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Course conditions, opinions and observations
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By rhand
On Saturday July 28th several of us will be going to MCC starting at 8am. We will have some heavy equipment with us to hopefully get all the tees dug, back filled where needed, and have the stone set in place.


If you can please plan on making this. If we get enough support we can have cement tees the following weekend!

By mkc64
1 week away. If I'm bringing the backhoe you bring your back. We need HELP. WHO IS GONNA BE THERE?
By ElvishTrampStamp
wish i could. i travel back & forth now to & from Philly M-Th. Fri i work from home, so weekends i gotta spend with the family. (i do sneak in a round where i can. i miss our courses)
i do really appreciate the constant work everyone has done to MCC. it really is a fun course & will be a new favorite among the community, i am sure. big thank you to the club for making this happen!!
as soon as my branch opens up here in roc, i will have enough free time to help out with courses (hopefully a new, east-side course, :hint,hint:)
can't wait to throw MCC from the cement!! :thumbup:
By mkc64
There doesn't seem to be a lot of interest in getting this done. Where are all the helpers.
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By rhand
Everyone knows that I'll be there. Blighton will be there as well with his 4 wheeler and trailer.

Also wanted to make sure that everyone knew that the start time is 9am now not 8am.

Thanks to all those that replied and will be coming out. Hopefully we'll get some more as well.

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Can we get some specifics as to where we'll be meeting, and where we may be on the course, for those that come after we're already out there working? I know this has been an issue in the past for late arrivers.
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By rhand
We are going to be working on every pad. We will meet at the usual spot behind the hockey rink. From there just head out to the course. You can call me 354-5307 when you get there and I'll tell you exactly where to go.

By Nived
How long do you guys plan to be out at the course? I don't get out of work until 2:30pm. If someone will still be out there I may come out and help.
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By walker
how'd this go? are all the tree in? I wish I could've helped but its festival season. in the past month I haven't had time to eat, much less work on courses.
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