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Course conditions, opinions and observations
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By myoung
A lot of discs were going in the water before the change ,when it was #17(can personally attest to that).....water attracts discs!
By mjoe25
let it be known if there is a tee stake in a dangerous spot i will move it a few feet. and i wont lose any sleep because of it. im such a badass
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By BeauRoch
Wow, everybody take a deep breath!
If my post was not very clear or perhaps needed some extra explanation I would be more than willing to do so. Instead of taking a "glass half empty" look at things why not try to find out all of the facts.
The idea being kicked around is for a small, (short) little barrier at the bottom of the hills below certain baskets to catch the rollers down the slope - nothing more.

As i mentioned it is an idea being discussed.

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By TCampbell
BeauRoch wrote:The idea being kicked around is for a small, (short) little barrier at the bottom of the hills below certain baskets to catch the rollers down the slope - nothing more.

I had that idea 3 years ago, almost got tared and feathered for it.

I like the idea, and for tournaments / leagues, put an OB line a foot above it so if the disc is against the barrier its OB.
By Nived
TCampbell wrote:I like the idea, and for tournaments / leagues, put an OB line a foot above it so if the disc is against the barrier its OB.

I like that idea. That way there is still some risk of going OB without the risk of losing discs. I think everyone hates losing discs.
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By BeauRoch
The thought was that if any discs were touching the "barrier" then they would be considered OB and then we would not have to worry about maintaining some OB perimeter line.

By zog9605
There are really only two holes to rim the slope on, and at a minimal cost to create a permanent OB "edge"/line that keeps play moving (by not having to "fish out" putts or up shots) I would agree to. It would add to ease of play especially with rookies, or seasoned twits( er, uh not me of course...) that keep playing this crazy sport..... The course is plenty hard now and for newbies it would encourage them to keep playing rather than quit in disgust, every time they screw up a putt or up-shot on those two holes. Again its more of a keep play moving issue to me than anything, double benefit is dry discs and ankles when its muddy and you slip trying to get your putter so you can take your bogie...UGGGHHH.
By zog9605
Plus come winter and the discs start sliding on those holes onto the ice, it may keep someone from falling in during first
By zog9605
And its only because of how steep the grade is, if the slope were less it would be a moot point.
By Nived
I'm going to go check out the new layout later today. No map yet? The course starts by the sports center where #13 used to be, right?
By zog9605
Yeah and then you can stop in to Bill Grays tap room after and have a pint and some food, check out the scores and watch some skating. It is so cool now. I feel like kid on Christmas morning, everyday.
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By BeauRoch
The new MCC map has been added to the MCC page on our club site. I still need to adjust the Google Map view of the layout which I hope to get to soon.
I am also trying to get it uploaded to the website.
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By BeauRoch
Isn't hole #5 the old #1?
Aren't you still throwing from the kiosk to the old #1 basket location or was it reversed? I knew the new #5 is the old #1 and perhaps didn't pay attention that the basket and tee were changed.
Please confirm and if that is the case I can have this corrected pretty quick.
By Ben Kieran
The way it is set up right now, #5's shot is from the top of that berm/hill that runs parallel to the creek to the basket which is tucked around the corner - roughly 40 feet from the kiosk. Path to hole 6 starts behind the basket. So - basically reversed from the way it is on the map now.

Also - hole 4 currently isn't tucked into the woods on the right - is that in the plans for the future, or is the map wrong? Currently sitting out in the open to the left of the gravel path.
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By BeauRoch
I have corrected #5 and #4 seems to be close enough for mapping purposes.
The updated map will be on our site shortly.

By Ben Kieran
Any chance we could get hole 19, currently by the tennis courts, installed on the hill adjacent to hole 1? Would make a great practice spot to warm up before a round. In its current location it basically never gets used.
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By Jerami
Rand stated that he has plans to move it, it will potentially take place when the cement tee pads go in
By swiltse
Had a chance to play the new layout yesterday. There are some things I liked like the new starting hole and a few of the changed up holes, but there seemed to be some questionable hole designs that don't feel like they would be good for the long term.

#9 seems to be encouraging people to throw discs in the pond. I'm all for risk reward and love throwing over water, but the way that pin is positioned you're just asking for discs to at least role in on up shots/putts or if you go for it there's a significant risk of hitting water. I had a good layup and block the pond for my friends luckily cause one of their discs would of gone in.

#12 & #16 seem to play along/through a swamp. Luckily the ground was frozen and the water table is low now, but come spring early-summer those holes will be all but unplayable, specifically 16 seems to play right through the swamp.

I don't mean to complain, but I thought some of the reason for moving holes was to reduce the swamp/muck factor of the course. Just curious as to how/why the decisions on these holes were made. Love certain parts of this course and the fact that parking has been moved by the bar, but some of these holes just baffle me.

On a lighter note, thought a cool bonus hole could tee off from parking lot over water to #1's basket. How many beers will it take before we start doing this after a round?
By Ben Kieran
swiltse - we've discussed the issues you've brought up, earlier in this thread. Take a look back through the thread and I think you'll get answers to your questions.

Short answer - I don't speak for the club, but the new layout isn't completed, input is appreciated, and some solutions for some issues are being discussed, or are on the to-do list for the next workday.
By swiltse
Yeah I've been keeping up with the discussion regarding #3 and #9 pins near the water. Those holes don't concern me as much cause you can still play them conservatively if you want.

I'm really more interested in thoughts on #12 and #16 as I haven't seen anyone else bring up the issue and it seems like those holes will be really wet/unplayable in the spring/summer.

I appreciate all the hard work the club puts into these courses and just wanted to give some constructive criticism to help make the courses as best as possible :)
By Ben Kieran
My bad - thought the comments were posted in this thread, but they are in a separate thread in the Members forum, about MCC wet areas.

12 and 16 are discussed there, with mention of possibly backfilling to raise the ground level, etc.
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By rhand
We are well aware of the issues with 16 and are working on solutions. 12 has water to the left which we are also aware of and will be working on that as well. It is less severe that what old 3 is, but we still plan on correctting this as it all can and will be better.

Hole 9 definitely isn't encouraging you to throw in the water. It is simply meant to be a challanging hole...which I think was accomplished with everyone's complaining about it. We will have alternate pin locations in the future.

I appreciate you imput. Would love your help though the next time we have a work day so stay posted.

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