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Historical archive of the GRDGC forum
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By rhand
Well I must say that I'm quite relieved that the Worlds are now over (as does my wife). It took a lot of work and effort and I think it was a great event! I especially thank Tony and Gene and everyone else that have been involved over the past 4 years to make the 2011 Am and Junior Worlds a great event!

I came into the Worlds as the GRDGC president with one hope; that we could use this opportunity to make are courses better. I think we have done that and more. Permanant tee pads at the majority of our courses, improved signage, major brush and debris clean up, improved course layout and land usage, and more!

The truth though, is that there is always more we can do and now is the time for our club to come together and decide what direction we go in.

There is one major task I have left and need a lot of help with.

MCC - I comitted myself last fall to making this course better (that includes the use of drier land) and I plan on seeing that through. We have funding set aside for cement tee pads and sigange. I'm looking for interested people, who are willing to work, to help me. Let me know, you all know how to get a hold of me. I trully believe that this course can be exceptional. I would like to see this come to reality this year.

All of our courses have things still left to be done. We simply ran out of time and man power prior to the worlds. I would like to see us continue to develop and improve our courses.

There are things that our club have tried to implement that are sort of working/not working/haven't worked that need to be improved upon.

I saw a lot of new people step up this past year, which I must say is an awesome thing. I only hope that these individuals continue on to help grow our sport and club.

We still need more people though to help and I encourage all of you to step up and be more involved. Everyone that has wanted a voice, now is your chance. I will be quite blunt though, I'm not interested in hearing one negative thing that doesn't come with a suggestion of how to make things better.

We will have posted soon a club meeting date and time (please let us know what time/day of the week is best). Traditionally we always have a poor showing and I want to improve upon that. Again, as the president of the GRDGC I want to know what we can do better, and how you think we should prioritize are next tasks.

Thank you!

Ryan Hand
By Tony Inzana
Thanks for the awesome post and thanks Ryan, for all that you have done for the club and the courses and the Worlds. I do hope that people read this carefully and decide to attend the next meeting and start being more active in the club in that way. It is critical that our next meeting be a good one. There will probably be many things to be discussed and many decisions to be made, so please attend if you want your voice heard !!!
By Nived
It's great to hear that MCC will be getting some improvements. I'm taking classes there this fall, so I will probably be playing there a lot. I'll try to help out with the work too. Just let me know what you need.
Would love to help with mcc! such a great course with a little tweaking and some love it would be an awesome course! and a great way to get more people into the sport! Its offered as a gym class at mcc! a beautiful course there could only help! plus the school does a great job a maintaining it also!
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Tony Inzana wrote:I do hope that people read this carefully and decide to attend the next meeting and start being more active in the club in that way. It is critical that our next meeting be a good one.

To ensure the success of the next meeting we also must make sure we post the meeting date WELL in advance!
By Tony Inzana
I will personally cook up a pie if we have the meeting at my house, but I am hoping that maybe we want to use a bigger venue to bring more people there. Having said that, our usually meeting night is Sunday or Monday --- which will be football season. If we do it at Bathtub Billy's, we could say 6:30 or 7 pm on a Monday and hope to be done by the time the game starts. Sundays would be too difficult with football.

But I am willing to host, and we can plan ahead and have Pie there for all ( and maybe a few hats and other goodies including beverages)

I am looking at the schedule and vote for a meeting either Sunday Sept 18th or Monday Sept 19th. I know not everyone will be able to attend, but which night do people prefer. I choose Monday the 18th. Let's figure this out this week so we can post our meeting date and time so that people have plenty of warning.
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By krohn29
Going back to the topic of work at MCC, this saturday again 8/28 Gonzo disc golf will be playing saturday morning league. Tee off at 9:30am again. Maybe if we get a few more people out to league. Then after words since we will already be there we could start doing some work, on the amazing course that MCC has to offer. :thumbup:

And for the meeting, im not a memeber of Rochester just Gonzo.
But id like to attend the meeting so that way if there is anything Gonzo or I can do to help out with disc golf in this area then ill be there. :clap:
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