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Course conditions, opinions and observations
By gator
Parma looked pretty good today, despite the tornado last week. I got some work in on 17: cut down a lot of prickers and other weeds, cleared out the area behind the basket (watch out for the creek on long puts), cleared the path some coming down from the tee pad. Spent about three hours out there on that hole and probably donated a pint of blood to the skeeters but its starting to look better.
By WillACarpenter
Holes 1, 2, and 18 currently have graffiti on them. I want to get rid of the stuff, but I don't know if I'll have time in the near future.

If somebody can get there, that would be really awesome.

By DeafDiscGolfer
Really?? I haven't been there since the recent RFDO tournament.

You mean graffiti all over the baskets or somewhere around the tee area?

Photos would help to nap the offender(s).
By BobN
In 2009, I spent a lot of time working on holes 3,4,5,6,10,17. Spring & fall are excellent times for cleanup... no mosquitoes & less chance of getting poison ivy. I usually spend 1/2 hr. working on the course each time I play... 2-3x a week.
By BobN
Hole 3... raked the last 1/4 of hole, removing sticks & leaves; outlined the right, left, and back with tree trunks; kept grass/weeds from growing too long a little past the 1/2 way area

Hole 4... kept grass/weeds from growing too long (most of the fairway); removed some fallen trees (one is too big for me, 1/2 way on the left side)

Hole 17... (between tee & stone path); removed a lot of fallen trees and thorn bushes & kept the grass/weeds from growing too long; still 1 big tree to step over that could be moved

Hole 10... removed a lot of fallen trees in the middle (also big limbs that fall from the wind) and part way up the hill; would like this clear so a mower could be used in the future; it's hard on my back to move the heavy trunks

Is there anybody "in charge of the course"? I have some ideas to consider.
By BobN
some standing water (4,11,14); some tees are a little slippery (6,16); majority of fairways are fine
By BobN
overall conditions are good;
wet holes... 3, 4, 5(woods), 6(woods), 13(near basket), 14(half-way area), 16(tee), 17(stone path)
By BobN
Wednesday's 1" of rain has made conditions very soggy throughout the course, along with a lot of standing water (and mud)
By july4
standing water in the flat spots.
saw 3 groups of 8 ppl.
lots of cars in the lot.
almost crowded.

By BobN
Course has dried out nicely. Hole 5 is a little muddy going into the woods. Hole 17 has some standing water.
By swiltse
Had a chance to play the new layout last night with the cement tees. I completely missed the new #6 until we got to #9 and noticed the basket. So I decided to revise a Google map I made last year of Parma's layout in case anyone is interested. The new holes are approximate, but I'm going to try to get GPS coordinates this weekend. ... 09645&z=17
By swiltse
I have a Garmin Nuvi 255 that I'm going to try to use if I get a chance this weekend. It seems to be fairly accurate in some tests I did but I've never actually plotted coordinates with it. My plan is to import the coordinates into Google Earth, save them as a .kmz file and then import them into a Google Map. I can send someone the .kmz file from Google Earth that I use to import into Google Maps if that makes it easier for you guys to setup the embedded maps on the site.

I'm planning on doing a test run at Sweden tonight since that course has the worst mapping of all the Rochester courses.

If this goes well and works then I'm going to try to remap all of the Rochester courses over the summer for my own amusement and to post Google maps on

What GPS devices are you guys currently mapping with? Does anyone have recommendations for an affordable GPS device that maps coordinates within a few feet that's better than what I'm using? No I don't have a smartphone.
By gostt
Just an FYI, I edited and posted an updated printable map on DGCR for the Parma course based on your GPS map. I also created a new profile for the course and renamed/expired the old one to "Parma DGC - Old Layout" for scoring and review purposes. Quite a few holes seem to have changed so I thought it was warranted. Here's the new profile page:

I need to get out there one of these days to take updated pics of the course.
User avatar
By BeauRoch
I have done that across all of our courses. There is actually a newer version of the Google Maps code that I submitted to our web master that includes all of Sweden's holes as well as a picture view from each tee. He just hasn't had the time to get it pushed out.
I just did the Parma updates in the last week and hope to have those code updates finished soon. I have been mapping the courses with my Garmin GPSmap 60Cx which was much better than the eTrex. The antenna is about as good as any other and can get as accurate as within 10-12 ft. where the others would hope to get within 30'. Just yesterday I went out to the new couse at Lakeshore Beach State Park and mapped it out along with pictures and would like to see that on our site soon as well. I haven't done the course at Geneseo State yet. Have you been there?
I have messed around with Google Earth some and would like to see something put together in it that can be downloaded from our website.
Shoot me a PM if you want to talk more about the mapping. If you can improve on what I started that is great. My Javascript skills are lacking to say the least so if you have ideas to improve the maps I would be interested in hearing them.
By swiltse

I figured someone in the club had done that. I'm an IT guy so playing with technology is sort of a hobby and I really just wanted to try this out to see how accurate it is. I mapped out Sweden on Thursday and the new Parma layout yesterday, but haven't had time to complete the Parma map. The cool thing with Google Earth is you can import all your waypoints and tracks straight from the GPS, so not only do I have the tees and pins, but also my walking path along the whole course. I'm not an expert on Google Earth, but one option would be to post the .kmz files for each course so people could download them and open the course map in Google Earth. I'd be happy to provide you guys with the GPS maps I've created in Google Earth for use on the site. As for the maps on the site, I haven't played around with the API for Google Maps lately, but I wouldn't be surprised if there's some features in there that you guys might not be using. I'll see if there's anything I can do to improve on what you guys have already started.

By mpieri
Played last night, kudos to the club for the cement tee pads, thank you! More concerning is the extensive atv lawn job on the back meadow. This is appauling and the police should get involved. The ruts are many and significant. Must be a local dumb ass right near by. Wish I could find and get in his/her mug, very upsetting. FYI
User avatar
By TCampbell
The significant ruts we made durring work days all got filled in. I don't believe we left a mess out there. If you see someone flying around the course on a 4 wheeler, try to hit them with a disc, its fun!!!
By electric666
is there somewhere where we can view a new updated map of the parma dg course?
it would much be appreciated
User avatar
By rhand
The ruts in the back field were made by someone that drove a vehicle back there and tore it up. This wasn't the result of the tee pads going in. It is too bad that someone did this and the town is looking into it.

By mpieri
What is the plan with the pin on #3, will it remain left or right? And, what is the final plan for the #18 tee, I see the cement was removed?
User avatar
By walker
The new pin placement... sure the anhy route should be cleaned up. But it also works great as a RHFH 'S' shot. (or LHBH 'S'). I enjoy holes that leave the backhand only players with no options, other than to learn the whole game.

Of course when I played it last week I was oblivious and threw towards the old pin placement anyway.
By Tony Inzana
Adam, I am ok with the old position on 3 for now --- I do think we need to open up the right side basket placement for future options
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