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Course conditions, opinions and observations
By dhoock
I have developed/designed a 9 hole course at Gates Town Park off Lyell Rd.

The plan is to have the baskets installed in the spring.

In the meantime, Saturday, October 27 is going to be a work day where we get some of the holes shaped and scultped. 1-4pm.

If anyone would like to help, your energy and possible expertise would be greatly appreciated.

This is the first course I have ever worked on, but it seems like a great 9 holes and I am really looking forward to getting a head start this fall so we can start playing it in 2013!
By FishyMack
That is great news and I would be happy to help you out! However, Oct. 27 is also the date of the Ace Race at Parma, which I (and many other people) have already committed to. How about doing it the next day, Sunday 10/28? Your call, but you do want help.
By swiltse
That's great news! I always thought that park had disc golf potential when I moved to Spencerport Rd in Gates a few years ago. Glad to see someone actually made it happen. I'd also like to help, but I'm planning on doing the Ace Race as well on 10/27. Maybe move the work day to 10/28?
By dhoock
Hey guys. Glad to hear there is some enthusiasm! I can absolutely move it to the 28th. I was also going to try to make it to tonight's meeting at MCC.

So Sunday, October 28th, at 12:00pm
By FishyMack
I will be at the meeting tonight, hope to see you there. I will do my best to help out on the 28th. What sort of tools should I bring?
By dhoock
Great meeting all of you guys last night! Can someone let me know what the standard tools are for a work day? The plan is to cut back or remove some trees, do some clearing of brush, move some sticks/logs and line the trails/fairways. I have a work plan made up and the Gates Highway department is going out in the next few weeks to get a jump start and help me/us get started.

The baskets will be installed in the spring, but if you get a chance to get out there soon or on October 28, please let me know what you think of the hole layout and the overall area because changes can still be made. (I will try to find a way to get a course map uploaded in the near future)
By FishyMack

I will be there at noon on Sunday, 10/28 to help. I will bring my three portable baskets that day so we can throw a few holes on the new course!

In the meantime, if you are going there after work in the next couple of weeks I could come give you a hand. I could be there by 4:30, M-F, depending. My cell number is 585-752-5679, give me a call when you want help. I can bring hand tools (wheelbarrow, bow-saw, loppers, trimmers, shovel, rake). I will also bring that stuff along on the 28th.

Alan "Fishy" Mack
By vanza
They (the Town of Gates) contacted us (the ol Chili DG Club) about 8 years ago to put one in at this park! Right around the corner from where I work! Thanks to those that finally got this course off the ground.......
By FishyMack
vanza wrote:They (the Town of Gates) contacted us (the ol Chili DG Club) about 8 years ago to put one in at this park! Right around the corner from where I work! Thanks to those that finally got this course off the ground.......

Well then, Vanza, I hope to see you helping out on the 28th!
By dhoock
Hey guys,

I am postponing the upcoming workday this Sunday. Weather just looks very undesirable. I will let you all know when I have a new day scheduled (likely in the next few weeks). I appreciate your support and really look foward to a decent day so we can go out there and get the course ready to be played next year!

In the meantime, a few of the projects for the course have been completed by the highway department. That means that we are still on schedule to install the baskets in the spring.

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