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Course conditions, opinions and observations
By Tony Inzana
Played the front 9 yesterday --- it looks awesome !!! Thanks to all that have chipped in to clean up Basil, especially the Doug's :D
By jamie
AJB wrote:
jamie wrote:i have to be home by 11amish

I didn't know the Amish had their own time! lol

hmmm....i thought everybody knew
By Stetz
was wondering if the 10m circles at Basil will be re-painted before worlds starts as they are starting to fade considerably. Ever consider taking some of those longer branches in the piles back there and creating some sort of 10m barrier like at other courses? just an idea as I understand it would take considerable work to be done and I know the Doug's have been kicking arse back there, as well as everyone else who has pitched in. (thank you much kind sir's)
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By BeauRoch
I am sure the Professor will chime in on this shortly but any 10m circles you see now are just to get an idea if any clearing needs to be done. These circles will be re-done just before the tournament to ensure they look good in time for its start.
By Doug Corea
The work day went well - thanks to everyone who brought their saws and helped hump wood. Thanx to the Gonzo group that picked up litter while they played.

The Dog and I will be working at Basil starting at 7am (or earlier) this Friday, we will be there most of the day. Any help will be appreciated, even for an hour. In the meantime, things that can be done:

(1) spray and/or cut ivy, esp. close to baskets and up trees (We have been working on it)
(2) move wood bench behind #1's new bench for bridge on #4 (over ditch)
(3) cut back branches around left of shed
(4) move toward v. courts/fix the snow fence around practice green
(5) knock down tall stuff inside practice green's 10 meter circle, this is also used as the 19th hole
(6) move wood far away from holes
(7) rake or blow off 10m circles
(8) pick up litter, as always
(9) weed wack around ob stakes on #1,9, and 10
(10) clean/polish top yellow bands of baskets
(11) snip any "trip" wires or sledge out any rotted stumps

The Dog and I still need to clean (ready) a few circles for the final World's painting, move wood, move chip (hopefully on left side of #7's green to cover ivy and on #17's green), develop shortcut path from #17 to #18, landscape berm behind #6, make footers and move new bridge into place near #17's pad, and dig and cement in 18 new tee signs, slice the black tubes and wrap some key early trees. I'm sure I'm missing a few other tasks, the point is there is still much to do and so little time.

If you are enjoying Basil, you can show your appreciation by doing one of the tasks or showing up this Friday to help. Thanx in advance. -304
By Sythie
Myself and & Jerami are at basil this AM working on making hole 3's basket blend with it's surroundings a bit more. We are moving stone from the creek to make a more natural look to the pyramid. Later I'm planning on buying some type of ivy or ground cover to plant towards the back of the planters. I was able to obtain a very nice wheelbarrow/cart from my parents who said it could be donated to the club. I am hoping one of the Dougs sees this so that in the next day or two it could be stored in the shed for future use. For the time being I am locking it with a bike lock behind the shed. If one of the dougs sees this call me at 585 734 6795. Thanks, Matt
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By Jerami
Matt, it looks great! What you did to finish it up looks so much better. Thanks for letting me know, and for driving this forward. It looks like it belongs out there now, and all of the open billboard space for graffiti is covered up. This just puts the finishing touches on the great feature that the Dougs created.
By Stetz
When is basket 7 going to be fixed? someone cut the ring holding the inner chains. They've been hanging for a little over a month now, and I can't weld or anything of the sort, but I haven't seen any posts on this topic so I figured I'de bring it up.
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By Jerami
This issue has been discussed in person before. No one cut the ring, it was not welded when produced. We have another set of interior chains for this basket, and it will be replaced soon. Thanks for posting.
By Stetz
Oh, alright sweet. And, basket 3 looks freakin' sweeeeeet with the new "decor" so a big kudos to whomever did all that work, it def. looks waaaaay better now.
By Nived
^That looks awesome. I'll have to get out to basil sometime soon even though I hate that hole :P
By Baker
Matt that looks awesome!
By Sythie
Thanks again Jerami for meeting this morning to make it a reality. Also thank to Keith for your finishing touches! I can only hope that all that play it enjoy it. For those who saw it halfway done and thought it was not gonna work do me a favor and go back out to see the finished product in person, the pictures really do it no justice. Also kudos to the Doug's being that this was their baby, I really hope you both approve of our work.
By Doug Corea
Very nice job Matt, Jerami, and Keith on #3's basket. Way to use the natural materials that Basil provides! :thumbup:

#7's ring has been on our list, the Dog has an easy fix (not welding), basically restring chains andwrap a piece of duck tape over break.

We will be at Basil early Friday. -304
By Tony Inzana
I have one extra set of inner chains if someone wants to swap them out for hole 7, then we can return that to Innova to get a replacement
By up_a_tree
When it comes to a practice basket for Basil, since we now need one due to the ignorance of others, can we get Ellison's hole#4 that is being replaced? Or at worst, use 1 of the 3 bakets around your house Tony?
By chiefstang
Is the basket already gone?!?!? I'm sure the town would be ok waiting two weeks until we can finish the worlds. NO need to hurry and do this!
By Tony Inzana
I proposed in an earlier post to move ellison #4 there --- the replacement basket is on its way to us ---- at the cost of $400 bucks. That the club is paying for (indirectly)
By up_a_tree
Yes it's already gone. I started around 11 and someone was putting on it, finished around 1 and it was gone.
By up_a_tree
About the asthetically improved, raised basket on hole #3 let's make more. By now I'm sure most have seen the new look and hopefully like it it's awesome. Matt took his own time and money to see this completed and I hope we can all help keep it that way what a guy.

For now if anyone going there to play could help us keep the newly planted ivy watered, that would be great it would be awesome. With this heat we've had lately they'll need plenty of water to help establish their roots I don't mean pee. Thank you now do it
By Doug Corea
Just got off the horn w/Mr. P., bridge is being dropped on top of #17, today. Chip and dirt has been dumped.

The Dog and I might need help getting the bridge in place, that probable will not happen till mid-morning, footers must first be cemented in.

We will start spreading chip on #17's circle first (around 7 am), to see if we could use more there.
We also need to spread chip to cover ivy on #7. Dirt behind #6's tee needs to be shoveled/piled high towards #3's basket, then "scaped" , later.

If anyone has anytime on Friday... - 304
By Tony Inzana
The practice basket was moved by Greece -- but we will take ellison #4 basket and put it there in its place
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