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By DeafDiscGolfer
Is there any way to add all 8 current course records to the courses section?

Thought it would be a motivational tool for anyone to break it.
By lankylefty
a bunch of dollars? :clap: ron russell shot a -10(44) at chili in '99...and i hear it was from longer than the usual "yellows" :shock: i was alwyas wondering what the hot round at parma was..
By Dave Thomas
The only change at Chili when Ron threw his 44 was Hole #1...the basket was another 30' farther (and to the left near the hedge row)....and Hole #2 basket was in the long placement across the creek....all other baskets and tees were the same! Oooops.....another thought was that the tee on #10 was more to the right....Scott Stokely threw an overhead thumber with a Magnet over the tallest tree and just missed acing the hole by approx.3 feet!
Upon further review it was Scott Stokely with the "44".....He gave Tom Mulligan this Magnet disc as a Ron Russell does NOT have the record!
By Dave Thomas
Definitely a "typo" I have seen the disc that Stokley signed that says"44" and I was the TD for the Chili Course during the Worlds.....I can see where there would be a bit of confusion as Ron did win the Worlds...a bit of trivia here also....Ron's PDGA # is.....9999 and he won his only title in '99!
By Dave Thomas
If you go into the PDGA archives you can check to see if the info given is correct..........or contact Tom Mulligan...he has the disc with "44" and Scott Stokley's signature on it!
By DeafDiscGolfer
Ok, so far we have...From Pro tees only...

Ellison - ??

Chili - 44

Basil - 48

Sawyer - ??

MCC - 43

Parma - 48

Churchville - ??

Sweden - ??

Please fill the rest to help Adam out for adding to the course records.
By Doug Corea
As far as the course records for Ellison and Chili, they would have been set at the 1999 Pro Worlds.

Ellison's is a 44, by HOF David Greenwell, HOF Tom Monroe, and Bob Herbert. Chili, I'm not sure - Royce or the PDGA would know. - #304
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By rhand
Aren't course records set during tournaments, not casual play?

Parma can't have a course record yet as it was just changed and there hasn't been an event yet.

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