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Course conditions, opinions and observations
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By rhand
Met with the county parks this am. All the sod that was removed from the tee areas needs to be cleaned up ASAP. It should all be moved to a parking lot or edge of a park road.

I would like to see this happen this weekend. I have to work both Sat and Sun again, but would like to see someone organize something at least one day if not both. This should take priority over any other course work. Bring wheelbarrows, shovels, rakes.

The county is going to allow us to do more work as it is too wet for any of their equipment to get around. The tees need to be framed and filled with crushed stone (both being provided by the county). We just have to let them know when we are ready for it.

So lets get that sod moved and make plans to get these things done.

Please try to make Sunday's meeting at Tony's!

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By BeauRoch
Moved all piles either near a road or off the course except for:
16, 2, 17, 18

1 won't need to be moved since it is close enough to the path.

By Dave Thomas
The Churchville Youth Soccer Program also helped Gene (he was the ONLY one there) move the sod for Monroe County!!!! MAJOR KUDOS to Gene! He worked his fanny off.....dt
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By rhand

Thank you for all of your hard work. I wish I could have joined you.

There are still a few more to do. Is anyone else willing to get out there to get this done? Walker I know you said you could get out there, but need tools. Can someone help him out???

This is much needed!

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By Jerami
I got 2&18 done today. Once that downpour came, and I was carrying more water than earth, I had to call it a day. 4 wheelbarrow loads On each hole, and it was pretty quick. I will get out for 16&17 this week.
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