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Discs, tips, bags, and baskets
By Sythie
I'm starting this thread for any and all in Rochester that are dyeing their own flyers. The daylight is getting shorter with the fall upon us and its the perfect time to get some work done. Please feel free to contribute to this thread.
By Sythie
One of my latest dyes, King Hippo from Mike Tyson's Punchout on a Avery Jenkins Hybrid Destroyer.

Untitled-1.jpg (31.51 KiB) Viewed 1708 times
By Sythie
Just finished this last night. Dyed on a Star San Marino Roc

Untitled-2.jpg (28.85 KiB) Viewed 1708 times
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By TCampbell
Only problem with dyes like those, if you lose them you will NEVER get them back. I make an effort to return every disc I find, but if I find King Hippo, it might end up on my wall!
By Sythie
To be honest I have had more of my dyes returned to me than blanks. The dyes make it to easy to spot a future a#$ kicking!!
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By krohn29
Matt speaking of dyeing disc, i played Brockport the other day and saw and got out a disc of yours that was in the pond by hole 11. Its your orange dye disc champion XS. ill give it to you next time i see you.
i have it in my trunk.
By Sythie
Well at least there are some honest people. I lost that at Shorewinds 2 months ago. Thanks for letting me know, it's yours to keep.
By jl
not some of my best work but i find it funny...sweatpants and champagne everyones dream lifestyle.

Untitled-4.jpg (36.92 KiB) Viewed 1708 times
By Sythie
Say Cheese! on a '08 USDGC Star Roc

Untitled-10.jpg (26.42 KiB) Viewed 1708 times
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By Sythie
Dancin' in the Streets.... Dyed on a Z Cyclone for Mr. Bob Honch

Untitled-12.jpg (16.43 KiB) Viewed 1708 times
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By Jerami
Which dyes are you guys finding works the best? I have a few done that could use to be a lot darker, but they are cool, and will be posted soon. I have tried a few different options, and the practice is helping, but with all of the options in the area, I was just wondering which source works best for you.
By jl
One of my favorites but found out its offensive

Untitled-16.jpg (31.6 KiB) Viewed 1707 times
By jl
you can use rit dye but it has to be i think before 2011 exp. date on it. They changed something in it so it wont dye plastic good. There is another kind but im not sure of name ask Dale he is using it.
By discphreek
The dye that I use is called I DYE POLY, you can get it at Hyatts on Jefferson Rd. or online at Dharma chem. its about $ 3.50 a pack, I have dyed about 10 discs using the black and still have a bit left . It takes less than 1 minute to get dark black. The only problem that I found compared to RIT is that you really have to wash the disc good afterwards. In my research I have found that any Disperse dye will work on plasic. I DYE POLY is the most readilly available of these type of dyes.
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By Jerami
Thanks Dale! I was wondering about Dye Poly when I went to Hyatts. The old Rit hasn't been great, and I was hoping that would do the trick.
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By Jerami
My first successful dye...
Jerry's Handprint on an X Sidewinder

Untitled-17.jpg (12.69 KiB) Viewed 1706 times
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