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Course conditions, opinions and observations
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By Jerami
A few more hours at Chili today, I pulled the fence from 9 as discussed last night, and brought it home until we can find a home for it. I was thinking between 6&7 fairways. There are 6 posts, and I am able to put together enough horizontal rails to fill it (although some will be varying length, but it's what I have at home.)

I cleared and cleaned 8,9&10, pulling dead and cut stuff. Some is up by the lot, but most is on the ever growing pile behind 8 basket. I also propped up the Rose of Sharon on the left of 10, this should hold with the post I put in, and be able to grow, and not be mistaken as something dead.

I was lucky enough to run in to Dave Thomas and Ron Fodge, and had a nice chat and historical tour with them. Thanks to them for contacting and working with te town as well yo get added help. I believe that Dave is looking into getting hay rolls for 13, as discussed last night as well. Thanks to Ron as well for helping with the Rose of Sharon!
By Tony Inzana
Thanks for the work out there Jerami -- All sounds great -- I think it would be an interesting thing to put fence along 6 and 7 -- not sure where you are thinking exactly since that will only be a little section of the dividing line.
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By BeauRoch
Here are a list of items I thought needed to be considered when I was at Chili this past Saturday (Apr. 30th) and they are in no particular order:

1. #11 (911). The "mudslide" is a big issue. Water from the neighboring property is poring onto #11 fairway and running to #18's. Some sort of levee or dam should be built up to stop the water flow. It is doable, just need manpower with shovels or power equipment.

2. Clean up the mounds at #8 and #18 baskets. Remove old debris and weeds.

3. Replace little mostly dead small bush on front-left side of 18 basket.

4. Make use of the large rocks that are all over the course in whatever creative way somebody can think of.

5. Clean up the mound on #11 fairway.

6. Remove old hay bales at #13 and replace with new ones. I found hay bales online that are pretty cheap. Just check CraigsList.

7. Tire on #12-find a use for it or remove it.

8. Fix big posts on #12

9. Clean up around #18 tee box.

10. Clean up large mound around #17 basket

11. Fill in gopher holes behind #7 basket.

12. The walkway over the water on #4 fairway need gravel in the worst way to build it up. It is a mud pit now.

13. Fix posts near #4 basket.

14. Replace small dead shrub near #4 basket.

15. Fix posts on back basket placement at #2.

16. Fix fence on #9
(Troy W.: not sure if you were going to do this or not, like the great work you did on #12 and #2. Please shoot me an email or PM I would like to get some details on the fence donation.)

By Dave Thomas
In regards to the "Large Rocks".........litter the fairway of 911 with 'em.......Dave

Ron & I will work with the Chili DPW to mulch many of the existing piles..
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By walker
The rocks could be piled up to form a nice wall somewhere, if there are enough.

I believe the tire was used as a flower planter at one point. It would probably just need some dirt and some new plants to make it nice again. Maybe some Armor All? :)
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By BeauRoch
Another consideration is the kiosk. It is in dire need of a new paint job and lettering.
I can research the cost for replacement letters. They look to be 3" or 4" tall and about 1/2" thick. Can somebody confirm this for me?
By zog9605
Great to see the attention to the course. Thanks Dave and Ron. With whom did you meet from the town. As Tony and I have spoke with Mike Curley last month, we were hoping to get time with Dave Linsey(?) to discuss stone and dredging issues. Anything you can do to coordinate those topics would be great,as well.

However I am not sure what littering the fairway on 911 with rocks means. Wont those hinder the grass mowing? I think the main focus at the moment is stakng the ob's with and trimming those lines of the scrubby underbrush along 12 and 15. Not very glorifying to do but never the less necessary to speed play along come the tournament. The other beautifying things are great for aesthetics but not major.

The mud on 911 is major and if Dave or Ron knows someone at the DPW that can facilitate moving that back into a pile or using it somewhere else in the town and just removing it, that is priority I think. Using it to create the damming effect Gene is talking about along that border may be good too.

Jerami also had a good idea with the fence posts to line between 6 & 7. Maybe this saturday we could eyeball a line we want to follow in preparation for worlds. so that can get done. Thanks Jerami.

The key is to get some dry weather, eh?
By zog9605
staking ob's with...uh forgot to write the stakes Corea painted. I will contact him and see where those are. He had a ton but I'm not sure if they all went to Basil. WE may need more.
By zog9605
Also Gene, the kiosk was mentioned by Mike Curley as maybe getting some funds to build a new one, but probably not until the end of summer. I think the darkness of it isn't in thier taste for the town. He brought it up. So whatever we want to do to give the current one a facelift, I would suggest not putting too much money into it. Maybe just some quick paint job of the letters? Does anyone remember who originally built that. Just curious.
By zog9605
We were discussing keeping hte greens on 8 and 18 fast so anyone that feels burley enough to move rocks maybe move them around the base of those greens to help shore up the mounds, or the tees would be better places to litter rocks and then a last ditch effort to plant some annuals near go time would look nice. But no rocks in the fairways. Flying discs do not like rocks, nor do lawnmowers.
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By Jerami
Good focus on your posts Zog, I like the responses 4 deep, to yourself. I definitely plan to use rocks as a basic "retaining wall" on 8 green. I started to clear some of the mess, and I plan to cut it to a good angle, possibly put some landscaping mesh down, and then load the rocks up to the green. I hope this prevents further erosion that the posts were intended to do.

For the fence on 6&7, I was thinking a straight line in the middle o the two fairways. On a straight line from the tee, should be the middle of the fence, running in either direction. This will allow for clear distinction of the OB from 6 tee.
By zog9605
Here is the new and improved list for the course....

Hole 1 - Clean up border and stake ob

Hole 2 - Clean up border and stake ob's. Clean and prune the creek on both sides behind short pin location

Hole 3 - Clean up border and stake ob. Weed and fix up garden bad near tee. Prune and weed tree bed near hole on the fairway.

Hole 4 - Replant left shrub near green. Trim and prune garden bed between 4 and 5. Raise cross bridge by adding more stone. Or dredge out that section of creek and use fill to raise it.

Hole 5 - Middle garden needs work. Maybe trim some dead willow branches if needed.

Hole 6 - dredging near creek crossing. stake ob between 7 and fairway turn. Stake ob along ob and prune the border. Light pruning of the fairway trees to clean them up. Retention pond short left of hole for drying out fairway.

Hole 7 - Fencing along the ob line with 6. clean up mound and trim brush to the right of basket.

Hole 8 - Shore up green with rocks or wood poles. Keep the green fast, no lips to catch missed putts. Trim any

dead limbs from pines. Install miniature Windmill.

Hole 9 - COntinue trimming and pruning trees and bushes along creek to aid in playability.

Hole 10 - Trim lower pine boughs on trees to left of fairway to speed play and searchability. Beautify the mound near green with mulch and/or perrenials. Stake ob line.

Hole 11 - Take care of mud near tee. Stake ob and finish trimming the line all the way to corner.

Hole 12 - Trim and prune the border. Stake ob. Clean up the garden.

Hole 13 - Replace hay bails. Trimm lower boughs on pines along the fairway.

Hole 14 - Replace the totem poles around green. Prune the trees near green and remove dead ones. replant new ones.

Hole 15 - Trim border and stake ob. Clean up mounds along fairway and prune trees. Retention pond to the left,

near back of six to dry out green.

Hole 16 - mulch mounds and weed.

Hole 17 - remove dead trees around green. Paint silo. finnish trimming pine boughs along fairway.

Hole 18 - Trimm lower boughs along fairway and prune trees of dead or broken limbs. Clean up mound near middle fairway and replace two shrubs on green. Install flag poles on green. Trimm lower boughs on pines near green.

This is probably not complete, but is the most pressing things to do for worlds. Obviously any flowers will be appreciated and always help. If I missed something feel free to add to this. My number is 585-303-7524, if any questions or just want to coordinate work times. I plan on full court pressing this from here on out, weather permitting. Oy vey.
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By walker
I don't think a fence between 6 and 7 would be a good thing. It would take time to retrieve your errant throw, walking around the fence or climbing over it. There is so much cross over between those fairways. Plus most of the time it's not played as OB, only during big tourneys.
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By Jerami
That is a good thought Walker, but the fence wouldn't run the full length. It is only 6 posts total, which could even be split into two runs to decrease the overall length (as it was on 9), and reduce the trouble of walking around too many 8 or 10 foot sections. More feedback is welcome, as this will likely wait until next week anyway, when the ground has more time to dry. I will try to go out tomorrow, and spray paint the grass where I am thinking for placement.

Even if it goes in, and there is a decision to move, or remove it, this is no problem.
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By Jerami
I painted the possible layout for the fence between 6&7. Please take a look, and let me know what you think.
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By Jerami
Also, Ron Fodge has started painting and fixing up the Kiosk. If anyone has some red paint to donate to him, he would appreciate it.
By chiefstang
I love the idea of the fence. The charm of the course is that it looks like it's on a farm. I would also keep the tire on 12 for this reason, even if it needs to be moved. Hell if there's a spot, an old tractor would look great! We've got haybales, split rail fences... Fantastic! It keeps true with the "Baker Farm" theme. If it wasn't for these little touches, it would just be a bunch of open holes. The "theme" of the course makes it stand out, IMO.

Did somebody say something about a miniature windmill?
By Dave Thomas
There used to be a mini Windmill on Hole #8 in the middle of the fairway,however over the years the elements beat it up and it had to be "Deep-6'd"....dt
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By Jerami
I started the rocks on 8 green today, it is coming along, but I am going to need a lot more stone, brick, rock and gravel to finish. I pulled both piles from the other side of the creek on 6, and will start pulling whatever loose/random stones I can find throughout the course. Feel free to add any that you can to the piles. There is some on 8 tee box that can be carried over after a drive.

Also, if anyone has any at home that you can bring out, please do. Just leave it near the kiosk, and I will lug it back in the wheelbarrow. I will be bringing a lot from home myself. I am even scanning the side of the road to see what I can bring in. Dave, Ron and Zog, if you guys can ask the town about the possibility of bringing some in, that would be a great help too.

The west side of the green may need to be logs, railroad ties or landscaping lumber, as I doubt we will be anle to forage enough to fill the whole mound. Any of these items that can be donated or moved is greatly appreciated as well.

Based on the input I have received so far about the placement of the short fence on 6&7, it is positive. I hope more people can voice opinions after playing the cookout.
By Dave Thomas
Hi! As for rocks.......Do you mean "fieldstone"? I can get those.....I nrought in a lot for the green on #12 from my F-I-L's fields many uears ago and could ask some farmers that I know around here and couls quite possibly get you a lot. Let me know your thoughts....Dave
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By Jerami
Yes, fieldstone is perfect! Thanks Dave! At this point, just about anything will work. The front part that is done so far is old brick and building stone for the most part. Unfortunately, there is only so much of that on the property.
By Dave Thomas
Gee,my typing was awful in the above post.......I will get to this ASAP and find a place to make a pile for you....Thanks,Dave
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By rhand
My personal opinion would be another pine or 2 in between 6 and 7. A fence will still allow discs to fly onto 7's fairway off the tee shot on six and vice versa. I like the idea of more fence though, maybe just in another location?

Great to do list though regardless and good discussions going on with what to do/what we need out there. Thanks to all for their work.

I hope to have one of these for Parma very soon.

By zog9605
I'm thinking the fence is just a temporary line until pines grow in there Ryan. For now its a quick fix to be able to see the o.b. line from the tee area. Having a gap in the middle for retrieving errant shots is good too. I called Mike curley this week and haven't heard back form him. Will try again next week. Johnny Flash have any luck getting ahold of him for the bathroom keys?
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