from other places will be the variety of holes and distances, vistas and amenities,(i.e. store and pro shop). Think well manicured, constantly improving Disc Golf Country Club, of course this wil take time. - #304 :thumbup:
So are the shiny baskets going to be the main position and you have the other titans in just to show the alternate basket locations! that was my take on things! love the course in it ruff form and can wait to get a membership to play! so worth the money! and it will be as good or better then shore winds when all is said and done withe the future plans! keep u the good work!
By Doug Corea
Thanks Justin for the positive feedback, and yes the Titans will be put in place on the Empire course when it is designed and ready to be tested (early Spring, hopefully).

Eventually, locking collars will be cemented into the Spartan for alternate pin placements, the DGA 5's are currently in the primary positions. - #304 :thumbup:
By vanza
Once again.....thx Doug,for all your efforts along with Royce and Dan's........can't wait to get there and play..........v :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
By cubeofsoup
So Doug, for the Spartan will they have multiple placements but one set of baskets that occasionally move? Or are we talking multiple sets of baskets for both the courses?
By Doug Corea
Initially, one set of baskets for each course, with multiple placements for most holes. Hopefully, some day when funding allows there can be permanent multiple baskets like Warwick which has a silver basket and a powder blue basket on each hole. I forsee them being moved occasionally and especially for tournaments. Also,I believe three sets of tees are planned (red - beginner, white - advanced, blue - pro). All these will take time and money, so as usual please be patient. Thanx- 304 :thumbup:
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