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Course conditions, opinions and observations
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By lcra0825
I played MCC yesterday and the redesign was horrible. I would not play the course again. Under the course page on this website it says that what we see now was not the final product. There would have to be lots of changes with hole design especially on the back 9 (The front 9 was not too bad) for me to play again. Does anyone have any knowledge on what is in store for this course.
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By lcra0825
the front nine wasnt too bad except i couldnt find the tee for 9 (later found out it was the rocks) I had a hard time finding 6 too. The major problem was 13-16 and 18. The walks between the holes were way too long. Then when you find the tee it was just a shot over a small field in the middle of nowhere and it looked like it was kind of just dropped there. I remember on 15 we had no idea where the basket was and just threw our discs down the very narrow fairway until we found it. 16 was atrocius the fairway went threw a bunch of trees with no alleyways and a big marsh. My brother shot his disc right up the middle and had to take his shoes off to get his disc (that would be solved in drier weather but it wouldnt make the hole much better) I tried going aroud to hyzer but there was still no real shot. 17 was good but that was an original hole. 18 took forever to get to. I think we were walking for at least five minutes until we got there ( My brother commented at about hole 15 how we were going to get back to the parking lot by hole 18 and we found out how a really long walk) I think at one time I saw a sign pointing in two different directions to get to 18. and 18 wasnt much of a hole either. I have talked to three different people who will not play that course again Two of them stopped by hole 4 or 5. I do like the new parking area and the signs for the first 8 holes were pretty good directionally wise. We did get a little lost at 16 however
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By reksav
MCC is far far from finished. Those holes you mentioned still need a lot of work, give it time, hell donate some time and it'll get done.
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By lcra0825
I do not mean to be mean and I understand it is still in progress however I posted because I was curious of the work still to be done on it. I have never designed a course myself so I know there is a lot of stuff that goes in to it. Again not trying to be mean and maybe I shouldn't have used horrible but that is what I have heard from other people. I guess one factor might be well the wetness which no one can control and that people get used to the way things were and dont accept change well. I did hear one person say they have played it a couple of times and it they are beginning to like it so as you say it will probably get better over time.
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By lcra0825
Also I should I have said I did not like the new course design instead of saying it was horrible. Sorry about that
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By reksav
No no you're alright, I didn't read it as you being on the offensive. More help and input from people is always welcomed. But like I said, there's a lot of much needed work let to be done at MCC.
By Sythie
While I agree that MCC needs some tweaking Nobody should complain about the walking distance between holes. If you don't like a little distance between tee boxes then I wouldn't reccomend Como park, Emery park, or the Eternal Flame if that is allowed to be reopened... And thats just to name a few. They all make the longest walk at MCC look like nothing.
By Ben Kieran
16 needs some fixing - I don't think it will ever be not wet there.

Finding tees will be easier once the concrete tees go in - hopefully with some signs on posts. I believe that project is scheduled for this year.

The walk from 17 to 18 isn't really that long, imho. But it may get shorter if 16 is moved - we'll see.

Come out to the tee pad workday when it is announced!
By headlock
I agree with the posters who hate the redesign. I love the new parking tho. It will deff need a bridge instead of those logs because it is very dangerous. 16 needs major work. I would be more then willing to donate time. Feel free to hit me up.

So every time i play this course i fall more and more in love with it! so many great holes and so many new challenges for disc golf shots! Love the long sprawling back nine and some of those holes are going to be tight and super tough when the leaves come in! 15 has a nice flowering tree right off the tee pad that needs to stay! Please please keep us informed when the next work day is and when the tee-pads are going to be put in! i will definitely take work off to help! and with a little TLC this course will be tops like basil parma and chili! Thanks Ryan and club for all your hard work. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME
By Brownguy
Also when you are there PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop in to Bill Grays and have a beer or food. I am there at least 3 times a week talking to the Mgr abouit maybe putting up some sponsership loot if we run a tourney there. I know Ryan butters him up to!!!!!!
that is the plan for sat play around grab something to eat and drink and play another!
By Brownguy
thank you for your support.
By bspence627
tried playing MCC today, i've never really liked it but i've heard people talking about the redesign and figured i'd go with an open mind and try it out. Wasn't a fan partially because it was hard to find tee boxes (couldn't find 5 at all), the other issues aren't in the clubs control; the muck and chance of losing a disc. I know it's a work in progress but input always helps
By direwolf9
For future reference, the tee for #5 is up on the mound right next to the old hole #1 position.
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