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Anything disc golf related in the Greater Rochester NY area
By Dave Thomas
WOW!!!!!!! Well done......this is the 1st "ace" of this hole that I have heard of! Also,check out the NEW basket placement of Hole # 4! And there'll be another of Hole # 11 soon................dt
By Brownguy
hit hole 15 at Chestnut Ridge with a Z-Magnet
By CheatinLeftyBastard
First ace ever tonight! Hole #10, Parma DGC. Champion Eagle, Cheatin' Lefty Backhand. What an AWESOME feeling walking the high trail for that one!
By mbrennan5
Finally got it! 6 years in the making. Basil #9 - Champion Monarch, high hyzer, dead center and low. :D
By Brownguy
that was silly. hey yourgirlfriend in PA wants to know if you are gonna stay with her for the PFDO. :crazy: roflmas
By Andy
aced hole 7 at basil a few days ago

champion groove, far out hyzer that dove in early, skipped off the ground and into the chains. thought it bounced out until i got closer :D
By Stetz
Got my first ace a few weeks ago while playing with my buddies Justin and James; Hole 9 Basil with a CryZtal Challenger on a beautiful RHBH hyzer, didn't realize it went in until I got to the basket. Few weeks later I got my second ace, again at Basil, Hole 2 RHBH anhyzer with a Flx Buzz while playing with 3 of my buddies. Looks like I'm on a streak? ha, haven't come close since the 2nd though :crazy:
By Dave Thomas
BASIL MARELLA # 9 this afternoon (8/24/10) Hole #9....Witnessed by: Mr.Ron Raleigh and Mr.Star Sidewinder (150 Gr.) yee HA! dt
By Dave Thomas
Thanks,Michael! I finally got to see it go in! The ones I got at Brockport,Parma,and also #14 at Basil (the old Red Tees)..I never saw...Heard 'em,but never actually saw 'em! lolol........Anyway,I spoke to Gary and he told me about his injury and the resolution.....Are you playing in the CNY's this year? Keep me posted....Dave
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By myoung
Dave,definately planning on playing the CNY'S...If Gary is off from work He'll probably go and help out spotting...
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By myoung
Congrats to Johnny Flash for his ace at the CNY tourny...Last shot of the day,awesome way to finish.....
By Johnny Flash
thanks mike, was my first tournament ace as well as my first out-of-town ace. made every bad shot i had all day disappear!!!!!!
By tdub28
Danby Town Park.... First Ace on the new course.

Not sure of the length.....200ft+, but SUPER WOODED and TIGHT
Hole 5 Short Tee
By Brownguy
Seems to be the new thing. Ace on a new course. I got #3 at Twin Creeks 3rd hole into the tourney.
By Brownguy
You are correct. I was thinking 3 cause we started on hole 2.
By nicksigona
Hit 5 at Ellison and then hit 2 and 4 at Basil two days later... pretty sweet
By Dave Thomas
Curious............Has anyone ever gotten an "ace" @ Sawyer Park??? The true test of a course (or so I have been told) is the fact that aces are hard to come by at any particular course!
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