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Course conditions, opinions and observations
By CitizenToxie
First time out with a friend of mine, the course looked great and the other players there were nice enough to point us the next hole when we got lost or accidentally started playing on their course. Hope we do get a chance to get out there Monday and find holes 10, 11 and 12.
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By BeauRoch
New tee signs and directionals are scheduled to be installed this month which should help everyone out.
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Are (directional) signs still on the to do list before the Worlds?

Also, is it possible to get the town to get a chainsaw out to hole 2 (first one in the woods) and cut that downed tree up?
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By Jerami
Sorry! I will be cutting directional arrows on Tuesday. After paint, the will need installation. I will need stakes though.
By chiefstang
If we're not going to have tee signs done in time, can we paint the distances on the tee pads?
By Stetz
Good question - if not, I'm gonna try and get out there around noon and I'de be more than happy to bring my crappy InStep portable w/ me if anyone wanted to take a few rounds of practice drives before starting a real round?
By mkc64
Our out town guests could use a basket at 1. I know everyone has worked hard but Parma was not ready today. How are the OB going to be marked. Are creeks OB? Directions aka Tee signs? The mowing was fine. Distances on Map?
By mkc64
After all Tim I did volunteer a tractor w/loader, a post hole digger and my time on Tuesday and Wednesday. I was a tour guide so no problem for us and I'm sure the group from Chicago that just left here are glad I met them out there yesterday. I know its done now. Great work guys. We are Roc'in the Worlds.GOOD LUCK EVERYONE and Go team Batavia.
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By TCampbell
After all Mike, I will take any opportunity possible to mess with you. Good thing you were able to guide the out of towners, Parma can be a hard course to navigate.
By chiefstang
Hey guys! It's worth noting that Parma is creeping up on the top ten courses in the world list on! The new improvements have really upped the current ratings, with only old ratings complaining about lack of signage really holding it back.

Drop by the site and write a review of the current course, or update your old one, and give Parma the recognition it truly deserves! I've played 4 of the top 10 according to the site, and would easily put Parma on par (get it!) with any of them, Idlewild and all!

I REALLY miss playing that course, even with a top-ten in my backyard now!

Parma, FTW!!

There's also a place to upload videos for the course, and I know Ryan put together a beauty!
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By BeauRoch
Thanks for the heads up...just added Andy and Ryan's walkthru video to the Parma page on
I saw that Basil's has already been added.

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