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Discs, tips, bags, and baskets
By csj0952
I'm using GolfCard Pro. It seems good but I have to put in the range and pars for all the courses. I don't even see the par info on the course pages at this website so I guess I have to wait till I get to the course to put them in.

I'm looking for something to track my progress at each course so it should be complex enough to download into a spreadsheet.

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By walker
...just read an ad in the magazine for an official pdga app. It keeps score for up to 6 players, tracks progress, tied to all the pdga course info, can start on any hole, and even updates throwing order for each hole. 'Available soon'
By jaurand
I'm trying out Disc Golf Tracker by Invisible Ink. Used it for the first time today. Fairly easy to set up and use, but it doesn't look like it keeps a history of scores. I found the interface a little kludge at time - entering scores was a bit funky and required repeated touches to get the score to change.

Better than nothing, but not great.

Now, if it could only somehow make my score lower...
By TriplEEE
I don't have an iPhone, I have android, but I've been using Easy Scorecard, it's a free app, and it works fantastically. It even calculates your handicap after you enter 3 or more rounds in, you have to enter the course info in yourself but it saves it all and emails you a scorecard at the end of each round
By jaurand
I've switched and I'm now trying Discasaurus on the iPhone. Free, and seems to work pretty well. Only complaint after two rounds - you can only add strokes to a hole. So if I accidentally enter three strokes when I actually birdied the hole, there's no undo or way to change the score to a lower number.

Other than that, it seems to be a pretty solid app.
By clintmeyer
Discasaurus is nice and simple (thanks for the pointer), you cant change the par for the holes, but it does store your history and you can upload it online.

You can reset your score on any hole by holding down the disc, the phone will vibrate and the score will reset to 0.

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