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Course conditions, opinions and observations
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By rhand
We have been granted the funds for cement at MCC. We need to generate bills for materials quickly though as they go to a new calander year in August and then we may not get the money.

So this weekend I'm headed out to MCC to do some work. I would love any help people are willing to give. I will be there both Sat and Sunday at 10am. Doug B and I moved all the old frames there on Monday. My plan is to start to get the frames set in the desired location, back fill, add stone as we go along. There is much fairway work to be done that will be completed once the cement is in place.

Materials needed:
cordless saw (I have one, but another would be good to cut frames as needed
cordless drill to screw the frames together

I know a lot of people use the course so hopefully I'll see some of you out there.


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By Jerami
Hey Ryan, I am out of town this weekend, but if there is a list of things that you specifically need done, I can get to a few during the week, and try to organize some people to do the same.
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By rhand
I want to thank Ryan Pavone, Bob Honch, Derek Savory, and Nicki Disalvo!

These are the only people that made it out to help at MCC this weekend.

Derek and I got 2 pads done today. Hard to think that if only 18 people showed up we would have gotten all 18 holes set today. We could do stone next weekend, and concrete the following weekend. Wow...we could of had cement for our next league night there.

That is all it takes, more people to show up. I don't know what else to do in terms of getting people interested in doing a little course work. Everyone plays, now is the time to do a little work. Please try to help.

Next weekend I have to work 6a-6p both Sat and Sun so I cannot make it out. I don't think that we should waste the weekend though. If someone is willing to organize, I can go over exactly what needs to get done. So if you can please try to make it out to MCC next weekend. We'll have times posted soon.
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By rhand

I need 6 more frames made 12x4(in the front), 5(in the back). The 4' pieces are all ready there. So 12 12' and 6 5' pieces.

We've been using 2x6's.

As always you will be reimbursed.

Or holes 12-15 are in desperate need of weed wacking.

Any questions let me know. Thank you!!!!!!

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By Jerami
I will be at MCC in the AM after picking up lumber and fasteners. Where should the frames be placed once built? Should I bring one to each hole, or leave them in one spot for now?

I should get some work done on the trail holes as well. Anyone that would like to come help is more than welcome to join. I have all the necessary tools, so don't let that hold you back!
By NikkiD
Also, just so they don't get left out of the credits, John Frank and Doug Westfall did come out ready to offer a hand on Sunday but their timing unfortunately coincided with a spirit-killing rainfall.

I will be at the Shootout this weekend but may be out working on the course Wed. or Thu. following up on what Jerami gets done tomorrow. Anyone else interested in joining in on the fun let me know yo.
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By Foot Long
Kudos to you as well Nikki! The rain however, wasn't that much of a downer, it was the plethora of mosquitos feasting on me and the snake that almost took a chunk outa my shin that killed my spirits. :wtf:

However, It was nice to walk the course and get a look at the potential it has be a great place to play. The tee pads are going to be a giant leap forward in that direction thanx to Derek and Ryan. :clap:

I'll try and get a gaggle of golfers together to help with the course upgrades and grooming on my next available days off. :thumbup:
By direwolf9
I will be free for most of the weekend if anyone wants to do some work, I don't have much in the way of tools, but at the very least I'll bring some loppers and try to clear some stuff on 12-15, as it sounds like its really overgrown.
Nikki, if I end up working in the rochester area in the next couple days, won't know til the evening before, I'll probably be able to meet up with you in the evenings to get some stuff done
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By Jerami
Wow! When said overgrown, I was expecting the problem to be above the waist, not below! There has been no trimming or mowing of the new holes, other than the existing path. We are going to need a fleet of gas powered trimmers with blades to cut through the bush!

I went out yesterday morning and tried to help, but my efforts were thwarted by the emmense overgrowth. I tried and chopped the branches that were encroaching on the trail, only to find the MCC crew, coming from the opposite direction, planning to do the same after I had alrready done 12 - 15. I cut and removed the broken branches from the big tree in the middle of the turn on 15, as that needed so major help after a recent storm. There were more than a few widow makers hanging from threads above 15 feet. Unfortunately, I left feeling relatively unaccomplished and useless without having a few weed trimmers, or at the very least a few goats to eat around the baskets.

I am more than willing to get out there more, but my efforts are relatively futile without the proper equipment. So, if anyone has a gas powered weed trimmer that they are willing to donate a couple of hours of use on, I can come by to pick it up and return it.
By Ben Kieran
I've got a weed trimmer and some hand tools for pruning - plan on getting out there ASAP - not sure how I missed this thread, but I can help whenever
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By Jerami
Thanks to the generosity of Gene for loaning out his weed trimmer, I was able to get out to MCC and clear some today. 12 is done, and 13 is started. I will be heading back out first thing in the morning to get a few hours of work in before the heat becomes too much. Someone has been out there widening the trails and trying to clear up some of the basket areas. I am not sure if this is MCC personnel or someone in the DG community, but it is appreciated.

If anyone heads out to MCC, I recommend having lots of big spray, wearing pants and bringing lots of hand sanitizer and an extra towel. The horseflys and mosquitos are all fired up, and the poison ivy is active too. I am trying to get the poison ivy under control before Tuesday, but if you have the hand sanitizer and extra towel, you can clean your disc and hand right away if you end up in the mess.
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By rhand
Jeremy awesome!!!!!! Greatly appreciated.

I plan on heading out there Sat am when I get out of work. I should be there by 10am. Anyone that can join me I would greatly appreciate it.

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By rhand
I was able to get out there Sat for a couple hours. I got most of the frame for hole #2 set. I forgot my rake so couldn't get it as level as I would like. I plan on finishing that Tuesday before league. I also got the tee area for #5 cleaned up and started working on the fairway of #6, but my line in the weedwacker got stuck and I didn't have any tools to take care of it.

Again league is there this Tuesday so please try to get out there and work on the course. Any bit helps, even if it is just an hour of work.

By nastyN
I went out and cleared a ton more brush from the back nine. Both sides of 12, behind the pin on 13, left side and behind the pin on 14, both sides of 15 and around the pin, cut a path to the pin on 16, and cleaned up around 18. It still needs a lot of work but it's getting there.

You were talking about taking out some of the smaller trees on tuesday night. Can you mark which need to be removed?
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