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Course conditions, opinions and observations
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By Jerami
I feel the same as Zog on the fence issue. The trees would be perfect there, and give us a clear and definitive ob as well as to catch discs... If they were planted 15 years ago like the rest. Right now, this small fence would offer the defined ob, possible catch a few discs, and continue the farm feel through the back side of the course.

For the gap, take a look at it, it is such a small fence, and a short distance compared to the walk you are taking on that hole already. If it is put in, as I said before, it can be moved, removed or changed at any time after people have had a chance to see it. This applies wherever it may go.
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By Jerami
I did more on the stone for 8 green today, about 60 sq ft total, and... About 1/8 of the way there. It is looking much better though. I also dug mulch rings around the trees directly behind 17 tee pad. Once the town gets out there to drop more dirt and mulch, these can be easily filled in from the load to be dropped at 16.

The garbage from Saturday was still out there at the pavilion, so I brought that home as well. The bags had been torn into by animals, and there was stuff that had blown into the parking lot. The garbage on the course has increased, hopefully more people can pick up as they play through.
By Dave Thomas
Thx,Jerami........was out there this PM and witnessed what you have done.........still working on the fieldstone........Dave
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By Jerami
Thanks Dave, I hope to keep gathering stone as much as possible. The piles to the left of 11 tee are full of them. Thanks for looking in to fieldstone!
By Dave Thomas
Jerami........I am picking up the fieldstone next week.....made contact with a few people that have it and will let us take some.....I'll load up my truck and drop it off.......or if I can get onto the course I can drop it off at the place where you want it....thereby not handling it twice........Dave
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By Jerami
Great Dave, thanks so much for the legwork on that! Hopefully now that the fields are so much more dry now, we will be able to get our trucks back there for dropping off the heavy loads. If you aren't able to get it back there, I can lug it back from wherever you can drop it off. Thanks again!
By Dave Thomas
As soon as I pick up the stone I will let you know and I will also call Mike Curley to see if I can get out to where you'd like it dropped off.........dt
By sjc1434
Played the course yesterday and my oh my is it gorgeous! The stones look amazing! Great Work! Maybe more stones can go around other areas like 12 tee. It tends to get really muddy over there.
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By Jerami
Thanks Dave! If you could use an extra truck, or set of hands, let me know, I will be happy to help you with this!
By zog9605
Tomorrow is a big day for getting us all to get some distance on the trimming and such. I'll be out there by 9. Hope to see a bunch of you there. Bring a tarp to drag cut brush unless someone is bringing a trailer...DOG.
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By reksav
I believe the plan was to have the work start after league. League generally finishes up right around 12:30.
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By walker
a few people showed up (very few). we managed to cut some various thorn bushes out around the course, including a massive one behind 2's basket.

A group of 4 players asked if there was anything they can do to help. They're going back Sunday at 9am with tools. Mike Herzog and Gene should be there too, and I'll try to get there.

If anybody can make it, bring shovels, rakes, loppers, weed wackers, hand saws. The brush around the perimeter still needs to be cut and dragged off. All the mounds, 'inverse bunkers', need to be weed free. Lots of areas can be weed wacked (like under the pines on hole 4) and there's still plenty of pines that need to be trimmed up. All branches from the ground up to a foot or two can be cut right off.

Don't wait for a 'work day', if you have an hour or even a few minutes of free time just get it done.
By zog9605
Nice weather we're having....jeesh! Although, Crowley, Gene and I cleaned up the stream line along 9 and got very wet, it was worth it. Looks great. Any one that can just chip away at over grown areas, to just prune, its greatly appreciated.

Brush area on fairway to 3 basket on the right. Lower suckers and cross limbs can always get cut.

Also 12 behind the basket in the woods, suckers smaller than 1" diameter can get cut to ground...

... and the large bushes along stream between the greens on 2. They need a haircut and to be thinned.

I have some waders and was going to walk the stream and pull out the duck weed(?) all the green stuff getting thicker in there. SOme time this week, if it warms a little. Maybe get Colden to get in there for fun...won't even have to talk him into it. Tell him he can get muddy and I wont even yell when I have to wash his clothes..HA.

Also those big rocks on the 9th fairway below the pine, where the new fence is going, could be better used as bridge fodder at the stream crossing right there to the right of them. Wouldn't need to move them far and they would help shore up that crossing. Thought of doing it today but was just soaked, so anyone that is feeling Herculean, feel free to sculpt away. It seemed to be screaming for those rocks today...

Shooting for next weekend again. Anytime, all day long, just a couple hours, to just work on a section of perimeter is greatly needed. Loppers are all thats needed and a good pair of gloves.

See you all out there.
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By rhand
The club has purchased a new 6' windmill to replace the old one on hole 8. This should be installed soon.

Thanks to all that support our club an this sport in our area.

By Dave Thomas
Jerami.........The field stone is there for you by the chained posts leading to "911" about a ton of stone.....Dave
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By Jerami
The windmill is up on 8!

Now, to finish up that green. Thanks for the stone Dave, it will be a huge help!
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By Jerami
Thanks Dave for the load of stone! The only problem with it is that I have pretty much used it all already.

If anyone has access to stone, gravel or sand, it would be appreciated. I have made it around the turn to the back side if 8 green, but still only 1/3 of the way complete. The sand and gravel are needed to fill to reduce movement of the large stone, so anything can help. Thanks!
By Dave Thomas
Yikes......I'll see what I can do to get more......Also,if you want to go to hole#12,I ringed the area with fieldstone years ago that is now covered with grass......I'd be glad to help you take all of it and move it to #8......then we can level the area and plant grass seed.....This makes a lot of sense to do because most players do not even know the stones are there!
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By walker
good thought dave, but I like the mounds there on hole 12. Keeps skip shots from getting too close, as does the fence. Makes for a better hole imho. I'm sure we can find stone elsewhere. I see stuff up on in the 'free' section of Craigslist now and then.
By Dave Thomas
The mounds would stay.....all I did was lean the stones on the inside of the mound......all we would have to do is remove the stone and rake it out.....I agree the mound makes it nice.....or the Chili Parks and Rec. Dept could drop a load of soil and we could rake it out.....either way all is well......
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By BeauRoch
Looks like the town has planted about 20 trees around the pavilion and they look pretty good. Looks like some wood guard rails are going in around the parking lot too.
Really need the parks dept. to make a small berm along the adjacent property to stop that water (which is pouring onto the #11 fairway) from running into the course property.

By zog9605
Well Crowley and I got some work done Monday. I cleaned out the creek along 2, and trimmed the shrubs a much to do out there...Going to get out there Sunday, hopefully most of the day and work along the creek cleaning it out....waders are awesome things.
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By BeauRoch
Stopped by Chili to test fit the new flag poles and saw that it has been mowed!!!! There are chucks of grass everywhere but who cares. Big kudos to the Chili grounds crew. This same group, I believe, also used their Bobcat and cleaned up the erosion at #11 and re-created the berm on the edge of the adjacent property to keep the water on that side. It all looks great and much better than before.

By ccadillac
Hey I played Chili yesterday am going back there today, it looks great a couple of the blue stakes on some of the holes had been hit by mowers and busted but most in tack. The rest of the improvements look awesome the new fences between 6-7 the stone on 8 looks good the fixed the run off issues. Also the town was there doing work while i was there. What are they building out front? another pavillion the town was also there doing excavator work where the 19th hole used to be anyone know? Going there now if anyone wants to meet up.
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