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Course conditions, opinions and observations
By ironleaf disc sports
damn...i knew the bag was light...i see you soon enough...or give it to someone a for c ville.. the distance on hole 4 is way off...its marked 322...its 422 if course...ill b there at 3 2day for match play..
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By Jerami
Liam, do you mean hole 6 is marked 322? Hole 4 should be 340, 6 is a distance of 422, and I may have messed up the numbers. If anyone is able to check, and let me know, that would be appreciated!
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By Jerami
Yes gene, I has the same. I went from the distances you sent me. I hope I painted them all correctly!
By Tony Inzana
#4 is moving to the short basket position, so that's why the distance is off. Dave Thomas, can you move that basket? #4 to the original sleeve? Thanks
By KingArv
Thanks for your efforts, I hope the spray works! Poison Ivy is a tough vine and notoriously hardy...
I just assume call it the devil's creation and devil's weed consequently, lol
By FishyMack
Right after working on the t-pads, I lost an Aerobie Epic, purple, with my name and phone number on it in a pine tree by the 15th hole. It is gone. If you found it, please return it. If you see someone playing with a purple Aerobie Epic, it is mine!
By Dave Thomas
Basket #4 moved....had one of our staff paint the 10 metre circle around 10 of the baskets.....LOTS of paint used so we will not be doing this again until the week of the Worlds....
By mujamike
FishyMack wrote:Right after working on the t-pads, I lost an Aerobie Epic, purple, with my name and phone number on it in a pine tree by the 15th hole. It is gone. If you found it, please return it. If you see someone playing with a purple Aerobie Epic, it is mine!

Or..... they also have an purple epic.
By Sythie
Good point.... Although i wouldn't even use one as a door jam.
By zog9605
IS the park dept going to remove the three downed trees in the fairways on 13, 14 and 15 before worlds or are they a permanent fixture for tournament play? And again, poison ivy is the elephant in the room gentleman. If we can kill a bunch it will be better received than all the cleared branches in the world. I got some stuff that will work but the nimby's may protest. Just give me a sign....
By zog9605
More than one application is usually the only way to eradicate it, however. Too bad no one tried to do that at Ellison. almost every large pine will be gone in 5 years from all the poison ivy that has wreaked havoc and the parks did will be a different course in a few years. Especially 15 and 17. Maybe even 3.
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By BeauRoch
Went back and checked on the ivy I sprayed a few weeks ago around the #14 basket and alot of it is now dead. I did spray more that I missed but it should be much safer now in there and especially by the end of the month.

I see the fallen trees on #14 fairway and around #15 basket are still there. Anybody know if the parks dept. has any plans to get rid of them?

Course seems pretty good otherwise.

By Dave Thomas
They are going to take a chainsaw to them! Spoke with the park's guys yesterday....Some players have asked to have the fallen tree on #15 stay....whatever........Let me know your thoughts as I am there a lot because of a few projects we have going on there......I see the guys on an almost daily basis...
By Dave Thomas
PS.......located the "old" sleeve for new #6 and I will put it where the flag will be done very soon....The Asst.Parks & Rec.Director for Monroe Co. was out here on Thursday and asked what we thought of the new tees.etc.........told him all was well...
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By BeauRoch
Thanks Dave - please have the parks dept. remove the downed trees from the course. They should not be obstacles or part of the course.
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By Jerami
Finishing touches need to be done at Churchville, and we are meeting at 9:00 AM Wednesday morning. We new to relocate 7, reset 10, and stake OB on the Creek 1&2. Come in out in the morning if you have a chance.
By Dave Thomas
Met James & John Nichols,along with Jerami out at the course this AM & PM.....they are bustin' their collective tails putting flags on each basket,installing OB stakes,etc.,.....Also,met up with the Monroe County "Tree-Cutting" crew and they have cut and removed all fallen trees in all is quiet on the "Western Front"......Have FUN.....PS.......All 10 metre circles are painted "Yellow" around each basket area......Dave
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By TCampbell
Hole 1s tee pad frame has bowed. It might just be the board in the back that bowed up.
Hole 2's tee pad frame has also bowed, its the long board along the right side that bowed up at the back. Might need to chop that one or remove the frame altoghether.
I was going to fix it today but I didn't have the right tool for the job. I had an axe, but was worried about hitting the fly pad. The screws that hld the frames together are on the underside of the frame.
By Tony Inzana
I say we get a handsaw and just cut the back board on both holes. Who can get this done by Tuesday for us?
By FishyMack
I went to Churchville today and added many wooden signs, moved several and removed one. Looked like someone had already fixed those two t-boxes, although #2 could still use a big spike.
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