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Historical archive of the GRDGC forum
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By rhand
I'm proud to announce and be TD'ing this year's RFDO.

I'm also excited to say that we just secured a Title Sponsor for this event. Machine Craft, Inc. has been willing to step up and support our sport, our club, and this event. A big thank you to Chuck Sigfreid for going out and helping to make this happen.

Chuck also helped secure a Course Sponsor in S&R Tool. So if you see him, thank him, as this event is blowing up thanks to his contacts.

If anyone else has some possible contacts reach out to them and let me know. Have them call me (734-6397). I have a packet set and ready to give them.

I've also gotten sponsorship from GottaGoGottaThrow, Utopia Disc Golf, Gorilla Boy Disc Sports, Westside Golf Discs, Discs Unlimited, Innova, Monroe County Sports Commision, Drastic Plastic, and the Radisson.

If anyone would like to be a tee sponsor it is $50 (cash and/or merchandise are accepted), $25 for players.

The skinny on the event is Sept 18th/19th at Parma and Basil. Tournament Central will be at the Parma VFW (all ready reserved). We will be playing 4 rounds of 18. Parma will have long pin placements for Sat (something totally new for this event). There will be a nine hole mini golf course set up. Players party TBD. All Division are offered and will be provided.

I hope a lot of you can make it to this event.

More info to come.


Ryan Hand
By joedude
Awesome. I saw an advertisement for the event in Disc Golfer magazine. Although, was wondering if the b/w photo next to it was taken at Roscoe Ewing Disc Golf Course in Medina, OH. The tee shot looked very familiar. Anyway

I have a brand new never used Lightning Disc Golf bag, dark green color I can donate if you're looking for merchandise and that stuff.
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By rhand
Very good eyes.

I would love the bag. That is a great donation and the kind of things that I'm looking for.

Send me a pm or give me a call sometime and we can meet up. Maybe play a tag match to get my tag back. Ha,ha


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By rhand

Yes it will be 2 rounds each day.

Open players will play Parma/Basil on Sat, then Basil/Parma on Sunday.

Am players will play Basil/Parma on Sat, then Parma/Basil on Sunday.

Hope you can make it out.

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By rhand
Tournament is coming along nicely. Should finish up the new hole at Parma this weekend.

Players pack for ams is $30 value...shirt/disc/mini/special huk lab schwag. This is a great deal for newbies wanting to try out a tournament. They get their entry fee right back when they show up.

Spread the word.

Oh yea, still looking for hole sponsors - $25 each.


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By walker
I have an idea... can somebody contact the Disc Golf magazine and see if they'll do an article about the RFDO? I tried to post on the pdga forums about it, but I'm not current so I can't. The next issue prints in November.

I think they usually only cover NT and A tier... but maybe we could play the longest running tourney in America card, as well as the previewing 2011 worlds card.

Actually, I thought the magazine takes unsolicited submissions. One of us with journalistic and photography skills could write up an article with some pics and send it in. We could send such an article to any other DG publications and club websites.
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By rhand
Got another sponsor this weekend. Thanks Lyte Speed computers and John Frank.

This is just a reminder that the deadline to register with a check is this Wednesday, September 1st. So if you plan to pay by check get it to me ASAP.

We are only 3 weeks away. The new hole at Parma should be completed and playable.

Prereg is up to date. Over 20. Hopefully we'll get some more, otherwise a lot of money and merch being paid out to those few.

By zog9605
I plan on playing but the money is so tight I will have to register that day I think. I am trying to get a sponser (Keenans) to cover my cost cuz the State bleeds me dry in support every week. I have to work Sat nite and then get my kids early Sun morning and bring them along to caddy. I want to play but its going to be a bear and I just dont have the cash right now. So if you can count me in I will be paying 85 come sat morning, if thats ok? Let me know otherwise and I'll work on it. Also can probably get my boss at Ember Wood Fire Grill to sponsor a hole maybe even give a gift card instead to the Am prizes. I'll let you know. Thanks
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By rhand
Lots of people getting their money in for the RFDO. Doubles at Chili tomorrow. I'll be accepting preregistration then. All divisions offered, even recreational for those new players or players that don't get out that often any more and still want to compete in a tournament atmosphere.

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By rhand
Over 40 people preregistered! A lot more room. Get you registrations in please.

Still looking for more hole sponsors at $25 per hole (money or merchandise accepted...doesn't even have to be disc golf merchandise)!

Thanks to Larry Entz, Joe McGlinchy, Gene Beaumont, Jim Hastings, Andy Austin for hole sponsorships. Still need more. If interested let me know.

Hope to see you all out there.

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By rhand
Adam...great idea.

So here we go. This is an RFDO summary to date.

I want to thank Doug Blighton and Doug Corea for joining me out at Param today and working on hole #4, #6, #8, and #18. If you haven't been out to Parma in a while (or even a week) you are in for a treat. The course is looking awesome and only getting better. Ob lines will be painted at both Parma and Basil. These courses are in their best shape that I have ever seen them. You don't want to miss this.

I want to thank all of our current sponsors. Most importantly Machine Craft, S&R Tool (thanks Chuck Sigfried) and GRDGC Thursday Doubles League. Also a big thanks to Drastic Plastic, Innova Discs, Gateway Discs, Huk Lab, Lyte Speed Computers, Still Point Wellness Center, Wright Life, Gorrilla Boy, Utopia Discs, Gotta Go Gotta Throw, The Radisson of Downtown Rochester, Westside Discs, Sonny's Deli, Vitamin Water.

I would also like to thank player sponsors including Larry Entz, Andy Austin, Jim Hastings, Gene Beaumont, John Alloco, Mickey Welling, Joe McGlinchy.

Thanks to these sponsors I'm able to give all players a tournament t-shirt and gorilla boy bag discount coupon. All ams also will recieve an additional disc, mini, and huk lab patch. A players pack at over $30!

Lunch will be on site at Parma. Sonny's Deli (by Ellison Park) will be on hand serving up their delicious food. Great price and a great taste. Please support our local vendors!

There will be a 9 hole mini golf course set up at Parma. This can be played, in between and after the rounds each day. The cost will be $5 per round with the lowest scores of the weekend receiving prizes (lowest score will get an Innova mini basket).

Minimum $1500 added cash split amongst the divisions. This means extra cash for the pros and added merch for the ams. This couldn't be done without the thanks to our sponsors.

Coustom wooden trophy discs for all divisions, but recreational. Thanks Wright Life!

There are over 45 players preregistered will all divisions being offered.

I think that I've covered the most of it. Any questions let me know, otherwise I look forward to seeing everyone out at Parma and Basil this upcoming weekend.


I tried to sign up for RFDO tonight at PDGA's website but it turns out that it was already closed yesterday.

So, can you please add me to the AM1 division with shirt size XL.

My PDGA# is 42420

It would be good idea to list all the players and their divisions here.

Thanks!! :thumbup: :thumbup:
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By rhand

Glad to hear that you will be coming. There was a hiccup in the PDGA sign up, but it should be back up to allow preregistration soon.

All the preregistered players are listed on the PDGA site and it is up to date. I only include people that have paid me.

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By rhand
Online registration is back up and will stay open until Thursday pm. Please preregister if at all possible if you are playing.

Thanks and sorry that it was down over the weekend.

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By rhand
Again, online registration is up and going again. It will close Thursday pm so please get your pre-registrations in.

I will not be at league tonight because of work. I will be at league on Thursday. You can preregister then as well. I will have all the RFDO merchandise with me. I will be around and willing to meet up with people if they want to get some merch or sign up anytime Wed/Thur/Fri day.

48 people preregistered so far.

Still looking for any interested hole sponsors at $25 each (merchandise is accepted).


Thanks Ryan,

I was able to sign up via PDGA's online store today.

All set for me!!

Now, the only thing left is to find out what kind of discs that will be giving out for the AM players. :thumbup:
By HueymanNC
Cant wait for the event. Hopefully a few more people show up. I'm flying in from Charlotte, NC to preview some of the Worlds courses. Don't find many reasons to visit my home state...RIT alumni...

We are used to 90+ player events in Charlotte. Tell your friends how fun PDGA events can be! From the looks of it GRDGC is going to put on a great show. Lets fill up this "B" tier!
By Kenjiac
looking to come up to rochester on a shoestring budget. is there somewhere close to the course that me and a buddy could crash out in the car without to much hassle? Is it cool to park overnight at parma?
The gates are locked at night in Parma ---not sure if they would bother you or not at Basil Marella but also there might be a driveway from a disc golfer locally that you can crash in --- I would offer that to you if I had that to offer you.
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By rhand
I'm sure that there is someone that would let you crash in their driveway. There is Hamlin Beach park within 20 min that has camping or just hanging out in the car that I know some people are camping at.
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By rhand
Over 50 players preregistered now. PDGA is up to date. Will make one last late push today and tomorrow. Remember online registration closes tomorrow night so get on there soon if you are coming. Can't wait, weather looks good, with only a chance of rain on Sunday.

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