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Course conditions, opinions and observations
By Nived
I was out at MCC yesterday and it was VERY muddy.

Just a heads up for anyone wanting to play there as the weather gets nicer.
By Nived
Yeah I know. I didn't expect it to be that muddy though.

I figured this thread could be used to update the conditions at MCC as they change.

A little off topic - Which local course generally has the driest conditions at this time of year?
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By walker
MCC has always been close to unplayable in the Spring. That's why they changed around some holes and it will hopefully be getting fill to raise the ground level in some areas. Cement teepads are also being planned and that will help too.

This time of year Basil is always muddy. Chili despite being mostly grass covered is surprisingly soggy. Ellison once the baskets are in is pretty dry except for hole 17/18 stays soggy until mid summer. Parma isn't bad, although it's got some problem areas also (hole 4 and 5 wooded parts).

This season should be interesting though, given the lack of snow all winter the spring flooding shouldn't be as bad.
By Beamer
Whole crap load of Poison Ivy at and around the Basket on Hole 12.
Shooters beware!

Edited: Had my holes mixed up. Basket on Hole 12 is Ivy infested.
By Ben Kieran
Mud is all but gone except for 16 - but the back nine is getting very overgrown, and poison ivy is rampant.

Still fun to play - just be wary going off the fairways
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By rhand
MCC needs your help. Things are definitely getting over grown. If anyone has a weed wacker or brush cutter please try to get out there to clean up the holes. #12-15 are in serious need.


By Ben Kieran
If it is okay to just go out and clean up, I'll do it - just don't want to step on any toes, and I'm not sure who can do what out there, whether there needs to be prior approval or whatever. I'll go out there ASAP to trim back the overgrown stuff.
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By Jerami
Yeah, go out and do some trimming if you would like, they are used to seeing is out there right now. Even thought there seems to be some communication issues with departments of MCC, just let them know that you are associated with the club, and are helping out the course.
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By rhand
Ben - no toe stepping at all. Your help is greatly appreciated! Hopefully I'll see you out there sometime.

Thank You!

By mkc64
Ryan if yours get the ok I'll bring the John Deere with the brush hog and we can make short work of this :D
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By rhand
let me talk to my contact there. I would need a key to the gate to get us in there. I will let you know.

By mkc64
Ryan let me know tonight so i can load up early tomorrow. Ill bring all my fairway tools. You bring me a few good men and I will make a good dent
By Ben Kieran
I have two nephews that are going to help me out Wednesday morning - post here what remains to be done and we'll put a dent in it. I'll have a weed whacker, a brush cutting wheel on a weed trimmer and some hand pruning tools.
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By rhand
Mike with my phone being stolen last week. I don't have my contacts cell #, just his work. I didn't hear back from him. I will bring some tools, but I guess I wouldn't load up the john deer. I would hate for you to bring it and then us not being able to get it back to the needed areas.

I will keep you updated as I may take you up on it later on. The club would reimburse gas expenses for this.

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By Jerami
I put in a good chunk of time today at MCC, and 12, 13, 14 and 15 are ready for doubles. There is more that can be done once it all dries up, and settles in. 14 could use a brush hog for sure! The long grass kept wrapping the trimmer head up, and bumping all of the 3" high stumps was a pain! But I ran Gene's trimmer through most of the back areas, and created playable areas that are now wide enough and thin enough to find most discs that will be out there.

After holding a trimmer for so many hours, my hands feel like a battery operated "massager," and my back feels amazing! Should be interesting throwing tomorrow...
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By rhand
If anyone heads out there hole #15 can still use a lot of work. Opening up along the path by the basket, weedwacking all along the right side, cleaning up by the tee area.

The green on hole #2 can use a lot of clean up as well.

Hole #12 can still use a lot of clean up all along the left side.

Just keep trimming!

By Ben Kieran
Cleaned up even more on 12. 13, 14, and 15 looked like someone just did them. Will head out again soon and do 2.
By Stairyo
Thanks so much Ben and everyone who helped for all of your hard work this week. The course looked good. :clap:
By Ben Kieran
Thanks, and thanks to my nephews Jacob and Noah who helped out a ton yesterday! Thanks to Jerami and everyone else that helped, too. Going to grab some more corrugated plastic to replace the signs that went missing over the spring.

I'm down to make and/or help install proper tee signage if and when we get there. Any plans to knock out the tee pads, or are we just doing those as we can?
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By rhand
Ben - thank you and your nephews for your continued work!

We are planning a major work day on July 28th. If you are available we would love for you to join us.

I have signage lined up!

By chiefstang
<800 lb. gorilla hoping this course can be played when I visit> :clap:
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