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Course conditions, opinions and observations
By Doug Corea
Gator thanks for directing me to the correct thread, I am new to this forum thing! I believe you have a lot of the Chili tasks listed, mainly timming and cutting the lower branches on all of the pines, maybe one to two feet up?
The questions I have: are we going to clean and rope the perimeter like the 99 Worlds? If we rope the perimeter, do we have plans to clean, bushes and trees, down the right side of 911 (hole#11) and use the pine row (originally planted as a straight line OB) to the right as OB? If we do this, should we schedule a work day (because this would a big job for any one hole steward)?
The road in front of Chili was adopted by the club and we have not had a clean up, in I don't know how long. Maybe we could clean that stretch on Hole #1, if we have a work day? 3 :lol: 4
By gator
Welcome Doug, I don't know about rope for the worlds. The rope is probably tony's call ultimately as td for the worlds. Talking with Mike Curley we found out they had resecured money for the walking path around the course as well as the butterfly garden. I would suggest holding off on clearing the perimeter until we see what the town will be doing.
We played out at the Baker Farm DG Course @ Widener Park today and thx to all those that have helped with the work! I am sure that those that played in '99 Pro Worlds would be thoroughly amazed at the course now.
Anyway,we have a question......Are there any plans to put the "Around 9" (Practice) Basket back in place?? A suggestion from a few is to maybe place it in the grassy area behind the #1 tee....also we are assuming that the #1 thru #9 squares for the "Around 9" game are still where the original basket placement was. Thanks,Dave
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By rhand

The town still has the basket and the plan is to put it back in. They are waiting to see how the trail and butterfly garden, ect... play out and then it will be put into its definitive location.

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By BeauRoch
Played Chili errr Widener yesterday with The Kid and noticed that somebody had re-marked and staked the red tee boxes.
The course was pretty wet from Friday's rain but the streams were flowing pretty well.
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By BeauRoch
I spent a few hours today cleaning up the flower bed near the kiosk and the weeds around the left side of the first tee. Needed a shovel to finish the flower bed but still got alot done.
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By BeauRoch
Forgot to mention yesterday but can somebody contact the Chili Parks Dept. and have them stop by Widener to pick up what appears to be a full cylinder of CO2 (carbon dioxide) that I pulled out of the bushes on #1. The cylinder is pretty big, similar to something a scuba diver would wear. It is right next to the kiosk.
By DeafDiscGolfer
OMG, I do remember seeing smaller CO2 cylinders laying everywhere at Chili few years ago. Turns out that some of the kids are getting high off from it.

Never though that they would go for the larger version to carry around on their back! Too overkill...

Neverless, glad that it was found and properly disposed. :clap:
By Bgillette
So last summer me and my friend started playing and played chili a good 100 times. About half way through the summer we decided to try to improve the course and help out where we could. At one point we found the alternate tee on hole 8 (the short hole) and decided to try to clean it up. We spent time and fixed the log bridge and actually brought some wood ourselves. We didn't spend much money and made a pretty decent bridge. Well we played there yesterday and at the end of hole 7 in the pond is all the wood from the bridge including the 15' piece we put on hole 8. I know it probably wasn't anyone on these boards but i wanted to let people know how discouraging it is when you try to help out and people destroy your progress, and this isn't the first time people have been reckless after we tried to help out.
By Dave Thomas
Yes,that tee area was for the original RED tee! It was put there by Ron Fodge,the former Chili Rec. Dir. If you'd like to try and fix it once more PLEASE give me a call...................Thx,Dave
In fact,the steps leading up to it are still there!!!!!!
By Dave Thomas
That was Ron Fodge's doing! He had his crew come in and elevate that area....He also made a small bridge so that one could get to it! Over the years the area's trees grew and few people actually played from there....It is a nice alternative for teeing off......
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By BeauRoch
My wife and I just finished re-doing the flower bed next to the kiosk. Added different flowering plants that my wife tells should flourish there and flower during the Worlds. We also added some compost and mulch to help the soil. If it looks dry it would be nice if people, when they are there, could get some water from the stream and help the new plants out.
By Bgillette
It wasnt the town that ruined the bridge cause ive played there after the fixed up and cleaned out all the weeds and leveled the ground and it was still there. Even so if it was them i highly doubt they'd throw all the wood into the pond.
By Dave Thomas
It was NOT the Town....It was a bunch of "wayward youth" with waaaaaaaay too much time on their hands and an axe to grind! My opinion only,as usual. lolololol......Dave
Could be the same people that threw all of Bob Nelson's bowling balls in the water.......
By joedude
also, beware the "dirt" on the right side of hole 11. saw someone walking through it to get a disc only to find out there are wet/soft patches that you will sink into by at least a foot
By DeafDiscGolfer
walker wrote:Fairways are mowed nice. The rough is still a bit well, rough. The fence on hole 12 has fallen over or been knocked down.

You serious? The front fence that tend to block most the disc drives has been knocked down?

That opens up an easy play for anyone to make the deuce.

That fence needs to be brought back to make it challenging!

Same thing for #13 hole as well.
By Dave Thomas
I took that fence from my front yard (for Hole #12) over 20 years ago.....hence the falling over......I also took the fence( for Hole # 9) from my Father-In-Law's house (Bob Nelson & Ron Fodge installed it!) in that same year......players might want to purchase lumber from Home DePot (or some other venue) and rebuild the fences,as this current fencing is,at least,20 years old,if not more.......a few 4X4 posts and pressure treated decking could do the job nicely.....
By chuckawd
Has anyone played Chili yet this season? Are the baskets in? Also, how's the water conditions there? I'm thinking about playing it today but after ripping through Parma, Sweden, and Basil I've destroyed my shoes and lost a disk.
By Baker
Baskets are in at chili. As for the water I was there last Tuesday for league and we had to play the back nine twice because the front had a couple of rivers running through it. Even the back nine was really wet.
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Yes, sorry, most of the recent Chili discussion has been moved into the Club Member Only section of this forum (as it had some discussion we decided would be best to keep out of the public eye).

Also, just an FYI, Chili's baskets don't get pulled during the winter, so they are always in :wink:
By Dave Thomas
Well,there is a club member Ron Fodge,who over the years has put his "heart & soul"(along with his fiance,Kathy) into this spectacular course! We went over there today to check things out and he wants to help out and will do so. Let me know any work days (oh,we also met Jeremy out there working his tail off) so that I can let Ron know...he is willing to do the "nitty-gritty" stuff (ie: mulch,weedwack,hay bales on 13 etc).,when he can during the time he has available....He had not been there in approx. 2-3 years and was simply amazed at the "positive" changes..Dave
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Apologies Justin... our process of getting the list of current club members to me has been flawed, but we're working on it!

You should be able to see it now, but please let me know if not.
By Dave Thomas
Well,all I can say is that it will ALWAYS be known to a bunch of us "oldtime" Chili Disc Golf Members as the Chili Disc Golf Course.....hard to let "old" habits die.....lololol.........either way ya cut it,it is a GREAT PLACE TO PLAY.....our only regreat is that all of the newbies out there will never be able to truly appreciate the growth of this course since it was a 9-Holer in 1995 and how much it has progressed over the years due to a great many people that have lent money,time,and sweat to this place!. We marvel at it each time we play can only get a glimpse of what it once was in the video of the '99 Worlds.....have to remember tho that it was already playable for 4 years before the Worlds and that it was nothing but a "flat piece of barren property" with NO trees in any of the fairways!!!....shoot,I knew we should have taken pics as it was before Ron cut out the fairways! Oh,well..........Dave
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