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By CardboardSuperHero

I have been lurking for a few weeks now, learning more about the communityof disc golf players. I would like to make a few observations if I may.

I see where I can join the club, but other than a $5 discount on PDGA membership that I am not convinced I need, I see there are different membership amounts, without a description of what these different levels are.

I see a membership also includes the Bag Tag challenge. Another post about the bag tags, seems to indicate if you want to challenge, you had better expect to play for money. There isn't mention in the bag tag rules that there is a cost to play. Is this a mistake on my part?

As someone new to disc golf, I looked for the 'how can the club help me get better' and I don't see these kind of items mentioned. Sure, I understand league play would help to some extent, and I see a person is offering lessons, but what about offering some clinics, or beginners night, or having a local vendor offer a presentation about equipment available and how to get the right gear?

I don't mind spending a few dollars on any activity. I personally know 3 or 4 new players, and if scheduled nicely, we would all be there to learn some fundamentals if a clinic type offering was out there.
By Tony Inzana
Welcome Ben to the forum. The questions that you post are good ones. First of all, the GRDGC is a club meant to help promote disc golf in the community. We do try to increase our membership because we all know that there is power in numbers. Our club runs 2 major tournaments a year as well as leagues throughout the year. It would be nice if the people that were participating in our leagues would alos become club members. The basic level of membership is $20 which includes a discount for the PDGA as well as voting power at meetings as well as a bag tag to participate in our bag tag challenge. This challenge is meant to be fun and is also feeding all of our competitive edges and bragging rights. The challenges do not involve money ( although some clubs do charge a couple bucks for any challenges that go on in league play --- one method to try to raise funds)

Just to let you know what we have accomplished as a club in the last few years. We have new courses in Parma and MCC. We are putting in tee pads and we are hosting the 2011 Am Worlds next july. We are looking for as much help as we can between now and then and we welcome any contribution, no matter how small it is or if it is money or labor hours or suggestions. This is all being done for the love of the sport and is all voluntary.

I would love to run clinics but honestly there is no spare time until the worlds are over for me to even consider that. I also sell merchandise and do offer a club discount for members. I hope I have anwered your questions and I hope that you will want to join our club for the good of the sport we all love.

Tony Inzana
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