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Course conditions, opinions and observations
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By BeauRoch
I was just at this course last night and there seems to be quite a bit of tree damage. A few very large trees have fallen which will force you to tee off from different locations on some holes.
Tee markers for #10 and #11 were there but couldn't find anything for #12-#18.
It is another course that is in dire need of some maintenance and some sort of signage to improve navigation through the course.
By Dave Thomas
I am "in the process" of making new numbered tee makers. The last ones were great but "enterprising youths" made them disappear. Oh,well.........there will be new ones up soon and also ones at the Churchville DG course as well! dt
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By BeauRoch
Thanks Dave...that should really help alot. I am hoping to get started on printable maps for each of our courses that Adam can add to the website.
By Dave Thomas
The Brennan's made a SUPER map of Sawyer a few years back! They still might have it! Dave
By Dave Thomas
This is a part of it!!! All that needs to be done is to now include the "Back 9" (Holes #10-18) that were installed after this map was finished. I would be glad to let anyonw know where they are....dt :lol:
By DeafDiscGolfer
Are you saying that Sawyer Park is NOW 18 holes??

If yes, better update DGCR and PDGA's info about it. It still show as 9 holes.

Otherwise, awesome map!
By gostt
Are there actually another 9 baskets or just alt. tees to the same baskets to make up 18 holes?
By DeafDiscGolfer
Good question, I forgot about that...

By Dave Thomas
It will always be 9 baskets (there just is not enough room for 9 more).....the #10-#18 tees are alternates..........thx,Dave
By WillACarpenter
Tried playing the Alt tees last week, hole 12 has NO place to throw from because of some small trees that have closed in...smashed my wrist for daring to TRY....couldn't find #13...decided to go home and rest up my wrist.

By Dave Thomas
Yes,some wayward DGers tore off both #12 & #13's tee signs.....I'll get them up ASAP.....sorry for any inconvenience.Dave
By Crash
Hey all,

My fiance and I payed a visit to Sawyer for the first time yesterday...the park is nice, but the DG stuff needs some real TLC.

#3 was completely over grown, hardly a path there or even a "fairway"
#4 overgrown and wasn't even sure where to tee from.
Not much of a path to #6.
No obvious fairway for 9 (I crossed my fingers and shot thru a hole high in the trees)

Despite it being small, i think it has lots of potential for a quick 9.

If others are interested i'd be happy to volenteer some time.

I'm sure it involves a process, getting permission & planning etc.

Is this something people would be interested in?
By Welch
Good morning,

Sorry for bringing up a two year old thread but since it is still relevant I thought I would save the topic. I happened to go to Sawyer Park last week since I was in Greece and wanted to try something different then Basil Marella and was quite disappointed.

Even with a map on my phone I became "lost" several times trying to find the tee's for each hole. The sad part is this was on the first nine holes and not the secondary shot for each hole. I did see some trees had faded writing but I couldn't make out what they said.

Is this course kept up anymore? Is this the "runt" of Rochester and therefore neglected? If its no longer used anymore any chance the baskets can be taken and used somewhere else where more people will benefit from them? (I have no suggestions, it just sucks that all the money is tied up into a course that no one uses.)

Well, I'm off to Parma. Have a good day!
By mbrennan5
According to the legendary "DAVE THOMAS", the Town of Greece supported moving them there from Basil because it would benefit the YMCA. Or was it the town didn't want people in that part of Basil anymore?

Yes, it is most definitely the ugly stepchild of our portfolio. There is zero potential there based on the size of the space.

At any rate, I believe the baskets belong to the town which means a relocation would have to stay within Greece. I don't think it's out of the question that they could be used at Greece Canal Park or somewhere else.

...just remembered that Greece Canal Park is a county park. I don't know if the town would give the baskets to the county.
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By Jerami
What about Frisbee Hill park? Huh? See what I did there? Huh?

There is a lot of real estate, and well... Frisbee Hill Disc Golf Course would at least sound cool!
By mbrennan5
Funny you mention that. The site says 140 acres but if you look at the arial photos it's hard to tell how much of that is actually the down dump / stream behind the hill. It would probably be the only other park option though. I doubt they would ever put one in their "green spaces".,mod%3D6&um=1&ie=UTF-8&q=frisbee+hill+park&fb=1&gl=us&hq=frisbee+hill+park&hnear=0x89d6b3059614b353:0x5a001ffc4125e61e,Rochester,+NY&cid=0,0,14811755070246432504&ei=q9K-T7OLMpK26QG2rpmhCg&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=image&resnum=2&ved=0CAgQ_BIwAQ
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By Jerami
According to the legendary "DAVE THOMAS", the Town of Greece supported moving them there from Basil because it would benefit the YMCA. Or was it the town didn't want people in that part of Basil anymore?

Is that a YMCA across the street too? Ohhhhhhhh, I think it is!
what about making basil 27 holes and putting the other nine back in where they used to be?
Just a random idea!
By Welch
Well if anyone finds out that the baskets do belong to the club, or the Town is willing to relocate them let us know. I would be willing to help out getting them setup where they would be better put to use.
By FishyMack
I have only played Sawyer once, because no one is ever willing to give it a try. I would like to work on fixing it up, is anyone willing to help me? :thumbup:
By Daeg
I would help for the few weekends I'm actually in town. Sawyer is a ton of fun and sees a bit of use from the beginner crowd. I have no doubt the club could set the stage to bolster their numbers if they put a little bit of love into it.

Defining the tee areas and paths from basket to the next tee would be more than enough to make Sawyer a respectable course once again.
By FishyMack
Thanks for the offer to help with Sawyer. Here is my cell phone: 752-5679. Please give me a call so we can set up a day and time.
By FishyMack
Okay, thanks for stepping up, David and Tom. Hopefully a few more people will help as well. In any case, let's make it Saturday, Sept. 22 at 10:00 AM. Does that work for you guys?

I will bring a wheelbarrow, shovel, hatchet, bow saw, loppers, rake and some home made beverages. Please bring your own tools or let me know what you lack. :thumbup:
By FishyMack
I will bring extra tools for you. I will also bring my discs for a round of play for afterwards, along with some of my home made beverages for all helpers to enjoy. :wink:
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