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Anything disc golf related in the Greater Rochester NY area
By malton0
I heard that ace on the downhill while i was playin hole 9. couldn't believe it. never gonna forget it. cheers.
By Johnny Flash
congrats to Mike Cupples for getting an ace on hole 13 during the cookout. :clap: :clap: :clap:
By chiefstang
I hate it every time this thread shows up with new content...

...It just means that somebody else got their ace besides me!! WHEN?!?!?
By Johnny Flash
it just take's time. it'll happen sooner or later. and when it does ohhh boy look out!!!!!
By zach morrison
i was there for matts ace on 6 its was a nice one, told it to go in the bucket just before it did go in. nice ace again matt and all that complaining of your back paid off. nice round also
By sjc1434
Jeremy had a nice skip ace on #14 at Ellison last night at Singles. Floated last year's ace race disc on a gentle s-turn and skipped right into the heart of the chains. totally awesome!
By chiefstang
That's his second ace with his "Ace Race" disc. The thing's covered with signatures!

Congrats Jeremy!
By Chris F
5/11/11 Aced hole 1 at basil. Am I the first to hit the new basket?
By Sythie
Nice ace! Sorry but Mike Falconio got it the first day they went in.
User avatar
By Foot Long
Most recent: 5/24/11 Parma Hole #10, 213ft ridge to ridge, elite Z flash (given to me by Johnny Flash, thx JF!) Witnessed & Signed by Chris and Terry.
By direwolf9
Thats my favorite hole on that course, wish I could've seen that one. Congrats!
By chiefstang
direwolf9 wrote:Thats my favorite hole on that course, wish I could've seen that one. Congrats!

Me too. Love that hole!

I've hit chains there, but no love. Awesome ace, John!
By gears
Got my first ace today...Basil Hole #2 with a star Boss
By Stetz
Got ace #4 tonight 6-23-2011 8:47 pm on hole 2 at basil with a x comet 177gms on a sweeeeet rh backhand anny while playing solo. Yelled so loud i lost my voice lol.
By Andy
Hole 10 at basil. So nice to watch, perfect hyzer straight into the chains.

Then my buddy skip aced 9 on our 2nd time through.
By Ryan Pavone
legendary aces from friends I have played with. (all of these were witnessed by myself or other friends in the group I play with)..Tim Herzog- at basil aced hole 7 and hole ten in same round. Ryan Gardner- at basil aced hole 14 twice in one month. This was before the hole was backed up farther but I still think its insane to ace that hole even once, but twice!. Steve Pavone- at basil aced hole 12 with the same disc two days in a row. Myself- on basil's extra nine holes before they took them out I shot an 8 under par with a skip ace on hole 7. Andy Dorofy- At basil has 3 aces on hole 9. The post above this one from Andy- I was there for kyles skip ace on 9 but not for Andy's ace on hole ten that went down just an hour or so before that.
By Baker
Nice shot Andy. This is Jakes from leagues, sent you a message about a round at chili Thursday.
By chiefstang
Mike Falconio aced #10 at Parma last night during the Thursday bag tag round. It went dead straight across the ravine and plopped itself in with a perfect fade. It was the first ace I've seen on one of my favorite holes in Rochester.

Congrats, Mike!
By DeafDiscGolfer
Wow, nice Ace Mike!

I've been having close aces at #10 hole for couple years!! Argh!!

Been using mid-range (Buzzz's) and fairway driver (JLS) to make those shots.

What disc did Mike use? :thumbup:
By direwolf9
Got my first ace today. Hole 5 at Ellison, skip shot up into the chains with my Star Max.
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