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Course conditions, opinions and observations
By Willie Dick
I disagree tony just as many people play ellison as basil. I think you are more likely to get hit on 3 at ellison than 9 at basil. Anyway why would you want to practice on a Mach III when you will be throwing at yellow bands during the round?
By Tony Inzana
Yes tons of people play at ELlison in the 6 months the course is in the ground. And from the parking lot, you have two or three baskets that you can put at to practice. Basil is around all year and the practice basket is well utilized, both for practice and for a 19th hole. It's not our fault that it was pulled and put at Saywer, but I believe that a practice basket needs to be at Basil( and it shouldn't metter whether there is a yellow band or not) because you need to hit the chains, not the band to get the disc in.
By Willie Dick
Didn’t you just give away all the baskets from basil. Is not one of them available to use as a practice basket.
By Doug Corea
Those baskets were sold on a first come basis, for $150?
Blighton has one, unfortunately we couln't get it out of the sleeve, still with concrete ball partially sledged off. We will add it to the growing list at basil and try to use it for the practice basket. The Dog and I will be working all day, tomorrow starting at 7 am. Everyone is welcomed to come on out and help or just take a task from previous list. -304
By Doug Corea
Basil workdays, everyone come on out, plenty to do.
The Dog and I will be there:

Friday (tomorrow) July 15 - 7am to 2pm
Saturday July 16 - 7am to noon

See ya -304
By Tony Inzana
Basket #4 from Ellison can be brought to Basil for the practice basket. I have the new #4 that we need to get in the ground in it's place
By Doug Corea
Can someone who bought a basket from Basil, please bring it for Basil's practice basket. This way Ellison could then have a practice basket, also. Blighton's basket has a ball of concrete on it, and we already have more then we can do.

The results of Friday and Saturday workdays:

The bridge was moved from the paved path and put in place. It could use some flat stepping stones on creek bed and I pray we don't get a "gully washer" !

17's 10m circle was chipped and wood moved to edge of "muck"zone. Any future wood that is moved should be added to this wall.

14 and 15 10m circles were made, there is much glass and a few piles that need to taken off 15.

The giant wood "teepee" on 15 was moved.

The pile at the base of 13 was to moved to the pile on the top of "jail". Any wood from 13 or 14 can be added to this.

The ob stakes on 9 and 10 were cleared and 9 was also whacked hard (still some ivy left).

There is still one black, drainage tube back near 17's tee. it need to be dragged in behind shed where the other 6 are. Looks doubtful that we'll have time to slice and place on trees.

Can anyone tell me exactly if and when Basil is being used on Sunday July 24th? We were going to paint all 18 10m circles that day. Also, when are the new tee signs going to get here, can we get a crew, maybe on Saturday July 23 to install them or dig holes earlier?

Greece dumped chip near 7's tee, called him early Friday to get chip on green to cover ivy (not done Friday). I'll call him on Monday to ask if they can move it to basket and also pile up dirt on 6. If they don't do, the chip really needs to be moved to cover that ivy!

The wood on left side of 11 needs to be rolled down to paved path, we made a nice alley for this.

The wood on 10's 10m circle needs to be moved back and left towards 18.

The litter on 1, should be dumped in Greece's green bucket or at least moved out, who knows maybe they will pick it up. As always litter on course needs to be picked up.

Thanks to the guys that helped out Friday and Saturday, the 2011 AM World CHAMPIONSHIPS a week away. All of the disc golfers, if you haven't already, need to step up and do something on the courses. -304

p.s. Matt could you, please, either water ivy on 6's mound or put it in a dirt filled bucket, I don't know if Greece will mess with it, if they move piles.
By Tony Inzana
Wow, sounds like you guys have been busy. Cant wait to see the results. We have the signs and can install them ASAP. Basil is being used first round of doubles on Sun the 24th, so the circles need to be done by Sat the 23rd. I really want my basket for my yard that week for my guests, but if no basket is available, then I can bring mine over for a practice basket for the Worlds. I do think that we should put a practice basket in at Ellison if we have the opportunity to do so, but we can also have a portable basket in the open area at ellison during the week of the worlds if we did decide to bring the #4 basket over. thanks again for everyone's help. If everyone could just do a little extra this week to help, it will make this worlds that much better !!!
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By myoung
Played the course early this morning.awesome job.course is in
great shape.mulch on the hill at 17 is a very nice touch..thanks to all involved!
By Doug Corea
Thank you Mike Young.

Enough about the practice basket at Basil, since no one stepped up with their basket from Basil. The Dog will dig a hole and cement in his basket that has a ball of cement on it, for the practice basket.

Less talk and more work (on a course) is what is needed! - 304
By Doug Corea
Just got off the phone with Mr. John Plummer (Greece DPW - Head of Forestry), he will providing a man with a Bobcat to move chip and dirt Friday at 8 am. I'll be there directing him. No need for anyone to move chip from 7's tee to green.

I'll be there most of the day and the Dog will be getting out of work early to start putting in new tee signs. Saturday, we will start our final course prep. and painting 10m circles starting at 7am. Everyone is welcome to come out either days, plenty still to do.

The eyes of the Disc Golf World will once again be on Rochester, "The birthplace of competitive Disc Golf" !!

Disc-gracefully yours,
Doug Corea
PDGA #304
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Ryan said at the meeting last night, that he is going to put his old basil basket as the practice basket
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By TCampbell
The old practice basket sleeve is still there but it looks like it was filled in with dirt. It shouldn't be too hard to clear it out.
I was looking at puting my basket there but the origional sleeve is stuck. I spent about an hour with penetrating oil, a torch, a hammer, ect and it wouldn't free up. So its a good thing Ryan can use his!
By Doug Corea
HELP!! We need help! Saturday, tomorrow is do or die trying.

We still need to dig 6 or 7 holes and cement in missing posts, then install all new tee signs after removing old ones.

18 - 10m circles need to be raked off (cleaned) for the final painting.

Chip on back of #7 needs to be spread out back over ivy just outside 10m circle.

Chip on mound and around tee and bench on Hole #6 needs to spread out.

Final litter pick up.

Baskets bands cleaned.

Tees swept off.

I'm sure there are a few other tasks, but you get the idea.

The Dog and I will be there starting at 7am - 304
By Nived
I might play a round at Basil tomorrow afternoon. I'll pick up any trash I see while I play.

I haven't played Basil in a while and I can't wait to see how the course looks.
By Doug Corea
Worked on course till dark last night, then took shed key to Brian (Basil TD from Alabama). Ryan Hand has a key, also.

I dug hole and cemented in the Dog's basket, he is donating it to the course. I couldn't wait, it would be nice to have an other one, though.

Course was pretty busy, painted 10m circles on 1,2,3,4,5,8, and 9. The pink rope is in shed with orange paint (pink paint also if and when orange runs out). Can goes in loop and must be pulled as tight as possible when spraying. I hope some one can step up and get it done.

Unfortunately, I have to try and pack for CALI, today (must ship stuff, tomorrow -the "sick" Dog and I arrive Aug 1) and then try to get to my paint job. I'll try to get to hotel for mando meeting by 6:30.

I left my broom, for sweeping tees.

There are white and orange stakes at bottom of box to replace any that might go missing. Ob on holes 1,9,10,12,13,16, and 17.

Enjoy Basil, the Dog and I did our best to reach our vision of the cleanest, most user friendly wooded DISC GOLf course the Worlds has ever seen!

Disc-gracefully yours,
Doug Corea PGDA #304
By Tony Inzana
Thanks Doug, for the update and thanks to both Doug's for all they have done for the club and at Basil Marella. It looks incredible compared to when we started.
By direwolf9
I just played Basil last week for the first time in probably 2 months and just need to reiterate Tony's thanks to you guys for all the hard work. The course looked absolutely great, I'm sure this week's competitors will feel the same way.
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