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Course conditions, opinions and observations
By packerfan
I cannot locate a course map, Anyone have a link...
I checked all the dics gold links thanks
I am heading there now hopefully one will be at the kiask
By packerfan
wow very tough course to follow, with all the tee markers in the ground,
walked in circles, the 13th tee after the 12th was where we would not have expected it to be,, back in woods,,, we found it after we got to the basket on the 13
looking for 14... nice course though, with the winds being that wide open,, challenging for sure,, next time we will have a better idea anyway...
By Dave Thomas
Sorry that I could not be there! Usually there are white spray paint arrows on the ground to "point" you in the right direction! There used to be a map at the kiosk but someone took it. I have one that I will put back up next spring. The course may change a bit as we head towards the 2011 Worlds. Just a bit of "tweaking" nothing major!

Hope you enjoyed the course. It will be in for at least one more week if not longer. As always it will be weather dependent! Dave
By packerfan
yeah dave I seen a few white arrows, not to noticable though,
I enjoyed it, I know you helped put it together, some holes are
quite far apart, a map would have diffinately helped, nice to throw
and not worry about hitting trees, well as many as basil, LOL
back is a lot shorter also, shot 1 over, approach bounced out of the chains from about 120ft think it was 14 that was the highlight of the day.. just getting the
disc at chain level now, with my approaches. having some chances,, looking forward
to see what I can learn from the guys when league starts at basil next week, you going to be there ? thanks for the help
By Dave Thomas
Saturdays are difficult as I have a recreation director job and a lot of our programs involve me being at these events. I am sure that I'll catch up with you at some point! Dave
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By BeauRoch
Was at this course over the weekend and although it is in great shape the kiosk is in great disrepair and also being my first time there it is obvious it needs signage to help guide players to the next tee. Even #1 was a chore to find. Some simple signs to hang in trees could solve this problem pretty quickly.
By Dave Thomas
Feel free to design and/or make some signs.....I'll be MORE than happy to then put them up! Thanks......Dave
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By BeauRoch
Honestly, white signs with black numbers about 12" x 12" would probably be good enough, wired to trees facing the previous hole's basket.
I know the forward tees are blue colored and perhaps blue signs with white letters could be used for those.
The signs should be either laminated paper or painted wood.
By Dave Thomas
great idea..........there might be some pressure treated plywood (leftover from the original tee signs) in the shed at Basil.......check it out! I used some of them for the tee signs at Sawyer......dt
By DeafDiscGolfer
MCC could use new signs as well as Ellison as Chili as about the whole courses in Rochester area! I never seen any good looking clearly marked signs at any courses except it was way back in mid 1990's at Chili and Ellison. Now, its was left to disarray... :cry:
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By BeauRoch
You are certainly correct that most courses could use some signage "updates" but after completing my "tour" of the area courses Churchville needs it the worst. Unless you play there all the time you really have no idea where to go after each hole. I would expect that they all could get updated in fairly short order if somebody would simply take it up as a project to complete on their own if only for just one course.
By Dave Thomas
We usually go out there and put white painted arrows on the ground to show the general direction one has to go in order to find the next tee.......we'll see what we can do to make it better......there used to be a map at the kiosk but some knucklehead(s) destroyed the plexi-glass that covered it up. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
By TEllis
I believe I was the person that created the sign on my computer. I will see if I can locate the file, and if I can, I will send it to whomever wants it.
By Dave Thomas
Hi,Todd! You can send it to me.....Thanks,dt
By chiefstang
Did the baskets go in yet? Heard 4/1 was the day. Am I a fool?
By Dave Thomas
Most of the baskets are in because we could not take them out in the fall due to the early snow....#s 1,2,3,5 are not in.....I am not taking them out of storage until the AM World "alt." sleeves are installed.....LOTS of work to get the alt. placements in the ground.....whenit is completed I will post....dt
By Dave Thomas
The Churchville DG Course is "IN"! However,the design for the AM Worlds is not yet available due to the extensiveness of the changes....even the "minor" changes are going to take some time!
Here are the changes so you can understand the "extensiveness"...and the time it is going to take to do this work...
Holes changed...#s 1,2,3,4,5,8,9,11,16,17,18
So far Ed Bower has stepped up....Thanks,Ed....Dave
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By rhand

Let me known when and I will see if I can make it out there. I have a post hole digger and shovel. I know those cement balls can be heavy.

The least we can do is post the time you will be out there to see what help we can get.


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By rhand
What do you think about moving some baskets Tuesday 4/19? How are the conditions out there...still pretty wet?

Let me know what you think Dave and I can make a post to try and get some more help.

By Dave Thomas
Thx,Ryan....Ed Bower emailed me and said that he would help.....I moved one ball yesterday (#16) and the whole process took 45 minutes.....the only hole I would not touch is the current #1....waaaaaaaay too squishy......
Also,you may want to have someone dig up the extra sleeve on the 5th hole @ Basil,as we could use it for either the new #1-2-3 or 4..........I have 2 new sleeves.........I also have 2 extra at Churchville already in the ground once I find them.. I want to use them however for hole #s 4 & 5....again,once I locate them.....going to try and do that this weeekend weather permitting
By Tony Inzana
We are in dire need of fixing Churchville for the preview tourny on May 8th. We will do this work day Sunday May 1st 9 am. The rain this week is most likely going to hinder the tee pad placement. I am still working with Monroe County P & R on dates for teepad installation. I am hoping that will happen next week but we have to move the baskets and we have to define the tee pad areas but cutting out the sod in a 6 x 11 design so that it will easier for the P & R people to install the tee pads properly. I am looking for any and all people to help with this task on Sunday. All of the Saturday tourny's will be over and hoefully peole can come lend a hand and spend one day at Churchville. Please contact me by text or email to let me know if you can help out. Thanks.
By Dave Thomas
I will unlock all baskets.....I will also try to have a few holes dug to get the original sleeves out....dt
By Tony Inzana
Don't unlock them until we get there in the morning SUnday --- You certainly wouldn't want to advertise that they will be unlocked for any more time then that
By Dave Thomas
I'll unlock them after all the new placements have been finished.....I'll do all of them myself....the moving of the baskets themselves,as it is better to let the ground settle before putting the baskets in.....I'' do that Monday or tuesday,the 2nd or 3rd of May....
By zog9605
Have shovel, will travel...leaving my saw at See ya Sunday.
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By reksav
All the baskets got moved and the sod was removed. To the 11 or 12 people that showed, well done! To the ones that didn't show, my back hates you :lol:
By mujamike
well said sauce. with all the notice and people saying they could make it i thought we might have a better turnout, but hey, we did what i said we would do and kicked some @$$. Thanks to who showed up, nice course now check it out
sorry guys would love to help but have to work every Sunday! good job and catch you soon!
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By krohn29
For those of you who showed up. You guys did a great job at Churchville. :clap: :clap: :clap:
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