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Course conditions, opinions and observations
By Doug Corea
The Spartan course is in the ground, Please sign in at the store first before playng (free to all, until deemed fit for pay TBD). The course is Linx style mostly open and treeless with the main challenges being elevation changes and Mariah (no not Carey, THE Wind).

The explaination and distances (rolled and inaccurate due to terrain, will be lazared and/or GPS'ed) should give you an idea how to get around and play the Spartan.

Hole 1 plays up and over a ridge with OB orchard on you left, 350 feet (1 pin position).

Hole 2 currently in the A (or short postion on top of a hill) plays 300 from long tee and 420 (long to long , B pin staked with OB road behind). All apple tree (lines or orchards are OB, please do not play in there).

Hole 3 has a huge fairway with 2 tees and pins (currently in B), 220(ss),340(sl),370(sl),490(ll).

Hole 4 has lengthing potential for Major tournaments, but current ll (long to long) will be 490 w/OB behind. In A positon sitting proudly on one of the highest hills, enjoy the roll aways or not. 320ss, 410ls, 400sl, 490ll.

Cross the grassy roadway just behind a small stand of trees, for 5 long tee. The hole is in the A , just in front of a bush (very deucable). B position is blind just behind bush approx. 65 feet longer. 280ss,345ls,345sl,410ll.

Tee 6 is slighlty left upon exit of 5, and plays long up to a well, bushy protected green.
Only one pin placement, 395 and 495 are the D's.

Exit left up to the property line for the short deuceable, yet tricky, down hill sidehill #7 currently in the A or short positon. The B or long, gives a beautiful look of the creek, part of what will be the Empire (left of the drainage ditch) and the Indian Land (grassy field). Please do not get to close to the Cliff (no, not the fiscal, I mean the severe drop off behind the B pin which is staked)!235ss,285ls,305sl,355ll

8 is a risk/reward hole currently at 400 feet from current tee (only 1 pin postion planned). Can you bomb it over the Orchard (ob with stroke and distance awaiting a failed attempt) or play down around the left sideof the schul and trees? This is the questions the long arms must answer. The other side of the schul (drainage area) on right (where grass roadway) is the Empire course and OB!

FInally, a par 4,uphill and sidehill measuring 525 from long tee, 450 from short. #9 has only one pin position. OB left will be marked for tournys, to divide #5 from #9. Walking (spectator) path is planned between these holes that will go all the way to prop. line. Hopefully, gazebo will be constructed near the 13's tee (850+? long to the C pin) which can be used in rain / play delays and also for the general public. Grassy road behind 9 is OB.
Exit left, past #5, for #10's long tee near road.

10 is tricky because you can see a pin straight out, which is #11, hopefully a fairway strip has been mowed that shows path to the one blind placement for 10. If #11's pin is 12 o'clock, the direction to 10 might be 2 o'clock. Another way to view this hole is it behind the second knob to the right of the saddle (bush in the middle, between 2 high points). Confused?! be too, anyways plays 405 and 505.

#11's tee is directly behind bushy patch, hyzer up for a birdie 2. 1 placement 260/315.

#12's tee down and to the right, you will have a clear view to the A pin framed by two small bushes. 320ss,370ls,400sl,450ll.

Walk up to the prop. line for the only par 5 on the Spartan, #13 with 2 tees and eventully 3 pin placements, the A is currently behind large bush just before the woods(aka the JUNGLE). 550 short to A, 650 long to A, 750? long to B, and 850 long to C (other configurations are par 4's).

14 is presently under construction, but pin is in place, can be seen if you walk up hill to tee off for #15 long tee. (est. d's for 14 250/300). 15 is in B, 220ss,360ls,300sl,440ll.

16 tee is tucked near small stand forcing left to right off tee. This par 4 plays to the B pin uphill to the tree encicled green Royce calls the GLADES. 340ss,530ls,400ss,590ll.

Down to 17 long tee, note Ob will be on both sides, to separate 16,17,18. this par four plays up to as flat landing zone, then steeply up to the current A position. 430ss,530ls,490sl,590ll. Long pin will need some old grove trees removed.

Finally you have reached #18, the "TOP OF THE FARM" hole, with Ob road left, Ob TBD right. Time to unload, 340 to A, 600 to B and 750 to C (rolled d's mind you). The C will play as a difficuly par 4 with a blind second to a turtle's back green, if your first can not make drive up to the ridge (along B).

Short to Short Course is a par 55. (rolled at 6000)
Long to Short is par 57 over 6500 feet (rolled at 7000)
Short to Long is par 56 (rolled at 6660)
Long to Long is par 60 (rolled at 8725 feet).

Enjoy and hope to see you all out there Sunday November 18 - #304 :thumbup:
Some tees, i.e.11 and 12 are hidden by large "bush-like' clumps made of a multitude of saplings, hence hard to find.

Royce will be marking the course with directionals (arrows to next tee) Wednesday Nov. 14th.

Sorry, Joseph for the confusion, the course will soon be ready, as far as getting around for Sunday.

Please be aware the tees are rough and there are gopher holes and others on course.

See you all - Sunday and maybe Saturday (Basil - Winter League) - 304
Yes, Mike the Spartan is open to play now, just sign in at the store.

Sunday, is when the course hopefully will be full so that we can see how it plays and get feedback from a large number of players, but you are welcome to try it out now.

Hopefully more mowing and signage will be added before Sunday's preview.

Disc-gracefully yours,
Doug Corea PDGA #304
Unbeknowst to me there is a cyclocross event Sunday from 11am -3pm, which goes thru part of the Spartan.

I suggest playing there Saturday, as many are going to do after Winter League at Basil, sorry if this faux pas has caused any inconvenience.

As for feedback/input regarding the course, you can give it to me personally or on this thread, thanks.

Ellison is still in as of tonight, hopefully it will still be in Sunday. -304
Good Morning fellow disc golfers,

Some tees will be moved up for safety, #8 and #11, #16 will have a "wall" of posts on outside of saplings for visual barrier with #12's tee. Of course the tees need to be groomed for the eventual fly pads. Watch for holes, we have started to mark them with posts.

Bejan, has graciously allowed us to cut a brand new hole #17, which will run thru the "old grove" orchard perpendicular (90 degrees) to how it plays now. It will be a major project and we are looking for all hands and CHAINSAWS on deck BLACK FRIDAY, Nov. 23 starting at 8 am!! We need to take out two rows of apple trees starting at current A position an going back some 500 feet, hence keeping it a par 4. We also need to take out a few trees and groom the B position.

Cleaning B and C position on #13 and cleaning #14 are next, then perhaps #7's B, which I've been working on.

Hole 18 has a shredded plastic an other garbage just past the A, please bring a bag an grab some, thanks. Also, while walking down off #18's tee, please be careful of upshots until we get the new #17 in play.

Doug "THE Dog" will be spearheading the Work Day, as will I.

Start spreading he word and I hope to see you when Black Friday comes.

Disc-gracefully Doug Corea, PDGA #304 :D :thumbup:
Yes, Happy Thanksgiving!!

Steve Crowley, Mike Nicodemi (my real estate broker and sometimes paint partner) and I got 10 of the Titans, yesterday after I got out of work, out of the County Parks' storage. Steve and I got the rest today.

Tomorrow, Black Friday, Steve and I will bring out to The Farm as many as we can (at least eight) unfortunately we won't get there until around 9am.

I hope there will be someone to help Doug Blighton , he is starting to cut at 8 am.

The work is starting at the top of 17 and cutting out 2 rows of apple trees for the fairway. If anyone has chainsaw, please bring it out.

Also, if we get a good crew to come out to The Farm, Steve and I could get freed up to start putting in the Titans for alternates on the Spartan.

Whatever time you can give will be appreciated. See you when Black Friday comes.

Disc-gracefully #304 :thumbup:
Thanks so much for getting the baskets... Now we have a home for them... Let me know if you want me to call Gateway to get sleeves since they were left at GVP after the Worlds. Thanks again and have a Happy Thanksgiving !!!
By PL08
Got a chance to play the farm for the first time and I am thoroughly impressed. Loved what Dan, Royce, the owners, and everyone else has done with the place. If you haven't made it out there yet get there ASAP. This may be jumping the gun but the hilly terrain and open blasts made me want to see it as a ropes course like Winthrop Gold. Just wishful thinking right now :D .
Most likely down the road there wil be some OB between holes, right now the orchards (not on the new #17, of course) and the road that cuts holes 1 thru 4 from the rest of the Spartan is OB.

Dan Rice put up a beautiful pole designating the location of #10's basket, the black and white strips indicate 10 feet each, therefore the basket is 60 feet directly behind pole when viewed from the tee. Is that Cool?! That's the type of user-friendly ideas we have in store for this unique DIsc Golf Country Club.

Steve Crowley and I added Titans to holes 12, 13, 15, and 16, yesterday. That makes ten holes with at least 2 baskets, #18 w/3. #13's B pin will be unplayable as is #7's until more work is done (#7 is not to far from ready, #13 is a long way off). #13's B is located up the hill incircled by the three tallest trees (inside the drainage ditch will most likely play OB (TBD)),

DIsc-gracefully #304 :thumbup:
By sjc1434
I was planning on playing the course tomorrow morning around 8AM but noticed that the Farm itself doesn't open til 9AM. Does anyone know if that is OK? I was just planning on signing in as I left, which would be after the time it opened.
By Sythie
You can go as early as you please. You don't park at the store anyhow. You have to take the driveway before the store and drive back to the course. Quite a hike from the store...
Disc golfers,
Many varieties of evergreens (white spruce, Colorado blue spruce, red pine, and Douglas fir) have been planted and will be planted, they are marked by red flags.
Please be careful not to step on them (some are very small) while playing - thx 304 :thumbup:
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