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Anything disc golf related in the Greater Rochester NY area
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By TCampbell
1 year ago tomorrow I hit my first ace, #2 at Basil. Today I got my second, hit #7 at basil and didn't even need the chains. Old Skool and I got to split $36.
By Stetz
Ace #3 for me today (Thanksgiving) @ Basil-Marella #9 at 3:00 pm on a solo round! Only had time to play the front 9 before dinner and boy am I glad I did. Hit it with a Pink 172 FLX Challenger RHBH, a thing of beauty!
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By TCampbell
172 Pink FLX Challenger? I used to have one of those, lost it at Parma. I still miss it.....
By july4
1.1.11 aprox 11:11 the dog ( doug blighton)aced during sat am double...... hole #9. nice shot dog . i think most players on the course that day heard it!
By DeafDiscGolfer
Wow, that's about the same time that I called my older brother to say Happy Birthday!! :D

Congrats Dog!! :clap: :thumbup:
By chaingang77
I've been playing for about 2 years and I only have one ace. Hole #2 at Parma (old #2, over the pond). Surge SS. I was astonished and incredibly elated. :D
By Tony Inzana
2 Aces in the last Saturday morning doubles league. Colin aced hole #15 And John Alloco aced hole #9. Nice job guys !!!
By joedude
I guess that's what happens when a scientist plays disc golf..

Sick shot Colin!
By DeafDiscGolfer
Wow, at #15?!?

Down the hill to slight left through the woods which you can't see the basket clear enough from the tee?? Blind shot?

What disc? midrange?

Impressively lucky!!! :thumbup:
By Tony Inzana
Perfect is right Dan. I have had one throw on 15 that smashed the chains head on and popped out in front. I think the only luky shot would have to be a skip ace there
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By Sped
1st Ace
Hole #16 @ Sweden Town Park
Champion Banshee
By Dave Thomas
Niiiiiiiiiiice.....have not heard of too many aces on this hole! KUDOS
By mjoe25
Nice ed! now thats the best way to make sure your in bounds.
By DougL
Someone aced #7 at Ellison today about 3-3:30pm.

Yes, number 7, the one that’s over 500 feet with the tee up on the hill by the road!

There was a group of about four people there. It was a windy day, and before the ace I saw another shot look like it was going over the basket into the woods. I think the shooter said “get down”. The disk ended up short about fifty feet! Must have been the wind!

The ace shot went out nice and straight, and curved gently left. The light green disk was easily visible in the clear sky, and seemed to have as much or more power than the previous shot, but was to the left of the hole and seemed about fifty feet in the air when it started to fade back toward the basket.

What happened next is perhaps the most amazing thing I ever witnessed personally.

As I recall, shortly after the disk began to fade at great height above the basket, the orientation of the disk became such that only the edge would have been visible to us, as the disk disappeared while it plummeted like a rock. Then like magic, the light green disk was resting on edge in the basket!

Did we hear a sound? I’m not sure if sound travels fast enough, as it could have been drowned out by the excitement of the players!

One player remarked that he had only heard of one other ace on this hole!

The ace shooter remarked that just before he made the shot he was saying how it had been two years since his last ace!

About two minutes later, In the parking lot , I told the first golfer I saw about the ace. After he made sure I knew which hole number seven was, he matter-of-factly informed me that he had “only” aced number 5 today,
By Johnny Flash
Very well described!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:
i was the one who said get down.....mike falconio is the one who got the ace. sickest golf shot ive ever seen.
By Tony Inzana
Hitting #7 at Ellison is Awesome --- I am sure the flight of that disc will never be forgotten by Mike F. !!!! Great shot Mike
By chiefstang
Congrats Mike! That had to make the wait worth it. Hell of a hole to hit!
By Brownguy
thats ony the second time in 22 years that hole has been aced. Dale Wertz got it in league bout 4-5 years ago. thats one hella shot . best thing about Mikes is he is LEFT HANDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Baker
Awesome shot! Congrats dude
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