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By A_brink
I was looking at the GPS maps and was browsing the overviews of the holes at basil and noticed that the distances are incorrect. For example hole 14 is listed at 200 something feet. Do we have updated distances since the pads went in?
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By BeauRoch
I can do just that using Google Earth and the points but I can't vouch for its accuracy.
If we can get a few holes at Basil done on site and I can compare them to the numbers I get from the GPS points. If they are close then I can use that online method at all of the courses and holes.
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By BeauRoch
Very true Adam, any "dog leg" holes would need to be done on site but any that are straight could be done with GPS. Some holes I have accounted for a "bend" in the fairway so those could be close. I would like to have the distances done before the snow flies and the baskets at Ellison and Churchville are put away. Obviously, changes are coming to some holes but those distances can be re-done at that point.
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By BeauRoch
I could do the holes that have doglegs if I have points for them but it still comes back to verifying the accuracy. The handheld GPS that I have has accuracy to within 5-15 ft/point and for any hole there are two points so there could be up to 30' of distance accuracy. That is why somebody walking the holes with a rolling tape measure would be most accurate.
By Dave Thomas
We made all the original measurements at MCC, Churchville & Sawyer using a 300' tape measure.........tedious,for sure,but fairly accurate.
We also did the same for Chili way back when....I know that on the 911' #11 hole (Ron Fodge wanted this hole to be "911" when in trouble) we planted small pines every 250' the end of fence from tee (250') the left corner of the huge mulch pile (500').......then the pine on the right (at the top of the crest (750').....then between the two trees to the basket (161')....equals 911.......maybe Royce (or someone else used a wheel) on the rest of the course, but this hole(911) was tape measured...just an FYI....dt
By A_brink
BeauRoch wrote:That is why somebody walking the holes with a rolling tape measure would be most accurate.

Come to think of it... I think my father has one of these laying around somewhere. I might be able to get out to Basil sometime this week to measure the holes if I can come across it.

totally off topic... I hear you work with a Mr. Gary Lalonde. I must say that I feel extremely bad for you!
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By BeauRoch
Yes, Mr. LaLonde does haunt these hallways with me here at Thomson Reuters. On the plus note I don't have to see him everyday.
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