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Historical archive of the GRDGC forum
By Brownguy
Kenji you goofball. i told you if you need a place i would help you out. i can pitch a tent in the yard. all you need is airmatress and sleeping bags. Depending on how many people there are i might have floor space. ill be at basil till almost dark.
By Kenjiac
Ok Bobby Thanks! I have one more hoop to jump through then we're on our way. Need to get the women's ok. I mentioned it months ago but never followed up with her because till now I had no one to go with. Julien told me today he was ok to go. So if you have room for 2 on the floor somewhere that would rock! I'll post here later today to give you a definite answer.
By HueymanNC
Any one want to play Friday? I'll be in town around 10-10:30 AM. Gonna visit both courses. Ill offer an hour of labor too in exchange for a guide. I'm thinking Basil First, that looks the most technical.
By Crash
Is there an offcial schedule? I know the players meeting is at 9:30... what time(s) are the rounds going to take place?

What about spectators/caddies? Is it cool for other people (i.e. my wife) to tag along during the rounds?
Crash wrote:What about spectators/caddies? Is it cool for other people (i.e. my wife) to tag along during the rounds?

always fine, just remind her to stand still+ be quiet whenever people are throwing.
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By rhand
Mark - I will be out at Parma Friday afternoon, probably after you finish Basil. Would love to play some and show you around. My # is 734-6397 (you have it). Just give me a shout.

Luke - awesome! Anything particular you want on your sponsor sign? Lunch is not included, but is reasonably priced. It is all from Sunny's Deli (by Ellison) They have hot dogs, sausages, burgers, chicken, even a portabello sandwhich. They are all around $6 or less and one will fill me up. Although I think last year Trip ate one of everything off of the menu.

Vitamin Water will be on hand Saturday supporting the event as well.

Crash - Most likely it is looking like we will have around 80 players or more so I'm going to use both courses. Int and Rec will be playing Basil/Parma Sat, the reverse Sun. Sat after the players meeting Ams will drive to Basil (less than 10 min away from Parma) to start their round. As Luke stated spectators or more than welcome and can walk around with a group, just as long as everyone respects the other players and doesn't interfere with their shots.
By zog9605
Well I am playing open so there's five. IS the sentiment that if anyone cashes they cant play in the worlds next year? I'll worry about that next year. GOing to come to Parma eary Friday to work on course, any instructions Ryan? I'll call you whenever is good.
By Brownguy
Nice Kenji,

ill be at Basil Friday 2:00. be there till the cows come home. Adress is 118 Gorsline St. 14613. Still waiting for my phone to be fixed.
By Brownguy
Tell Julian to slap his boss and tell him Im outta here at 2:00!!!!!
No problem. ill make sure Im there. Lanky is gonna be there saturday. Hope you are'nt on a diet!
By Brownguy
Nice job guys. On a sadder note while I was battleing Justin for the title my nephew was murdered over the weekend in Oklahoma City. Ironic that Lanky,Billy and I were talking about little people and I mentioned that my nephew was one.
By HueymanNC
Man sorry to hear that Bobby. The CharlotteDGC had a loss too Bill Jacobson who TD's the major events in Charlotte including US Doubles lost 2 grand daughters in a car wreck Friday.

Anyways, nice to meet you.

Sent an email to Ryan, when will the PDGA site get scores, and the TD report sent in?

Sorry to cut out early...had a flight.

Bobby, I am so sorry about your loss and I wish you and your family the best. Congrats on a great win over Justin.

Ryan and I will be finishing up the TD report this week so the scores should be up withi a couple days.

The best rounds at Parma I believe were Justin Madore on Sat with a 56 and myself on Sunday with a 57 --- and that was a 19 hole configuration. The best round at Basil was a 50 by Dan Hastings on Sunday. Gary Crowley beat me by one throw to win Open Masters and Bobby jones won the Open division. Larry Entz won the Open Grandmasters Division. Not sure about the Ams though.
By Kenjiac
Had a great time at the RFDO! Thanks Ryan. And thanks to Bobby for the place to crash. Had fun getting drunken driving lessons in your driveway from you and Billy. (discs not cars :wink: ) And should have never let billy buy back in to the poker game. Nice split with him. Sorry to hear about the loss in your family. Hope karma comes around.
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