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Course conditions, opinions and observations
By Doug Corea
This Saturday May 29th is the bridge project at tee #13. Doug Blighton, Mickey Welling, and I will be there at 8 am. Come on out and help. In a couple of weeks, (June 12th ?) we will really need everyone's help. Hopefully we will be doing the "Big Cut" with the Dog, Keith, and Gator working the saws and the rest of us dragging and piling in prepartion for the future "Big Chip".

I wasn't able to be at Parma Saturday (In DC w/Dad, on Honor Flight). I look forward to playing on Thursday! Wow - new tees and holes!

Disc-gracefully yours - PDGA #304 :thumbup:
By Doug Corea
First off let us give thanks to the veterans, without their sacrifice and service we would not have the freedom to play the great game that is Disc Golf.

The bridge project is not complete, due to unforseen happenings:
1 - Mickey being in the ER all morning w/ a scratched cornea, he was to bring the barrel(s) (aka) flood floatation devices.
2 - Our grates (from former bridge) being stolen.
Thanks to the Dog, Chuck S.(and his water shoes),Gene B., John A. for their efforts.

Sunday June 6, starting at 8 am the "Big Cut" will begin! Currently the Dog, Keith, John L. will be working the chain saws. Hopefully Gator and maybe Troy can add theirs. We hope to get all dead and red dotted (approved by Mr. John Plummer Head of Forestry, on recent walk thru). Note: the last (CLOSET TO HOLE) and largest marked tree on #18 CANNOT be cut!

We need all available club members to help pile and stack wood to get ready for the future "Big Chip", time TBA. The logs larger than 6" should be stacked separately. We will start on Hole 1 and proceed thru course.

Please bring loppers, hand saws, rakes, etc.; work that needs to be done on this and future days:
1. Cut thorn bushes and prickers, i.e.#16 (Dog and I started it)
2. Any small stumps and roots/vines (aka, trip wires)
3. Pick up trash (bring a bag)
4. Throw wood onto pile
(note: last two can be done while playing a round)

The dog and I plan to be at Basil, every Saturday at 8 am, when in town. Greece has some really nice beautification plans, including 9 benches and a treeded berm b/t hole #3 and tee#4. They are going to dig 2' wide 2' deep drainage ditches. We can use old drainage tubes to wrap and protect "early wood" trees.

The vision of one of the cleanest, "user-friendly" woods courses is within our grasps! Lets' make it happen!

Disc-gracefully yours - #304
By Doug Corea
Mr. John Plummer (head of forestry) has been notified of the "BIG CUT" - Sunday June 6, starting at 8 am. He gave the ok to proceed as discussed.

Also, the grates for the bridge project have been located and could be in place as early as Thursday, hopefully before Doubles.

Please spread the word and we will see you at Basil, Sunday, if not sooner.

Disc-gracefully - #3 :D 4
By Dave Thomas
Bridge @ Basil is EXTREMELY dangerous.......definitely a liability situation here........Just an opinion expressed to me by a recreational specialist.........Take it for what it is worth.............Thx,dt
By Doug Corea
Kudos to John Walsh (new player), Rick Howard, The Dog and myself for moving mucho mulch and chip.
The pile at the cut out at Fetzner is gone. We also moved most of the piles on the course made on the "infamous" surprise chip day. Unfortunately, after the fantastic four busted ass for 2 hours, we still have a significant pile at the kiosk.
If a couple of guys (or women, do we have any?) could get a wheel barrel and move it around #1's tee and down the fairway that would be great. While playing basil, please throw wood far away from holes, please do not pile it up, unless next to paved path (#11, 18) or at the sides of the asphalt cut out (#6), thanks.

The Dog and I will be at Chili the rest of the month, play at 9:30 then work. Work will consist of cleaning out the hedge row of 911( #11) and getting all the pines "shirts" raised so discs can be easily found and played, anyone can do this by cutting just the lowest branch or branches (less is more). We have extra loppers, but could always use more. Other work that could be done is snipping any prickers and/or thorn bushes, and cleaning along the perimeter of the course. We really would like to have Chili ready by May 7th!! - #304
By july4
who has a key 4 the shed?
played basil sunday am ,picked up 20-30 cans & bottles and trash.
could have moved some chip around but no tools.i'll plan on helping zac this week.A2
By chiefstang
Picked up four bags of trash yesterday! Somebody drinking Sam Adams Noble Pils was leaving them everywhere. I left a disc on 14, and was walking back to get it and ran into a group. Asked them if they had seen my disc, and they said they had it. I was relieved at first, and then one of them commented about the back of the disc being funny.

I asked, "You mean the part about how the disc was worthless, but it has sentimental value, so please call my number? Yeah, thanks for the call."

I then noticed the Sam Adams Noble Pils they were drinking and thanked them again, showing them my plastic bag full of their bottles. Douchebags X 2.

We picked up a lot of branches, but the wind was bringing more down. We got to see a good sized tree fall on 6. It fell away from the fairway, but was cool to watch. There's also a good sized tree across the fairway on 7, I believe.

That is all.
By Doug Corea
Yes, the new baskets look great! :thumbup:

Thanks to all that helped in what turned out to be a nasty 5 hour project. Can we ever get a break at Basil?!
(1) The weather turned terrible, that is why some baskets do not have # stickers on them (too cold). #12 is facing creek,(NOTE: to anyone that installs baskets in future: tongue of locking collar must be lined up before putting on # decal, someone wasn't listening?)
(2) Four baskets would not slide out of sleeves despite the efforts of a pipe wrench,pipe, and four people; had to pull cement ball out of the ground and cement in new locking collars.
(3) The Dog and I spent the last half hour trying to sledge off the "cement balls" off #13 and #18. Got only about half off each!

The next time at Basil we will put on rest of #'s and do any fine tuning to the baskets. -#304

P.S. Thanks Sean for your clean up and report. I called Mr. John Plummer, twice today - once about new baskets,dirt and chip; and second time about downed trees on #6 and #7, and reminded him about #16 and #17. He said they are very busy, but #16 and #17 were on his list. Unfortunately are hands are tied since we can no longer use chain saws at Basil. :thumbdown:
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I'm assuming you ended up getting #4 to go all the way down? How'd you do it?
By Doug Corea
Oh yeah, forgot about that, that was actually the last unforseen problem that was resolved. The Dog put a block of wood on top of #4's pole, got on top of the vehicle and @100 whacks w/the afore mentioned sledge later, the tongues were close enough to lock up. Basil's a bitch, but we do the best we can with her. -#304

P.S. I don't know when The Dog and I will be back to work at Basil. We are working at Chili (9:30 play then work) the next 2 Sats., then I'll try to defend Pro Masters @ Great Chili Cookout 6 (May 7)!
Keep pitching wood far fom play, picking up litter and lopping prickers (i.e. #12, #16).
If some one could move the little bit of chip left at Kiosk around #1's tee, Greece will hopefully drop another load there.
Thanks in advance for your help.
By up_a_tree
Who the hell cut down the two small trees on the right side of #10's fairway? I understand pruning saplings, cleaning out overgrown areas and partial thinning in a few spots, but come on. Whoever you are, stop cutting trees in the fairways that were left specifically to block shots.
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what?! really? the Dougs' favorite sista's :wink:

With the amount of vandalism & rogue cutting every year I suppose I'm only surprised that it took this long for that to happen :(
By chiefstang
Who comes to throw a round with a saw?!?!

Or do they sneak in under cover of night like ninja tree assassins?

I can see somebody (not this guy) snapping a branch that's in their backswing, but sawing down a whole tree?? That's premeditated tree murder!

Viscious bastards!
By Dave Thomas
NICE benches.....I am "ass"uming that after the one we saw on Tee #1 that there are ones every other tee....
By Doug Corea
Dave - Greece graciously put in 6 benches, at positions I requested, namely on #1, 6, 8, 10, 11, and 18. Most other holes, have or will have some sort of seating - 304.

TWIMC - Sat. July 9 starting at 8 am, Greece will be providing a man with a chainsaw to cut up large, immovable downed trees; esp. on #16. The Dog will have his chainsaw. Any and all help will be appreciated. Also, the Dog and I will be at Basil, as usual, Sat. July 2 starting at 7:30, for most of the day.

OB stakes are in place on #1, 9, 10, 12, 13, 16, 17. Orange stakes signifying start or end (line) of OB. Rock garden on #3 is (pink?!) roped OB with favorable drop zone (upfront even w/bench). 10 meter circles are in place for #1-13.
By Tony Inzana
Thanks Doug for all the hard work. The course looks great. We do have to discuss weed wacking the OB lines where the stakes are so that they are better seen for the Worlds, but they look good and will be going into the final plans by Monday. Thanks again.
By Doug Corea
Our vision for the cleanest, most user friendly, wooded disc golf course is coming together. Thanks to all for the kind remarks regarding Basil, yes it has come a long way. Believe it or not, there is less then a month before the big, HUGE event happens. There is still much to do to get Basil close to where we want it (many dead, unsafe trees must be cut down and immoveable downed trees cut up). So I'm calling on everyone to try and do want ever they can.

The Dog and I will be at Basil starting at 7:30 - ? on Saturday July 2, 9, 16 (We are not going to the BWC5). The most important day is July 9th, Greece will be providing us with a "chain saw" man starting at 8 AM. We need all hands on deck, with either a chain saw, or muscles to move all the cut wood. Most likely we will start on the worst hole, namely, #16.

If you are looking for ways to help, here are a few suggestions:

Throw sticks away from greens and fairways while playing.

Bring bags for litter, do one shopping bag for the front and one for the back, make the worst score for the last hole carry it.

Rake or blow (Zach and/or Dean?) sticks off fairways, i.e. #8 toward the dirt path that separates the front and back nines.

While we are NOT allowed to make any new piles, there are piles on the start of #13, on top of "jail" on #13, and on #14 just off tee near very large tree. We can add to these existing piles.

Prune back branches on left side of storage shed (near kiosk).

Clean/prune around practice basket, maybe move snow fence outside 32 feet 10 inches, we would like to paint a 10m circle for the Worlds.

There are 6 black drainage tubes near #17's green, if they could be cut lenghtwise. They will be used to wrap the most vulnerable, "early" trees on the first few holes. I think there is one tube on other side of creek near #17's tee, also.

Please spread the wood (I mean word) regarding July 9th, thanks for your efforts in advance. I'll keep everyone updated, on this thread. - 304

p.s. New tee signs are in the developmental stage and will coorespond to orange distances on tee pads.
By zog9605
Just a thought on your vision of the most user friendly wood course....will the town let us round up or kill the poison ivy at all on 1, 10, 16, 17, I missing any more ? All the cleared wood is irrelevant if half the field gets poison ivy from an errant drive off a live tree. Just saying....
By Doug Corea
Yes, Zog, we have already done a little spraying on the left side of 7's green. If will kill the rest there, we might be able to get a load of chip to cover it.

Anyone who has the "JUICE" is welcomed to spray the poison ivy or cut it at the base of trees.

The Dog has been picking it off trees with his bare hands!

While making a 10 meter circle, poor Keith got a heavy dose of ivy all over hands. When pulling down vines, DO NOT use your bare hands! If you think you touched ivy wash the area ASAP.

Thanks for the help Keith and Steve, Hole #10 was a mess, still needs a little work. -304
By Doug Corea
Sorry to those that planned to work tomorrow July 2, the Dog (party at his house) and I (shoulder will need a rest after 3 days at Ellison) will not be there. There is cleaning (garbage,"trip wires", small stumps, prickers, etc) and spraying ivy, among other jobs previously listed that could still be done.

Anyways, July 9th starting at 8am is the FINAL BIG CUT. We would love to see you all out there then. -304
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By BeauRoch
Broke out the ivy "juice" and sprayed a ton of it on #7 (basket), path from #12 basket to #13 tee and around #16 basket. May take a few days to kick in but should knock down quite a bit of it. Will stop back next weekend to hit was isn't wilting.
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By krohn29
Basil July 9th. I see that your final BIG CUT is on this day.

Just a reminder that GONZO league is going on at basil that day starts at 9:30am. We might have some guys that will stay around later after leagues, to help out if you need it. :thumbup:
By Doug Corea
Jason we will be there around 7:30, Greece is providing us with chainsaw man at 8. We basically want to cut all dead wood and get it out of play. Anyone that is at basil can pitch wood out of play, but do not make new piles. The existing piles at start of 13, on plateau of 13, and at start of 14 near large can be added to.

Hopefully, Greece will dump chip on left side of #7's "green" to cover sprayed ivy. We are getting a couple of loads of chip on #17 to be spread out to cover 10 meter circle.

Whatever help the Gonzo league can provide will be appreciated. -304

p.s. July 9th is our only day to use chainsaws, if anyone wants to bring their saw, please do.
By jamie
i will be able to make it out and help for a few hours, i have to be home by 11amish to get ready to leave to go out of town. i will grab my dads chainsaw as well if we need it.
By Doug Corea
Plan for Saturday - Dog and I will be there at 7, Greece's chainsaw man and our saws will start cutting at 8 starting at hole #1 and proceeding thru entire course.

PLease walk thru course starting at one and move wood away from holes. General rules: move wood toward paved or dirt paths, toward Vintage and Fetzner Roads. DO NOT pile up wood with the exception if it near paved path (#11) or onto existing piles #13 AT BOTTOM OR AT TOP OF JAIL, #14 JUST OFF TEE.

We need a good turnout, very little time left!

The Dog and I still have to clean four circles (14-17), make footers for bridge at 17, and eventually dig holes and cement the 18 new tee signs in place. Not to mention move chip and wood, "scape" berm behind #6's tee and spray ivy.

Thanx - 304
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jamie wrote:i have to be home by 11amish

I didn't know the Amish had their own time! lol
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