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Course conditions, opinions and observations
I (we) are looking for suggestions as for what people think are the signature holes for each of our golf courses.
A signature hole is usually a view of the basket that is very scenic and can be captured in a photograph. This doesn't necessarily mean it is the best hole on the course but just one that really captures the beauty of the course.

Here are the suggestions, so far:
Chili #1,#8, #11, #18
Parma #2(across the water), #5, #9
MCC #4 (from across the water), #10
Basil #8, #12, #16
Ellison #7, #12, #2, #9 (with views from the top of the hill)
Churchvile #4, #5, #8 (whichever can be shot with the water in the background)
Sweden #11 (with view of water)

We need to narrow this down to the best at each course and the view of the basket.

By Bryon
My opinion:

Chili #1 – Very Good looking first hole.
#18 – If the flag poles are straight and there are flags flying and the green area gets weed-wacked on the sides then I believe this is one of the best looking ending holes in all Disc Golf.

Parma #2 not bad, but I always prefer the look of #9 the best when I am at the tee.

MCC #4 probably is most “picture worthyâ€
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By walker
Don't forget about different angles too. Like a shot from behind the basket facing back at the tee. Chili 18 looks good that way.

I would add Chili hole 9. And a second for Parma Hole 9.
By Willie Dick
#18 at Chile is beautiful from the tee with the sun setting behind the basket.

I will ask some of the people down here that played the ‘99 worlds what holes they remember from Ellison and Chile.
By gator
can someone refresh my memory about why we care about signature holes. I really hope pictures of them aren't going on discs.
By Willie Dick
Just trying to be helpful.
By Bryon
I am with you gator...I never understood the hoopla regarding a "signature hole" but I was just answering the question.
By mjoe25
my opinion for some good shots.
CHILI hole 18 with the sunset or hole 4 from the reds looking down the center. 17 with a shot of the silo.
PARMA Hole 9 or 10 from the tee.
MCC. hole 13 with a shot of the rocks and the water in the background.
hole 4 from the tee or 18 with a shot of that cool looking stump.
BASIL Hole 15 all the way. that look down the hill is sick, even if its tough to make out the basket.
ELLISON Hole 7(of course) or hole 14 with the stream in the background.
CHURCHVILLE. ummmmmm...
SWEDEN hole 17 or 9 with the baseball field in the background.
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By BeauRoch
Alot of my motivation is the club's website and working with Adam B. to best display our courses online. If any of them can be used for disks great but since the topic of signature holes came up I figured I would solicit thoughts on what they would be for each course.
By Dave Thomas
HMMMMMMMMM...Churchville??? Nothing like "stirring the pot". personal thoughts on "Signature Holes" might possibly be the most picturesque ones at that particular venue...not neccessarily the most difficult to play.....and yes,Churchville does have some picturesque ones. And for those naysayers of the this is played a LOT more than you may think. There are people out there most nights (and weekends) that like to play a relaxing round that presents challenges and provides one with exercise as well.The nice part of this course overlooked by some is that I have seen WOMEN!!!! Yes,females.........guys with girlfriends and wives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We say we want to embrace this gender......well,I am here to tell you that this summer I have seen more play here than anywhere else............How about that proposed women's league play here????? It is no more than 20 minutes away! :lol: :lol:
By mjoe25
don;t have to be so sensitive dave. I just couldn't think of any baskets that stand out im sure there are some nice photo ops there. if not you could always take a picture with some women next to the baskets like they do at car shows.
By Luke Butch
Dave Thomas wrote:.well,I am here to tell you that this summer I have seen more play here than anywhere else............How about that proposed women's league play here????? It is no more than 20 minutes away! :lol: :lol:

pretty amazing how you see more people at the course closest to you compared to those farther away from you, that you didn't design, and that you have almost never been seen at after 10am. Thats kinda like Kyle(using someone who lives next to a course) saying he sees the most amount of people at Ellison.

gator- if the club got discs with a great pic of a scenic green/hole, you don't think they would sell?
By Dave Thomas
ugh............can't we all just get along?
By gator
Lol sadly Dan is correct...I buy tourny discs and special stamped discs but I always throw them and I just hate how supercolor discs throw and finding them is a b****. My two cents and I thought I would throw it out there cause some other people may feel the same.

Dan how many supercolor discs did you pick up at KC?
By ash03vic
for stamps... we could just put 2 signature holes on one disc, I'm going to experiment with photographs and vectorized images of the signature holes, seems like some people don't like the idea of a photograph being reduced to high contrasted image which makes it hard to see where the basket really is....

Supercolors are going to be expensive and isn't necessary, it would be rather cluttered with the text of Worlds and such in it. It'd be a waste of money paying about 17+ bucks per supercolor disc that isn't worth throwing.

Leave the "SuperColor" idea to calendars ....
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By TCampbell
Don't be mocking Super Colors! They make great wall hangers.
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