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Historical archive of the GRDGC forum
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By rhand
Updated pre-reg list will be finished tonight.

We have decided to increase the number of amateures to a 90 player field!
We are currently at 75, so only 15 spots left and that will be it. Hurry if you want in.

We are also extending online registration through early next week.

The courses look great. It should be a great event.


By Mudd Budd
superium wrote:Do you have to be playing the tournament to play the Friday doubles or can anyone play?

anyone can play- $10/person
By Brownguy
32 OPEN. Where are the down state guys? must be afraid of upstaters!!!!!.
By Brownguy
i highly doubt that. Tuesday
By Luke Butch
Brownguy wrote:32 OPEN. Where are the down state guys? must be afraid of upstaters!!!!!.

At least Steve and Lesli have an excuse, 2 newborn twins keeping them home
By Luke Butch
Brownguy wrote:32 OPEN. Where are the down state guys? must be afraid of upstaters!!!!!.

19 OPEN players!

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By BeauRoch
The 2012 RFDO caddy book has been posted to the RFDO page if anybody would like to download it. It is in PDF (8MB)(5"x7" format).

The book shows the general hole layouts with a course map but please refer to the course pages (on the GRDGC website) for larger course maps which are also available for download as well.

Detailed OB information will be provided on Saturday and Sunday mornings prior to start of play.

By Stairyo

The caddy book looks good, but I noticed that the El. Changes are missing on holes 1,3,4,15,18 at Chili. Not sure if it's a big deal but I see they are done for Parma and some holes at Chili.

By Luke Butch
will there be any fake OB at Chili?

I hope that whatever OB there will be for the tournament, will be marked before Friday so players have a chance to see it.
By Tony Inzana
No fake OB, just the perimeter and streams at Chili --- OB's have already been described in the caddy book available online and there are people that will be painting the stream lines and cleaning up the perimeter OB's all week long.

Parma is ready --- just need to paint OB lines along the creeks and a couple paths beyond the baskets on holes 9, 12 and 17. Again that will be oulined in the online caddy book
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By reksav
All the OB at Chili has been strung, painted, or flagged. Just need to button up the right side of hole 11 off the tee and Chili OB is 100%.
By Tony Inzana
Awesome Derek. Thanks a ton for helping with this. I think we still need weedwacking out there, especially around the baskets, so please come up and lend a hand sometime this week. AND.... if anyone can get several hay bales for hole 13, that would be greatly appreciated.
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By BeauRoch
I will be out there (Chile) with my weed wacker and other "grooming" tools by 9am if anybody else would like to join me.

An updated version of the RFDO caddy book has been updated. This will be the last update. The obvious OBs should be noted now except for the known perimeter OB.

By Brownguy
Zack and i were out there yesterday and Cleaned up 8 and did more trimming on 3.
By cubeofsoup
Whats going to be the deal with parking at both Chili and Parma? I plan to go watch both days and am open to any tips on where I should park.
By Mee
Congrats on a well run tourney Tony. I even managed to get on TV. Hope you keep finding the time to stay active in the Rochester disc golf community.
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