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Course conditions, opinions and observations
By chiefstang
Hey gang! Just an idea...

Since moving to Colorado, I've noticed that every course here has different pin positions on every hole. It really allows the courses to change drastically from round to round. One day a course is birdy golf, and the next it roughs you up.

Just pouring 2-3 skirts into the ground allows for hundreds of variations on a course.

There's little griping about a pin being in a spot that someone doesn't like because they change them constantly. It only takes a couple of people with some keys playing a round to make the course change. I would say they typically move them once a week or so.

It's also inexpensive. Just some concrete and a sleeve.

I know you have a few holes in town with a couple of pin positions, but they rarely seemed to change.

Just a thought, but figured I would share it with you.

Fair winds!
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By walker
There's already future plans for MCC to have two tees and two pin placements on almost every hole. This will allow a short-short course for the students who are learning to play, a long-short course for the club players, and a long-long layout for tournament play.
By chiefstang
That's great to hear! I really want to play the new layout (and eat Bill Grays).

My point is that the pins here on all courses change constantly, not just for tournaments. I live near a little 9-holer that I play all the time. It is never the same course, and it is nowhere near the caliber of some of the Rochester courses.

Granted, a course like Ellison can be the usual red-tape headache, but Chili, Parma, and Basil could easily --and for very little $$-- be courses that give players a different look every time they step up to the tees. It's pretty fun showing up to the course and seeing them in different spots.

Alternate tees really require fairway work in many cases to work out, not to mention the bigger headache involved in getting them put in. Digging a few holes and dropping sleeves in can quickly change a hole from a hyzer to a anny, a driver to a mid, or a birdy to a bogey. You literally get hundreds of variations of a course for a fraction of the work in creating a new one.

I've played about 50 rounds on the local 9-hole here, and yesterday there were three baskets in positions I had never thrown on. It turned "another practice round" into something fresh and new... And it ain't no Parma.
By Nived
I think Sweden DGC is the only course around here that has multiple pins right now. Someone goes out and changes them sometimes. It's neat to step up to the tee and realize that the basket is in a different spot. I provides some variety.
By chiefstang
I know Parma has #2, and Chili has #2 and #8. That's all I can think of aside from MCC getting some.
By Dave Thomas
You are forgetting another course that has 9 holes with 2 tee placements..........Churchville DG Original#s 2,4,5,6,7,8,12,13,& 16
By chiefstang
That's right, I wasn't there for the changes on that one.

I think it's vital that the pin placements keep changing in order for it to be fun. If the course gets stuck in a bum layout, it just defeats the purpose. Having a different look at a hole or ten every few rounds really keeps it fresh.

Kinda surprised that no one has played a course that makes good use of this.
By Stetz
Basil has a few holes that have the old pin placement sleeves still in. Off the top of my head the only 2 I can think of are 3 and 5.
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By rhand

Multiple pins are definitely in the future here in Rochester. MCC will have a minimum of 2. Parma will have 2 (look for this, this coming spring).

We will only go from there.

We accomplished a lot to get our courses to where they needed to be for worlds. Now is the time to continue to improve. Hopefully we will see some new faces step up and want to help make our courses better!

By chiefstang
I can't wait to come back to visit! We have some great courses here, but EVERY course in Rochester is great. You have all kinds of dg represented very well. I miss each one... Even Basil!

Also... Multiple pins allow you to shorten up big courses for easier winter play.
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