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Course conditions, opinions and observations
By Tony Inzana
you are welcome ---- more to come for sure and the more help the better --- hope that Parma will do us proud at the Worlds !!!
By DeafDiscGolfer
AJB wrote:But that's a never-before-discussed grey area of hole adoption, do you have the right to move a given basket to an alternate location, if one is available? hmmmm

No, you don't.

My hole adoption at #15 at Chili, *ahem* I mean, at Widener Park, has two basket placements and I don't have access or authority to move it but only course supervisor or Dave Thomas (?).

In the past, its been Dave that have been moving the baskets around there with the help from other members. Then he'll inform others about the changes.
By DeafDiscGolfer
I went out there yesterday with a friend to play around at this revised course. It seems to be a bit better but still miss that old #2 layout over the pond. Nice work!! Feels like a mix of Chili and MCC course there. :thumbup:

Few notes for the course supervisor to know about...

- Bit confusing to find #11 tee and basket after finishing #10 hole. Maybe need to close off the old path to #11 to direct the players to the new path to new tee?

- The newly installed basket #6's lock are cut but not removed. Need to check all baskets' locks. I think #17 has no lock and can easily take away.

- Can't find #18 tee but took a guess to shoot it from the "pit" area in line with old #18 basket placement downhill. Need to place either two flags or colored rocks for #18 tee until new cement pad are placed.

Can't wait to come back there again in the near future! 8)
By chuckawd
I played Parma on 8/5/10 and it was perfect. There were about 10 people that showed up that have never played the course and they all had a hard time finding hole 2. Every person went to the tee box for 4 and shot at basket 7 thinking it was hole 2. I made the same mistake first time out on the course. I think it would be useful to put a sign on one of the trees by hole 1 basket directing players to hole 2 and 3.
By Tony Inzana
Thanks for the suggestion --- yes we are in need of signage at Parma -- hopefully that will be coming soon.
By WillACarpenter
Any ideas what we're doing about 18?

I know Ryan's taking care of it, but last I heard he wasn't sure about how to change the hole...anybody have any new ideas?

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By rhand
Awesome talks guys. I definitely don't check out this thread enough.

I love Parma. It is without a doubt, my favorite course and I strive to make it the best.

1. I'm working on an 18th hole, as Adam pointed out, but need help. I'll be there tomorrow evening if anyone is available; 4p - 7p. As soon as the hole is done, we can get cement in.

2. When the cement is put in, we will look to add directional signs at the same time using 2x4 and some stuff I picked up from lowes. I will cement the posts in areas that will provide everyone with where to go.

3. We will look to add tee signs once we have the money. These are definitely needed.

I'm also working on a "to do list" that individuals can get out there and complete the tasks. These will meet requirements for work days. Just let me know once they are done.

By A_brink
Are you planning to be out there any later than 7? I have to work til 6 and would like to get out and help to fill my work days. Let me know, I may be able to get my hands on a chainsaw
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By rhand
Andrew, I can stay a little longer and at least show you what needs to be done. My ideal hope would be for people to come out whenever they can and help. There are a lot of things to be done out there.


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By walker
The new hole is starting to take shape. This Saturday is a work day, to finish the whole. The goal is to have everything cut and dragged out, cement poured, and basket in place. There's still a ton of work to do on it, so please try to make it out, even if only for an hour! Bring chainsaws, loppers, hand saw, pole saw, rakes, wheelbarrows and anything else you thing might help.
By ironleaf disc sports
someone tryed to steal hole 6 at parma...lock cut and basket bent up...truck tracks all over course...maybe they just hit it..but why would they cut lock...wish i was there when that happened..
By chiefstang
How bad is the basket? I got some tents and tomorrow off if they try to come back tonight with bigger bolt cutters! Bastards!

Anybody in?
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By rhand
Was at the Town Board Meeting tonight. Seems that someone drove out on the course again and tore it up with tire tracks, ect... Same thing happened last year for those that don't know.

The police have been notified and Sherrifs will be doing some surveilence overnight. Hope they catch the punks.

By chuckawd
How are the general conditions of the course minus the jerks that decided to 4x4 through it? I was thinking of heading out there today but if I remember correctly, they close at 7pm until mid may?
By DeafDiscGolfer
ironleaf disc sports wrote:someone tryed to steal hole 6 at parma...lock cut and basket bent up...truck tracks all over course...maybe they just hit it..but why would they cut lock...wish i was there when that happened..

OLD NEWS!!! I already inform you guys few posts ago in August of 2010 that the #6 basket's lock has been cut. I'm guessing that NO one even acknowledge it for couple months until now. :crazy:

DeafDiscGolfer wrote:- The newly installed basket #6's lock are cut but not removed. Need to check all baskets' locks. I think #17 has no lock and can easily take away.

UNLESS I'm wrong that the #6 basket's lock has been cut AGAIN?? :evil:
By chiefstang
There are two holes with cut locks. 6 and I believe 14.

More disturbing is the fact that only 5 baskets have locks at all. Makes it real easy for someone to put a 9-holer in their yard on the cheap.

These guys need some locks!
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By BeauRoch
Can somebody buy the locks and get them in place?
Put all of the keys together and give them to Ryan Hand.
Save the receipt and you will be reimbursed.

Just coordinate with Ryan or by announcing on the forum that you are going to do this so that efforts are not duplicated.

By chiefstang
I'll do it. I'm off Wednesday, and playin' anyways, so I'll hit Parma. I did a walkthrough checking them last time, and 12 baskets aren't locked up. Only 3, and 7-11 are secured. 18 has a bolt that I may or may not be able to get off. Frickin' bag's gonna be heavy with all those locks!

I'll probably be there around noon(ish) if anyone else has the day off and wants to throw!

PM me if you're in!
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By rhand

See if you can get locks with just 1 master is much easier than having multiples. Thanks for your help!

By chiefstang
I'll do my best to keep the keys to a minimum! Also try to tag 'em with basket #s. Let me know when we can meet up, 'cause I could use this $$.
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By rhand
I'm around. Just give me an idea of where we can meet up and when and we'll go from there. You can call me 734-6397


By chiefstang
No problem. Not a huge hurry. I got the locks at lunch today. They were like, $64 for the twelve, but they all use the same key which is cool.

I'll be playing Parma noonish tomorrow to lock them up, and then probably Ellison, which I'm happy to be playing again! :clap:

Aside from that, we'll get in touch. I play Ellison a lot after work, as I live nearby. Have Sundays off as well.

Give a call! 284-3474
By chiefstang
All locked up except for two holes. One blocked by concrete, and another had a bolt. It was like playing a round on Dagobah. That course was swamped! I have they keys, so we'll have to meet up so you can get them.

Of note: It looks like the wind the other day took down a tree on 4. It came close to the basket, but thankfully missed. It is blocking the path (bog) to 5, and you'll need chainsaws to remove it.

On a personal note, we need to destroy the giant thorn bush to the right of 7's teebox. My buddy threw his disc in there throwing 5, and that thing kicked our asses for 15 minutes! It took away everything we threw at it. Sticks. My baseball. Flesh.

...Hate that bush.
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By BeauRoch
Any or all of those thorny bushes have been getting cut down when found. We just need to make sure to get that one at some point. Anyone is welcome to do so in the meantime just be sure to haul it far away from any places of play.

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