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Course conditions, opinions and observations
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By rhand
Today they are scheduled to start working on the walking path that will be installed out at Chili.

First and foremost I thank everyone that helped make this course what it is today. Many don't realize that this started out as a blank field and discgolfers planted, manicured, installed quirky objects, make it what we all have come to love. So to all involved thank you!

I was able to walk the course with Chili's parks and rec director and came up with a layout that was what they were looking for with as little impact on our course as possible. Many holes have absolutely no impact (1-8, 12-16).
Hole 9 and 10 will have the walking path cut across the vairway about 1/3 of the way into the hole. Neither should really come into play.
Hole 11 will have the path start on the left side and then cross over when the fairway first widens up by where the red tee is, it will then run up along the right hand side and then cut back across infront of the 2 trees up by the basket. There will also be a connecting path about 1/2 way into the hole that will cut across the fairway.
Hole 17 will have the path close to the back of the basket so it really isn't even an issue unless you are long on a drive or upshot.
Hole 18 will have the path cut across abut 1/2 way.

So all in all I don't think it will be too bad. We will need to determine what if any we use as OB. As much as we didn't want anything cutting across the fairways it just wasn't doable with the equipment they were using and what the town was looking to do. We all must remember that these are multi-use parks and we are lucky to be included.

We just need to take what we will have and continue to make it the best we can.

Thanks and looking forward to seeing everyone out at doubles tonight.

By Stairyo
I wouldn't like to see any of the path be OB. I understand that this is a multi-use park, but it seems to me that if it was a DG park first that had a walking path added then there is no reason to change the game on account of the addition.

I'll gladly wait a few seconds to make sure the fairway is clear before driving, but I really don't see taking a stroke when my drive landed in the middle of the fairway, but happened to be in an arbitrarily paved strip. Chili is a beautifully laid out course...let's not change it more than we have to. I guess there are a few spots (behind 17) that would be appropriate OB for a pro level tourney like RFDO.

If the situation was reversed like at Basil, Parma, or Ellison I would understand needing to take extra precaution to keep out of the way of the paths. In this case however, it's like laying a highway across a railroad track and putting the barricades across the track. :crazy:

Just my two cents.
By Tony Inzana
We will definitely have to assess the OB's once the project is completed in regards to the RFDO and for day to day play. Understand your concerns.
By Tmart
I saw the path yesterday, at first I thought u guys were putting a golf cart track in =P
By zog9605
Are the paths going to be paved? If not do they plan on re-stoning them after a heavy rain each time they wash out. That course is sloped and certain spots will have a channel of water that will move loose gravel I presume. Are they going to work on the bridges at all. Or do any creek dredging to help with the flow of standing water?
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