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Anything non disc golf related
By Mudd Budd
Hello fellow disc golfers,

I was just thinking about how many of us there are, and how maybe we could help each other outside of just the disc golf realm. We all possess skills other than throwing discs. We could use this forum to let other disc golfers know of these skills or trades and possibly make connections for business and other types of work or hobbies.

Post your information here, and we could help each other out.
By Mudd Budd
Mike Drees

- Interpreter for American Sign Language and Signed English
- Team Building and Consulting for groups- specializing in business and sports teams
By PL08
Not a bad idea Drees.

Peter Lunstead
Digital Specialist w/ the Democrat & Chronicle. If someone needs something in the paper I will do my best but I have very little pull on the editorial side. However, online marketing I crush if anyone is looking for more business or knows a company looking for more work, let me know.

I am also an event DJ. That's right ladies and gents for your next Wedding or Holiday Party you could be booking ME to get the party rockin'!

Also have a great connections with the Rochester Americans, Knighthawks, and Rattlers if anyone needs discounted tickets, group nights, suites, etc.
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By Jerami
I, like many other disc golfers in Rochester, swing hammers and turn wrenches for a living. Residential carpentry, remodeling and renovations... I can even install a sound proof booth in any venue that Peter DJ's at so you can escape the noise and the "popular crowd involved" disasters such as: anything from his favorite music series (Jock Jams 1995-1999), the Macerana, the chicken dance and the loco-motion...
By awesomesauce
I have skills....mostly design/fabrication skills for the trade show industry. If you need a 3d CAD model or rendering of something, I'm the dude. I also dabble in graphic design/product design. I did wedding photography for awhile if you need pictures of stuff.....I think that's it really.....
By zombie
I am a finish carpenter self employed since 1998. doors, window trim,railings,kitchens,mantles,hardwood floors,crown molding,chair rail,if you need something done give me a call 748-9010
By Baker
Good idea Mike.

Jake conley
Currently in school at MCC in the Radiological Technology program, will be able to do diagnostic imaging when I graduate in May 2014. Also pro pizza maker at Mark's in Scottsville.

My wife Nicole is the New York Head of Retention and Profit Control for a major insurance company; she has her New York state life and health insurance license. They provide coverage that is more geared to the working class with a set budget, polices in life and accident are available. If anyone is ever interested in getting some coverage feel free to contact me and she can set you up with someone from her local office.
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By walker
I like this thread just to get to know you guys a little better. I think some of us could name everyone's favorite disc, but probably not anything else.

I am a professional sound engineer and work for Audio Images. You might find us at events like East End Fest, Jazz Fest, Ten Ugly Men, the Armory, Blue Cross Arena. We also do a lot in Buffalo, Syracuse, Pennsylvania, etc. I'm not sure how helpful that would be to others here, but if you're ever having a party with 4000 of your friends and a couple of bands we can help.

I used to do roofing, siding, and other various construction as well as landscaping. Though I wouldn't want to be under a roof Fatkid was on. I play a lot of ultimate with GRADA in addition to golfing.
By ronbo
My day gig I sell telecommunications and IT networking gear. If you need routers or switches, or work for an IT department let me know. Also provide lessons for advanced badassery. Favorite disc, has to be the buzz.
By Neighborhood
-Disc golf knowledge (Hopefully by next year I will have tried every disc)

- Skateboard and Longboard knowledge.

- Business Information. When Neighborhood started up I would have loved more tips, and I'm down to let people know all about starting a business. (Most business owners I talked to would not give any tips or general info at all which I found ridiculous.)

- Filming and editing videos with Andy Dorofy. Specializing in sports videos but would do weddings, concerts, and other events as well.
By cubeofsoup
I'm a Packaging Engineer. I design, develop, and implement packaging for contact lenses and lens care products. I do a good deal of 2D and 3D design as well as testing and optimization work.

In addition to the day job I like to give people motivational high fives and practice armchair philosophy.
By MDiRoma
cubeofsoup wrote:I'm a Packaging Engineer. I design, develop, and implement packaging for contact lenses and lens care products. I do a good deal of 2D and 3D design as well as testing and optimization work.

In addition to the day job I like to give people motivational high fives and practice armchair philosophy.

Wait what?! I am a process engineer for the manufacture of contact lenses... :lol:
I'm glad we could set aside our corporate rivalries and enjoy some disc golf together!

Ps: I offer pretty much the same skills as described above...with the exception of packaging and motivational high fives...
By ElvishTrampStamp
I have been in some sort of the automotive business since highschool but specialize in tire & rim knowledge. I have been known to, on occasion, save my peeps some $$ & aggravation by repairing anything other than electrical issues with their vehicles. Although I'd much rather lend some advice or refer you to a great shop. Been kinda busy with the wife n kid.
I do currently work for a tire distribution company, so I should be able to offer up some rubber at a good price.....ask if you're in need ill help if I can!
Fav disc is anything dyed: FU Doug. :lol:
By rockefeller
Jamie Rockefeller
paychex - specialize in designing custom architectures and code to test middleware software systems. If you have to ask what I mean, you are not the customers I support(emoji smiley face).

Part time Mr Vs vending food cart by Monroe and goodman Friday and Saturday nights. I have seen drees stumbling there many times to get that late night sausage....
We also do private parties. Nothing like working at rich peoples mansions where every woman is in a sun dress. They like my meat.

Kick ass beef jerky.
By NY_Rocking_Chairs
New to the forum, but not to DG.

Currently working as a SW engineer doing C and C++ code on embedded systems, prior to that was a HW design engineer for digital circuit boards and before that specialized in FPGA code and design.

I do a side business making hardwood furniture (rocking chairs), and whatever else people request (this winter's project was a kayak and paddle).

In my free time I home-brew lots of beer, throw discs at metal baskets, do ski patrol and am a Cub Scout Den leader which means I can amass a small army of elementary school kids to take any beach-head.

Also an avid back-packer and rustic camper, started climbing the 46 high peaks last summer.
By icedcoffeeblack
New to the forum; figured this was a good way to introduce myself as well.

Currently working two gigs; one in a/v tech support, the other as a server (tables, not IT, ha). Formerly I was a pastry chef/sous chef, but migrated to the front of house and that's where I'm staying. However, any cooking questions, feel free to PM me.

I also go to school full time at Brockport; when I'm not doing that, I'm helping out with the Mallet Tappers (, raising money for charity via Tough Mudders, Polar Plunges and other events that cause discomfort but are for good causes. We also just threw an event at Lovin Cup that raised over $1000 for Pitty Love Rescue.

I am probably one of the lousiest disc golfers you'll meet, but I'm working on that.
By discphreek
Hello, most of you know me from disc golf, I am currently unemployed but altho not formally trained in appliance repair I am fairly good at it. I am willing to give a hand to anyone who needs it. I am also formally trained in HVAC repair and service, I have all apropriate licenceing. Let me know if you need help in any of these areas and I'll give you a hand.
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