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Course conditions, opinions and observations
By Brownguy
Tony you should put the TITANS out at Chili for the RFDO! just a thought
By Mudd Budd
May not be a bad idea... the chains on some of the baskets at Chili have worn into the supporting metal which is causing them to stick-- When I looked at them, I couldn't believe that it could happen like that, but some have worn halfway through the metal and have now "sunk" in.

I also agree that we could use some short tees at Parma and Chili--
By FishyMack
I much preferred the new World's course. However, I cannot believe that everyone is so negative about Churchville. It just so happens to be the closest course to where I live (Caledonia) and I enjoy playing there. It is a great practice course. Where else can you go and throw 3 or 4 drivers at one hole and not worry about losing any? I like that! It is also a great beginner's course, being so open. And, it is a great course for One Disc Challenges. Hey, I do not bad-mouth Ellison, even though it is so far away (for me) and always so crowded.

Please keep an open mind. Play the courses you like, try the courses you think you don't like, you may be surprised. Even 9 hole courses have their place. Give the new Sawyer Park a try. Has anyone in the club but me ever played SUNY Geneseo? Why isn't that on our course list?
By Tony Inzana
Alan, I appreciate your energy and your help, especially on the Sawyer course. I can't speak for everyone, but the negativity is there because of how things ended up. Ryan Hand and I literally spent 4 years working on a redesign for Churchville that would be good for all levels of players and that would utilize the whole park and also start and end in the same place, bettering the flow of the course. We also worked very hard to include Churchville in the Worlds and to get tee pads and an extra set of inner chains, again all to make Churchville better. Then to have the whole design ruined and changed because of 1 person who didnt like the set-up, that's where the frustration comes from. I have not heard one person say that the current design is bettter then the design we came up with last year. So I just personally choose to not go there anymore, makes me angry just thinking about it.
By FishyMack
Tony, I understand your frustration. While I had no part in the planning, you may recall that I did help put in about half the t-pads last year and I personally re-did ALL of the wooden signs. I am also disappointed that the new layout didn't stay. However, life goes on :thumbup: and it is best to have a positive attitude. I will play any and all courses, some more than others.

See you at the meeting tonight.
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