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Course conditions, opinions and observations
By TEllis
I spent about 5 hours today working on the course. A very productive day.

I met with three of the town workers, and one of them is building a small kiosk for the sign and map of the course, which I think I will put up near the practice basket. The other two town workers heard about the vandalism on Sunday, and pulled the video for that day to see if they have enough to identify one or more of the persons responsible for the damage. They also found most of my posts/flags from the tops of the baskets that had been stolen, the tee markers that had been broken off, and the missing hole #2 tee sign and returned them to me.

I replaced the tee markers, and once again, all tees are marked for the course. I re-installed the three posts/flags on baskets for increased visibility.

I spent most of my day on hole #1, taming the rough rough. I trimmed high tree branches hanging over the fairway, removed brush, rose hedge, and vines along the left side of the fairway. I trimmed up a lot along the left edge with my brush trimmer, and moved the basket back to the short placement. If you have not played this hole in a while, I would say it is definitely worth playing now. With the basket in short, there is a slight chance at a long duece with two very well thrown shots.

I also worked some on hole 2. I took down four small trees along the left of the fairway, and trimmed many branches along the entire length of the fairway on both sides.
By TEllis
The work continues.

I updated the sign for 2 with the new distances and reattached it to a tree. I also put in a small bridge over the ditch to the long tee for 2.

I started updating the sign for #1, and put the hole #, par, and some of the distances on it, but I realized that I put on the wrong distances and will have to redo it next chance I get.

I trimmed the brush around the new placement for 9, and took back the rough a little. I started trimming the tree branches that stick out over the fairway, but I broke my pole saw blade.

I installed poles/flags on all the rest of the baskets on the front nine, and have moved 1 and 5 to short.

I have the signs for 5 and 7, which I will update and attempt to unbend the sign for 5, and then re-attach to trees. I noticed that I did not replace the long tee marker for 5, so I will do that next chance I get.
By Dave Thomas
How about Ron & I meeting you around 11:30am on permitting.I also have a LOBG polesaw that you can use......we can trim it up then. Dave
By TEllis
Hi Dave!

I would love to meet you and Ron at Town of Sweden on Friday at 11:30 am. I have seen some increased traffic on the course the past few days. The kiosk is tentatively going to be ready for installation on Friday.
By TEllis
Today I repaired the sign for hole 5 and re-attached it to a tree. I also trimmed the brush along the fairway on 5 and cleaned it out a little. I put the long tee marker in again.

I updated the sign for 7 and moved to a tree by the short tee where it is more visible. I trimmed the rough back along the left edge of the fairway.

I updated and re-attached the sign for 9. I trimmed some of the left edge of the rough in front of the long tee.

I updated the sign for 14 and trimmed some of the long stuff near the short tee.

I re-attached the sign for 18 and trimmed a lot of the little sapplings down along the right edge of the fairway.
By TEllis
Today I made and posted new tee signs for 6 and 12. I realized today there is no tee sign for 3, so I will make/post one when I get a chance.
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By BeauRoch
Went out today and took pictures and took new GPS coordinates of the course. Todd has done a great job.
The orange neon stakes are the long tees.
The yellow neon stakes are the short tees.
Most holes also have alternate tee placements as well.
The course flows a lot better now as you transition from the front nine to the back. Great signage and almost every hole has sign directing you to the next tee.
Highly recommend everyone give it another look. It is worth the drive.

Todd: Some of those tees in the open could perhaps change to painted sunken bricks or something. Some of those stakes on the back-9 are getting pretty beat-up.
Couldn't find the alt. pin location for #3. Took a guess based on your map where it would have been.
Again, great job!

By TEllis
Well, my vacation is over, and I'm back to work, so not a lot of time to work on the course. I have a new tee sign made for 3, just need to post it next time I'm out there. I also received a call this morning from the park workers, they were not able to get anything off the video to ID the vandals. Also, they were building the kiosk today, and depending on the weather, painting it and putting it in the ground. My next chance to get out there, I plan on putting the "Town of Sweden Disc Golf Course" sign on the kiosk if it is up and painted and posting the new tee sign for 3. Maybe move a few more baskets to the "winter" placements.

I am glad that the new improvements seem to be appealing to those adventurous enough to try this course.
By Dave Thomas
Played it on Tuesday with the "Prof" from is simply terrific! I would like to speak with you at som e point to see where you'd like to got from where you are in regards to #1. As we go I can start to work on clearing the dead "stuff" in the fairways of the various holes.....Again,thx,Todd! And we are........"adventurous"! dt
By TEllis
I went out there twice yesterday. I put up the tee sign for 3 and took many pics of the course with the changes/improvements. One of the town workers showed me the kiosk, it is built, painted, and ready to go in the ground. He told me it will go in today. If I can get out there later, I may have a chance to put of the "Town of Sweden DG Course" sign on it once it is up.
By TEllis
The "kiosk" is up. It looks great, although it's more like a bulletin board with a roof. I didn't have the sign with me today, but might get it up tomorrow. I did post a temporary course map on the "Mini-Kiosk." I am working on a better, more permanent map for the mini-kiosk. I also played and picked up litter today. Course is beautiful.
By TEllis
TOS is almost set for winter play. Holes 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 13, 14, 18 all in short. 17 is in long for winter (off the rocks).

I will be moving 7, 8, 12, and 15 to short soon.
By TEllis
Front 9 is very wet, back 9 is very playable.

So far this year the drainage on hole 1 around the tee and the greens has been improved a little. the fairway of 1 has been opened up even more and cleaned up quite a bit, and now plays more like a par 3. The new short placement on 2 has been installed and is now in use. The fairway of 2 has been cleaned up a little. Some work has been done around the tee of 3, but it is still a mess. Hole 4 a couple of trees have been removed, making it a much more enjoyable hole. The fairway of 6 has been opened up a little past the mando and cleaned up. The rough to the left side of the fairway of 7 has been cleaned up a lot. Not the pile of wood, but left of the wood pile and around the basket. The fairway of 8 has been cleaned up a little, and around the green of the current placement of 9 (up the hill) has been cleaned up some. A new placement has been installed and is in use on 12, closer to the pond.

Much garbage has been picked up around the course, thank you all that have been picking up trash.
By Dave Thomas
Thx,Todd.......too bad that this course is not being used for the AM Worlds....only 12 min. from Churchville......O,well.....also,as soon as the weather breaks we'll get together with you and your dad! DSave
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By rhand
It is too bad that it isn't being used. Tried to reach out to Todd on a handful of times(including through you Dave) without success.

Todd has done a good job, especially with all the changes he has had to come up with as the park adds new playing fields, roads, ect... onto the fairways. I really like the way hole 1 looks...great improvement.

Thanks for all you are doing.

By TEllis
With the re-designing of several courses for worlds, it probably worked out better that this course is not in worlds. I have enjoyed working on this course over the past 5 years and making improvements each year, and am excited at the progress on this course. No doubt if it was in worlds, it would have been radically re-designed and 5 years of work by me and many others to get it where it is now would be down the drain.
By TEllis
I have installed small rubber tee pads on holes 3, 5, and 9 to make the drive safer. They seem to be working ok, but I don't know how well they will hold up. In order to install the rubber, I had to move the tee for 3 back a little and the tee for 5 forward a little to find ground that was dry enough to put the rubber down.

I also worked on some drainage for the fairway of 3 and 5.

I cleaned up some more around the basket of 9 and the basket of 13, and planted some baby shrubs about 30' behind the long placement of 13, that should grow up to help protect that green from errant shots from 12, if the park doesn't mow them down.

I cleaned up some of the rough on the right of the short placement of 14, about 30' from the basket now, and pruned some small sapplings down along the fairway.

I moved 15 to the short placement, and cleaned up some of the rough along the left of the fairway of 18 in some of the common landing zones.
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By reksav
Please be aware there is some sort of wasp/hornets nest on 18 on the left side near the old downed tree just after the turn. I'm not sure if the nest is in the ground or up in the air, I just know that I got tagged 3 times before I knew what hit me.
By nastyN
Have played this course a couple times now since Bport started classes last week and it's really starting to grow on me. Tight little course with lots of potential. I'd like to help make it better in any way i can when i have time to get out between classes. I've already pulled a few small downed trees around to better outline the paths. Any one have suggestions as to what else needs doing? (please don't say weed whacking... please don't say weed whacking...)
By Tony Inzana
Nate, the club has not had anything to do with Sweden in a long time. It was a Todd Ellis project who is not in our club. We have been very busy and focused with the other course so unfortunately we can't advise what to do there other then cleaning up the fairways from brush, tree limbs and weeds. Any help on any course is welcomed and encouraged. Thanks
By nastyN
Thanks, Tony. I knew it wasn't one of "our" courses just from the feel of the place, but am really starting to like it. Was really just looking for some constructive ideas, which you have provided. Did some more brush and tree cleanup today, mostly using whats there and already down to outline the fairways. Gonna bring some nippers and get rid of the barbed wire along 8 next week (took a large chunk out of a roc on it today).
By nastyN
I think those are supposed to be the short tees listed on the signs (the "Y" tees, i think). most of the longer tees are marked with a cairn, and once in a while a large rubber mat or old farm equipment. broken glass signifies a drop area and barbed wire is all OB.
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