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By Jerami
Either this club is filled with insomniacs, late shift workers and guys with enlarged prostate, or the counter is off! I am sure there are a few late night pee runs, but 33 folks on at 3:14 AM on a Monday? That is almost as funny as the last high number being on 4/20!
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I have a feeling it's counting search engine bots. I have reset it before, but it will probably get reset again soon when I upgrade the forum to the newest version
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actually, I am open to suggestions to how the new one should look. If anyone has time to kill, go here and checkout SOME OF the many many many options we have when it comes to the look. This is how I picked the current theme, though, obviously, there is still a bit more tweaking that goes on to get it integrated into the site like we have :wink:
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By walker
I like 'Slagg' 'Darksky' and 'pro dark'. Personally I find dark backgrounds much easier on sensitive eyes then white/light colored backgrounds.

I also don't like sites/forums that look to busy or overly designed. I like simple. Slagg and Darksky are appealing in that since. Even the 'pro dark' starts to look like a bit much.
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Well I hadn't planned on making the entire site background dark... so it's hard to envision those themes surrounded by a white background.

Here is another site with themes:
On this one, just refresh the page to see a different theme

I haven't looked much, but after seeing a few, I kind of like Artodia Air Red (though, with a white overall background, who knows how it would really look). This one also looks like it has a mobile version (plus!)
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By walker
yeah, I realize it might look weird with the rest of the site being lighter. Although I think the 'slagg' one wouldn't be too bad with the white website.

Speaking of mobile versions, what do we have to do to get this forum included on Tapatalk? I haven't gotten in to that yet, but it seems like its very popular.
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By BeauRoch
I think the lighter colored themed forums would be better for the site overall.
I will go with your better judgement of these things Adam.

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walker wrote:Speaking of mobile versions, what do we have to do to get this forum included on Tapatalk? I haven't gotten in to that yet, but it seems like its very popular.

Looks like they offer a plugin that I need to install on the site. I'll add this when I get working on the new site/forum/blah... unless of course, there's a better (more used) service that others use to view forums...?
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