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Course conditions, opinions and observations
By TEllis
As of 4/20, the back 9 was dry and great. The front is still drying, and 1, 2, 3 are wet in places. The basket for hole #1 will not move to long until the ground around the green dries up.
By TEllis
There is a new ditch that they dug behind the baseball field that runs between the long tee and the short tee. The long tee is a little rough, and tough to get to, but still playable. I will work on this when I get the chance.

Basket two is in short, three is in long, and i moved 14, 15, and 17 to short last week.

A giant tree fell on the tee to 15, and damaged the tee sign. This will have to be cleaned up by the Town. I will contact them and get it taken care of. For now, the tee has been moved in front of the tree, and the mando is to the Left of the tree.
By TEllis
There is a lot of construction at Brockport, and the course will most likely change pretty drastically this season. I am told that the town is putting a road through the fairway of #10.

We are working on cleaning up and widening #1, and I will most likely be adding length to #2, #4, #7.

Currently, the front 9 is a muddy mess, but the back is ok.
By Dave Thomas
I met with the Park's Dept. last week and the fella that I spoke with is going to try and get Hole #1's fairway cleared via a "bush hog" to make it more "Player Friendly"!

They continue to be satisfied with the amount of play this course gets!

Hopefully,this will get done once the weather cooperates and they can get a tractor in there to level the tee area and clear the nasty bushes!
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By BeauRoch
I was just there over the weekend and this course could clearly use some maintenance.
Any chance the course's layout can be reviewed and revised?
I had never been there before and had no idea where to start. The nine holes actually start at #10 which is far off to the right as you face the course. You basically finish on the opposite side of the course when you get to #18 (9th hole).
The 1st tee box and last basket should be fairly close to each other. This will make playing the course easier since right now any visitor will have a really hard time just getting started.
By Dave Thomas
If you go to the "Putting Basket"..........follow the arrow south up the road (towards the skatepark) and look quickly to your left.........the first tee is right there......easy to follow course from there........Talk to Todd Ellis about course revisions!
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By BeauRoch
Thanks Dave
I did find it - eventually but from a layout perspective and "ease of play" it would probably be beneficial to look into the feasibility of a redesign.
Nothing drastic but a few minor changes may make a big difference.
By Dave Thomas
Feel free to make suggestions...forward them to Todd Ellis or myself.....there has been a change of leadership in the Parks Dept. of Sweden-Clarkson so we have to "reach out" to this person.The sooner.....the better! Thanks,Dave
By chuckawd
Is the official tee for hole 10 where the sign is next to the pond or where it is on the course map? You would have to throw over the new gravel road if I'm using the correct hole 10 tee based off the course map.
By Dave Thomas
The NEW tee is next to the pond,so you are now throwing south to north instead of the old tee ,which you threw east to west,....the Town of Sweden does not want players throwing over the road......too bad.......dt
By Dave Thomas
Todd made three new basket placements.....#s 2,13,& 14 have been moved.....#13 is a bit "rough" and needs a bit of TLC should nayone have the time and gumption to move all the dead branches to make the fairway more safe......
Also,someone cut a bit of the fairway on #1 to make it a bit more palatable (sp.). and of course "playable"!
By TEllis
Over the past couple of months, I have been working on the Town of Sweden course with the goal of making it a more playable and more viable course. I have been smoothing out rough spots, redesigning some of the holes. Below are some details:

Hole #: Changes:
1 Cut back the rough along the entire fairway, opened up the main chute from the short tee to the final bend, cut paths into the rough where discs tend to land to make it easier to find/recover.

2 I have pulled the original two pin placements and have installed a new long pin placement, adding about 70' to the hole from the original long placement. A new (longer) short placement will follow soon. I also trimmed up the fairway and opened it up a little as it is so long now.

3 Last year the fairway was changed from a hyzer to an anhyzer route and lengthened. I cleaned up the fairway a little.

4 Cleaned and opened up the chute to the long pin placement.

5 Cleaned out the chute that was overgrown between the short and long tees.

6 Last year the long tee was moved back. I opened up the chute to the long pin placement a little to make it a more "fair" hole.

7 I pulled the original short pin placement. What used to be the long placement will now be the short placement, and I will be installing a new long placement shortly, adding about 90' to the hole. I opened up a chute from the new short to the new long placement.

8 No changes.

9 I trimmed up the rough along the fairway and cut paths into the rough to make it easier to find/recover errant shots.

10 This hole had to be completey redesigned after the Town put a road through the original fairway. The tees have moved over next to the pond, bringing the pond into play. The hole is now longer and more technical, with the pond along the left of the fairway and the OB road along the right. The chute through the trees has been cleaned and trimmed, and the Town took out the rock wall, all the rose bushes and undergrowth.

11 The long tee was eliminated, leaving the only tee on top of the hill. The alternate pin placement on top of the hill was removed, and a new long placement may follow.

12 No changes.

13 The original short pin placement has been removed, and a new pin placement has been installed in the woods to the right of the original fairway. A new fairway has been cleared and cleaned out to this placement. This move added about 20' to the short placement, and moved the basket out of the way of errant shots coming from 12. I also opened up a path between the short and long placements, making it easier to get to the long placement.

14 The opening into the woods has been trimmed and opened up. The original short placement has been pulled, leaving the longer two placements. The rough has also been trimmed back some.

15 No changes.

16 No changes.

17 The original long pin placement has been pulled. A new long placement will be installed soon, making the long shot longer and straighter.

18 Cleaned and opened up the main fairway some. Cleaned and opened up around the long pin placement.
By Dave Thomas
WOW............You have been a very busy DGer! Thanks for all the work, only wish is that you would have contacted me for help! You know I would have been there! If you need any more help..............PLEASE call..........Dave

PS.......our Tuesday group (Ron & Craig) will have to get out there soon to see all that YOU have done! Again........Thx
By TEllis

The new and improved long placement is in for hole #17 and the fairway has been opened and cleaned up to the new placement.

Today I dropped #7 in the new and improved long placement and trimmed up the fairway to the new placement. I need to go back with my pole saw and trim it up higher, other than that it's done.

I have added more permanent tee markers for all the long tees which are painted orange and are very visible. If I get a dry day, I will install similar tee markers for all the short tees which will be painted neon green.

I added some white OB stakes to 15 & 16 to help define and see the OB.

I wanted to install an alternate pin placement on #11, however, there is a large bee hive in the ground right where I was going to install the sleeve (about 40' past the current placement). I think I will wait until next year for this.
I have an idea about an alternate placement for #9, and if I get back out there tonight, I may open up a new green and install a sleeve.
By TEllis
Yesterday evening I trimmed up the chute to new long #7 making it a little higher and a little wider.

I installed a new sleeve for an alternate placement for hole #9 and opened up a "rough" green around the sleeve. Once the sleeve is set, I will move the basket.

I installed more permanent tee markers for the short tees, painted neon yellow.

I am going to start moving holes back to short to get ready for winter play in the next week or two.
By Dave Thomas
Played Sweden Thursday and WOW.......Todd has done a LOT of work by himself.......PREDICTION....THIS COURSE WILL BE EVERY BIT AS GOOD AS BASIL once the fairways are cleaned up. It does not have quite the elevation changes as Basil,but it is every bit as challenging!!!!!! WELL DONE,Todd......I will get out there,at some point,to start clearing sticks,ect. .........Dave
By TEllis
I did a little bit more work Sunday on the course. I trimmed more around the new placement for 9, and cleaned up the rough around the short placement for 1. I installed more poles/flags on tops of baskets, and removed all the litter from the front 9.

I left about noon, and returned about 5pm to do more work and play. When I arrived, I discovered that since I had been there earlier in the day, a lot of vandalism had occurred. Very frustrating. Four of the poles/flags that I had installed were stolen, two tee signs had been ripped off the trees, two trees had been twisted and bent and snapped, and seven of the tee markers I had installed last week were gone. I had three more poles/flags, which I re-installed on the baskets, and continued to trim up the rough along 1.
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By BeauRoch
Are your new tee placements set?
I will need to go back out there and get new pictures and GPS coordinates so that I can get the information updated on the website.
Look forward to seeing the changes you have in place.
By TEllis
Yes, the updated tee positions are set, except for the 7 tee markers that went missing yesterday. I will replace those probably Tuesday, if the weather permits. I also have a score card and updated course map if you are interested.
By swiltse
Got a chance to play the course last week. Gotta say all the changes were definitely an improvement. Made some of the holes more challenging, but not impossible. Too bad to hear about the vandalism, but I'm not surprised being so close to Brockport. Keep up the good work and us real DGers will keep an eye out for the vandals.
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